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    Construction Grammar And Its Application To English
    Martin Hilpert - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    What do speakers of English know in order to produce utterances that other speakers will understand? This book explains how knowledge of language is organised in speakers' minds.
  • Cover scan of The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
    The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Hardback - Benediction Classics
    This edition includes the five Sherlock Holmes collections bringing together the 56 short stories.
  • Cover scan of Commercial Relations Of England And Scotland, 1603-1707
    Commercial Relations Of England And Scotland, 1603-1707
    Theodora Pagan - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    Originally published in 1910, this book examines the commercial competition between England and Scotland between 1603 and 1707. Theodora Keith assesses the ways in which trade affected and was affected by the various political changes under the Stuart monarchs and during the interregnum after the Civil War.
  • Cover scan of Conflict, Commerce And Franco-Scottish Relations, 1560-1713
    Conflict, Commerce And Franco-Scottish Relations, 1560-1713
    Siobhan Talbott - Hardback - Pickering & Chatto
    Using untapped archival sources from Britain, France, and America, Talbott presents a comparative view of British relations with France over the long 17th century. Contrary to the accepted view, she argues that the Scottish-French alliance continued undiminished following the 1560 Treaty of Edinburgh and the British Unions of 1603 and 1707.
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    Crimes & Offences Against The Person Sentencing Referencer
    - Paperback - W. Green
    This title includes information on the sentencing of crimes such asassault, attempted murder, culpable homicide, domestic violence, murder, shameless indecency.
  • Cover scan of Contributions To Musical Collections And Miscellaneous Songs

    Contributions To Musical Collections And Miscellaneous Songs
    James Hogg - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This work provides access to the relevant material in the various musical collections to which Hogg refers in his 1831 head notes, thus allowing the new readers of the 21st century to see in facsimile what Hogg himself saw.
  • Cover scan of Colouring The Nation
    Colouring The Nation: The Turkey Red Printed Cotton Industry In Scotland, C.1840-1940
    Stana Nenadic - Paperback - NMS
    'Turkey Red' was a method of dyeing which was brought from the east to Scotland and adopted by textile manufacturers in the Vale of Leven, Dunbartonshire, as the method produced a vibrant red colour which could withstand sunlight and washing. Many of the Turkey red fabrics were intended for foreign markets and were designed accordingly being bright coloured with exotic patterns. The Turkey red collection, acquired by National Museums Scotland in 1960, contains 200 pattern books, dating from the 1830 to the 1940s, and around 40,000 textile samples. These have recently been photographed for the Colouring the Nation project which challenges the perception that Scotland's industrial past was dominated by heavy industry.
  • Cover scan of The Critic

    The Critic: An Enzo Macleod Investigation
    Peter May - Paperback - Quercus
    Three years ago the body of France's foremost wine critic was found strung up like a scarecrow in a Gaillac vineyard, dressed in the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Divine Bottle and pickled in wine. For ex-pat Scot and forensic forager Enzo Macleod, the answer to this unsolved murder lies in cracking the critic's secretly coded reviews - which on publication could make or break a vineyard's reputation. He finds that under the sweet idyll of southern French winery lurks a bitter, back-stabbing community - including several suspects for the critic's death.
  • Cover scan of Christ's Sinful Flesh
    Christ's Sinful Flesh: Edward Irving's Christological Theology Within The Context Of His Life And Times
    Byung Sun Lee - Hardback - Cambridge Scholars Publishing
    'Christ's Sinful Flesh' explores the life and theology of Edward Irving, a 19th-century Scottish preacher and theologian, focusing on his theological framework in the perspective of his understanding of Christ's humanity.
  • Cover scan of Calligraphy And Architecture In The Muslim World
    Calligraphy And Architecture In The Muslim World
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This reference work covers all aspects of architectural inscriptions in the Muslim world: the artists and their patrons, what inscriptions add to architectural design, what materials were used, what their purpose was and how they infuse buildings with meaning.

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