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  • Cover scan of Call Me Sister!
    Call Me Sister!: District Nursing Tales From The Swinging Sixties
    Jane Yeadon - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Who'd have thought a missing bacon rasher and a teaspoon would play a part in advancing someone's career? It's the late '60s and Jane Yeadon has always wanted to be a district nurse. Staff nursing in a ward where she's challenged by an inventory-driven ward sister, she reckons it's time to swap such trivialities for life as a district nurse. Independent thinking is one thing, but Jane's about to find that the drama on district can demand instant reaction; and without hospital back up, she's ususally the one having to provide it.
  • Cover scan of A Child's Garden Of Verses
    A Child's Garden Of Verses
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Hardback - Mainstream Publishing
    Moving from make-believe worlds to curiosity and descriptions of simple pleasures, these poems capture a child's wonder, imagination and fascination with everyday things.
  • Cover scan of Collins Big Road Atlas Britain
    Collins Big Road Atlas Britain
    - MP - Collins
    Among the features of this road atlas are: full postcodes for indexed places; 64 town- and city-centre maps; a motorway services guide; route planning maps for Britain and Ireland; and highlighting of blue flag and surfing beaches, fixed speed camera sites, and park & ride locations.
  • Cover scan of Cross Stitch
    Cross Stitch
    Diana Gabaldon - Paperback - Arrow Books
    Claire Randall, a wartime nurse is transported back to the dangers of life in Jacobite Scotland, leaving behind her husband and finding herself in a state of desire for a courageous renegade.
  • Cover scan of Coast To Coast In The 1920s
    Coast To Coast In The 1920s: A Tour From St. Bees Head To Robin Hood's Bay In Old Photographs
    Neil Honeyman - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    192 miles from West Cumbria to North Yorkshire, the Coast to Coast Walk was first described by Wainwright in 1973. This book, by postcard collector Neil Honeyman, came about when he did the walk in memory of his late father who completed it in 2006 at the age of 83. Rather than write just another guide to the route, Neil has adopted the slightly weird approach of describing the walk as it might have been in the 1920s and illustrating it with contemporary postcards that could have been bought along the route.
  • Cover scan of Cramlington
    Cramlington: Its Past And Its People
    Barry Stewart - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    Mainly dealing with the last 140 years and with special emphasis on mining and social history, this is an illustrated history aimed at the general reader with a bit of everything but above all a focus on the people of the town.
  • Cover scan of Creation Stories
    Creation Stories: Riots, Raves And Running A Label
    Alan McGee - Paperback - Pan Books
    Alan McGee's role in shaping British culture over the past 30 years is hard to overstate. As founder of Creation Records he brought us the music that defined an era. A charismatic Glaswegian who partied just as hard as any of the bands on his notoriously dissolute label, he became a star himself. In 'Creation Stories' he tells his story for the first time, from leaving school at 16 to setting up the Living Room club in London, which showcased many emerging indie bands, from managing The Jesus and Mary Chain to co-founding Creation when he was only 23.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Amanda Mitchison - Hardback - Doubleday Children's
    When Wilf sees the small, gold-rimmed wooden bowl in the local museum, he's not sure why he's so drawn to it - but something about the bowl has him mesmerized, and he just has to take it. Leaving the museum with the bowl under his jacket, he notices two men in dark suits heading purposefully inside, and something tells him he should make a quick exit. The next morning, when Wilf wakes up, there's a small, pale creature in his room: Crog. Dressed in brown rags, dripping mud and blood, with black stubs for teeth and a grisly rope around his neck, Crog isn't sure how he ended up here - but he knows it's because of the bowl.
  • Cover scan of The Cotswolds
    The Cotswolds: 40 Town And Country Walks
    Dominic North - Paperback - Pocket Mountains
    In these 40 walks, Dominic North unlocks the secrets of the Cotswolds, from the hills and lanes in the north to the languid riverbanks and ancient woods of the south.
  • Cover scan of The Cyclist's Guide To Hillclimbs On Scottish Highland Roads
    The Cyclist's Guide To Hillclimbs On Scottish Highland Roads
    John H. McKendrick - Paperback - Pocket Mountains
    This title features 40 of the best road climbs in the north of Scotland, many of them on the old military roads.

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