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  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Higher Education In Scotland 2013-2014
    - Paperback - Gateway
    This guide contains information on full time courses in Higher Education in Scotland, from Higher National Qualifications to degrees. It also contains a brief introduction to the institutions that run them.
  • Cover scan of Hen's Teeth

    Hen's Teeth
    Manda Scott - Paperback - Review
    Set in Glasgow, 'Hen's Teeth' has an intricate plot revolving around genetic engineering and veterinary science. Dr Kellen Stewart and her friend Lee set out to discover the truth, but how safe is their quest?
  • Cover scan of Hole In The Wall
    Hole In The Wall
    Judi Benson - Paperback - Rockingham
    Many of the poems in this collection are hospital-based - from the author's two years as Writer in Residence at the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, working in oncology and palliative care. But just as many are about the Scottish countryside she called home, staggered speechless by sky and light, so unlike London, where she now lives.
  • Cover scan of The Hidden Target
    The Hidden Target
    Helen MacInnes - Paperback - Titan Books
    For Nina O'Connell the trip around the world was the holiday of a lifetime. She thought her new friends were students, but terrorism was the only degree James Kiley was pursuing. For Nina a light-hearted adventure soon becomes a game of life and death.
  • Cover scan of Higher Human Biology 2009-2013
    Higher Human Biology 2009-2013
    - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    'Official SQA Past Papers' provide perfect exam preparation. As well as delivering at least three years of actual past papers - including the 2013 exam - all papers are accompanied by examiner-approved answers to show students how to write the best responses for the most marks.
  • Cover scan of Hans Urs Von Balthasar And The Question Of Tragedy In The Novels Of Thomas Hardy
    Hans Urs Von Balthasar And The Question Of Tragedy In The Novels Of Thomas Hardy
    T. Kevin Taylor - Hardback - T & T Clark
    What role do novels, drama, and tragedy play within Christian thought and living? The twentieth century Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar addressed these questions using tragic drama. For him, Christ was the true tragic hero of the world who exceeded all tragic literature and experience. Balthasar demonstrated how ancient, pre-Christian tragedy and Renaissance works contained important Christian concepts, but he critiqued modern novels as failing to be either truly tragic or Christian.
  • Cover scan of Hebrides
    Peter May - Hardback - Quercus
    The landscape of the Outer Hebrides, with its stark cliffs, ghostly mists and lonely beaches, has become a definitive character of Peter May's Lewis trilogy. In 'Hebrides', readers will accompany him on an odyssey in prose and images, through a history of the Vikings' 'Long Island' and his own deep personal connection with the islands that influenced his bestselling work.
  • Cover scan of How Music Works
    How Music Works
    David Byrne - Paperback - Canongate
    'How Music Works' is an account of a life in music and an explanation of how and why music works from one of the world's most accomplished performers. David Byrne has been consistently at the forefront of musical and artistic innovation - here he explores why the past matters and what the future might bring.
  • Cover scan of Hume's Intentions
    Hume's Intentions
    John Arthur Passmore - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    The intention of this book was to to disentangle certain main themes in Hume's philosophy and relate them to Hume's main philosophic purpose.
  • Cover scan of Healing With Past Life Therapy
    Healing With Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys Through Time And Space
    Lorraine Flaherty - Paperback - Findhorn
    Providing evidence to the validity of past lives, this self-help guide delves deeply into past life regression and offers a thorough understanding of each step of the process. Through detailed transcripts of actual sessions, ordinary people speak candidly about their experiences with this form of self-discovery.

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