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  • Cover scan of The Enlightenment Of Nina Findlay
    The Enlightenment Of Nina Findlay
    Andrea Gillies - Paperback - Short Books
    Growing up in a Scottish village, best friends with the boys next door, Nina Findlay thinks her life will unfold like an old folktale. But after a serious road accident on a Greek island she can't stop obsessing about the details of the past. The time has come, she realises, to unravel the taut knot of her life.
  • Cover scan of The Edinburgh Companion To Samuel Beckett And The Arts
    The Edinburgh Companion To Samuel Beckett And The Arts
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    As well as considering topics such as Beckett and science, historiography, geocriticism and philosophy, this volume focuses on the post-centenary impetus within Beckett studies, emphasising a return to primary sources amid letters, drafts and other documents.
  • Cover scan of The Edinburgh Companion To The Bible And The Arts
    The Edinburgh Companion To The Bible And The Arts
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    An authoritative assessment of the changing relationship between the Bible and the arts, this text demonstrates that just as the arts have portrayed biblical stories in a variety of ways and media over the centuries, so what we call 'the' Bible is not actually a single entity but has been composed of fiercely contested translations of texts in many languages, whose selection has depended historically on a variety of cultural pressures.
  • Cover scan of The English Concubine
    The English Concubine: Passion And Power In 1860s Singapore
    Dawn Farnham - Paperback - Monsoon
    In the final volume of 'The Straits Quartet,' Charlotte's love affair wiht Zhen, a wealthy Chinese merchant, is an open scandal. Singapore in 1860 is a vice-ridden town filled 'with the dregs of humanity from two continents'. Opium makes up half of the British Empire's trade in the East and, from Singapore, the Chinese triads control its distribution, with turf wars found on the streets of Chinatown. The colonial government, impoverished and ineffectual, can do nothing about it. Only the Chinese godfather, the Lord of Kongsi, has that power through his control of the coolie, prostitute and opium trade.
  • Cover scan of The End Of The Wasp Season
    The End Of The Wasp Season
    Denise Mina - Paperback - Orion Books
    When wealthy Sarah Erroll dies a violent death at her home in a posh part of Glasgow, the local community is stunned by what appears to be a truly gratuitous act. Heavily pregnant with desperately wanted twins, DS Alex Morrow is called in to investigate and soon discovers that there is more to Sarah's murder than it first seems.
  • Cover scan of The Extinction Of Snow
    The Extinction Of Snow
    Frederick Lightfoot - Paperback - Sandstone
    A woman receives an email from her son which reads: 'I am sacred. Comfot me.' Does he mean scared? And does he mean 'come for me' or 'comfort me?' Shortly after that she learns of his death, an apparent road traffic accident on a French country road. A piece of music plays over in her head telling her that something is not right about the version of events she has been told. She decides to investigate, and this leads her on a bewildering journey across England, on to Paris, and eventually to the French village where he died.
  • Cover scan of Exile
    Denise Mina - Paperback - Orion Books
    Travelling down from Glasgow to London to investigate the murder of one of the former clients at the Glasgow Women's Shelter, Maureen O'Donnell quickly finds herself out of her depth and in danger of suffering a similar fate.
  • Cover scan of Everyday Gaelic
    Everyday Gaelic: Morag MacNeill
    Morag MacNeill - Pbk. + CD - Birlinn
    'Everyday Gaelic' is more than a foreign phrase book. Since English is also spoken in the Gaelic-speaking areas, communication in Gaelic is not so much a matter of necessity as of choice and interest. This book dips into the chatty, the personal and domestic aspects of the language.
  • Cover scan of Eduardo Paolozzi - At New Worlds
    Eduardo Paolozzi - At New Worlds
    David Brittain - Paperback - Savoy Books
  • Cover scan of The Egg Thieves
    The Egg Thieves
    Joan Lingard - Paperback - Catnip
    Lecky and Nora are determined to prevent egg thieves from robbing the osprey nest near their village. They build a hide and keep a close watch on anything suspicious in their village.

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