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  • Cover scan of Leading From The Front
    Leading From The Front: My Story
    Gerald Ronson - Paperback - Mainstream
    Gerald Ronson reveals how he fought his way to the top of the business ladder, lost everything twice, then clawed his way back up again.
  • Cover scan of Liston & Ali
    Liston & Ali: The Ugly Bear And The Boy Who Would Be King
    Bob Mee - Paperback - Mainstream
    Three months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, two prizefighters named Charles 'Sonny' Liston and Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. stepped into a boxing ring in Miami to dispute the heavyweight championship of the world. America was in turmoil. This book follows the contrasting paths these two men took.
  • Cover scan of Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano: Mafia Murderer And Secret Agent
    Timothy Newark - Paperback - Mainstream
    For the first 25 years of his criminal career, Charles 'Lucky' Luciano was a vicious mobster, king of the New York underworld. For the next 25 years of his life, Luciano was a legend, but a fake master criminal without real power, his evil reputation manipulated and maintained by the government agents who had put him behind bars.
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    Last Mango In Paris
    Posy Jones - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    V&A fashion researcher Lily Nightingale is working on a new exhibition: The Legacy of Lingerie. She collects beautiful underwear as a hobby, but is unlucky in love - until she meets a famous French author-chef, Charles Amiel, while researching lingerie in Paris.
  • Cover scan of Lullaby Girl
    Lullaby Girl
    Aly Sidgwick - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Found washed up on the banks of a remote loch, a mysterious girl is taken into the care of a psychiatric home in the Highlands of Scotland. Mute and covered in bruises, she has no memory of who she is or how she got there - and the only clue to her identity is the Danish lullaby she sings.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Little Book Of Cord And Candle Magick
    Soraya - Paperback - Waverley
    Using cords and candles to make spells is an enjoyable and effective way to make magick. With cords and candles you can use colours, numbers, herbs and spices and symbols - and there is advice on words and timing as well. Advice is given on the stages of the moon as the best time to make a type of spell.
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    The Little Book Of Spells
    Soraya - Paperback - Waverley
    Soraya's 'The Little Book of Spells' is a new gift book with new spells for special and everyday occasions such as job interviews; moving house; courage; money; cleaning; good wishes; new baby; thanks; career; blessings; moments of anxiety and many more.
  • Cover scan of A Lean Third
    A Lean Third
    James Kelman - Paperback - Tangerine
    'A Lean Third' contains stories that were originally published in 'Lean Tales' (1985), alongside the work of Alasdair Gray and Agnes Owens. The majority of the 18 stories have been substantially revised by the author, making these 'new versions' of great interest to academics and fans alike.
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    The Limits Of The World
    Andrew Raymond Drennan - Paperback - Cargo
    In Kim Jong-Il's North Korea, great things are expected of Han, a lonely guide to foreign tourists. To Ben and Hal, two world-weary Western journalists posing as tourists, Han's obedience and austerity exemplifies all that is extereme in the totalitarian state. But Han is not all he appears to be; he has deep secrets that, if uncovered, would prove fatal to his life and taint the untouchable reputation of the Party. When Han falls in love with the enigmatic Mae, he is drawn further into danger, which forces him to make a desperate decision: to unquestionably obey the Party for safety, or to risk everything for friendship, love and freedom.
  • Cover scan of Live Longer, Extend Your Life
    Live Longer, Extend Your Life
    Katherine Wright - Paperback - Waverley
    'Live Longer, Extend Your Life' explores the ways in which an ordinary person can influence his or her own life span and health to achieve longevity and a healthy and active old age.

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