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  • Cover scan of How Not To Shop
    How Not To Shop
    Carmen Reid - Paperback - Corgi Books
    Personal shopper Annie Valentine is about to hit the big time: presenting a glamorous TV makeover series! But too late, Annie discovers this is TV on a shoestring. They're paying her buttons & her budget is zip. Can she make do with Primark when all she wants is Prada?
  • Cover scan of Highland Inheritance
    Highland Inheritance
    Caroline Dunford - Paperback - Accent Press
    Lucy McIntosh is a romantic. She thinks of herself as a city girl. Boutique restaurants, shoe shops, nail bars and take-away coffee outlets are very much a part of her everyday life. She works in a digital marketing and advertising agency in Edinburgh with her long-term boyfriend. Then, out of the blue, Lucy learns that she is to inherit a hotel from the black sheep of her family, Uncle Calum, whom nobody has spoken to in years. She arrives to find a huge, tumble down building and a business that can no longer make ends meet. She falls in love with the place and determines against the odds to set the hotel back on its feet.
  • Cover scan of Head For The Edge, Keep Walking
    Head For The Edge, Keep Walking
    Kate Tough - Paperback - Cargo
    Jill Beech's nine-year relationship is over, so she swaps one job for another, she gets tipsy with offbeat friends and she internet dates. Feeling stuck, life is suddenly flipped on its head by some shocking news - she has cervical cancer. A simple operation to remove part of her cervix becomes a two-week hospital stay will Jill refusing to speak, such is the depth of her shock. But can a kitten called Cyril - or a handsome man called Roy - help Jill to recover her life?
  • Cover scan of The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Scholastic
    It was Sir Charles's mysterious death in the grounds of Baskerville Hall that brought Sherlock Holmes to the scene of one of his most famous and intriguing cases.
  • Cover scan of Heartman
    M. P. Wright - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Bristol in the early 1960s: Joseph Tremaine Ellington is a Barbadian ex-policeman who, like many of his generation in the West Indies, has come to the UK to make a new life in the mother country. But the land of opportunity is not all it is cut out to be. It is not just the weather that is cold: so is the welcome.
  • Cover scan of A Handful Of Ash
    A Handful Of Ash
    Marsali Taylor - Paperback - Accent Press
    Liveaboard skipper and amateur sleuth Cass Lynch is busy at marine college in Scalloway, until one night she finds an acquaintance dead in a doorway with her hand smeared with peat ash. Rumours spread of a strange ritual linked to the witches once burned in Shetland's ancient capital, and of a horned figure abroad in the night. At first Cass believes these to be mere superstition, until there's a second murder, and she begins to wonder if the devil really does walk in Scalloway.
  • Cover scan of Headhunters On My Doorstep
    Headhunters On My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story
    J. Maarten Troost - Paperback - Gotham Books
    This title chronicles Troost's return to the South Pacific after his struggle with alcoholism. Deciding to retrace the path once traveled by the author of 'Treasure Island', Troost follows Robert Louis Stevenson to the Marquesas, the Tuamotus, Tahiti, Kiribati, and Samoa, tumbling from one comic misadventure to another. 'Headhunters on My Doorstep' is a funny yet poignant account of one man's journey to find himself that will captivate travel writing aficionados, Robert Louis Stevenson fans, and anyone who has ever lost his way.
  • Cover scan of Hospitality
    Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft
    Pam Thomas - Paperback - BrightRED Publishing
    This is an easy-to-use guide designed to take students through each stage of their studies and achieve the best possible results in the new National 5 practical cake craft qualification.
  • Cover scan of Healing Plants
    Healing Plants: Herbal Remedies From Traditional To Anthroposophical Medicine
    Markus Sommer - Paperback - Floris Books
    Rosemary, mint and onions are commonly found in kitchens, but physician Markus Sommer argues that cooking only makes use of one aspect of plants like these. Here, he vividly describes their full characteristics, helping the reader to understand their true nature. He discusses the properties of over thirty plants. For example, did you know that St John's Wort is not only good for depression, but also heals wounds? Or that plantain is good for coughs, but is also effective in treating strokes and multiple sclerosis?
  • Cover scan of Higher Graphic Communication Course Notes

    Higher Graphic Communication Course Notes
    Peter Linton - Paperback - Leckie & Leckie
    This title helps teachers and students map their route through the CfE programme, providing comprehensive and authoritative guidance for the course. It gives a practical, supportive approach to help deliver the new curriculum and offer a blend of sound teaching and learning with assessment guidance.

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