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  • Cover scan of The Last Treasure Hunt
    The Last Treasure Hunt
    Jane Alexander - Paperback - Saraband
    At the age of thirty, Campbell Johnstone is a failure. He's stuck behind the bar of a shabby pub, watching from the sidelines while everyone else makes a success of their lives, especially Eve Sadler, a childhood friend and rising Hollywood star. When Campbell tries to rekindle their relationship, he longs for the glitter of her success to rub off on him but a single shocking night changes everything in ways he could never have predicted.
  • Cover scan of Legacies Of Betrayal
    Legacies Of Betrayal
    Graham McNeill - Paperback - Black Library
    Only from out of great conflict can true heroes arise. With the galaxy aflame and war on an unimaginable scale tearing the Imperium apart, champions of light and darkness venture onto countless fields of battle in service to their masters. They ask not for rememberance or reward - simply to meet their destiny head-on, and only by embracing that destiny will they come to learn what the unseen future may yet hold for them.
  • Cover scan of Land And Buildings Transaction Tax
    Land And Buildings Transaction Tax
    Ken Wright - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    Although based on stamp duty land tax, land and buildings transaction tax is a wholly new tax which practising solicitors and accountants in Scotland, and those who have clients interested in Scottish property, need to understand before it is due to implemented in April 2015. This book covers the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Life Cycle Costing
    Life Cycle Costing: For The Analysis, Management And Maintenance Of Civil Engineering Infrastructure
    - Hardback - Whittles
    The key areas of life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and whole life costing (WLC) are exemplified in this volume with accounts of their application to housing stock, a community hydroelectric power system, various aspects of highway infrastructure, and corrosion protective coatings.
  • Cover scan of The Life Of Buzzards
    The Life Of Buzzards
    Peter Dare - Paperback - Whittles
    The accounts in this book describe the life history and ecology of Buzzards mainly inhabiting the British uplands where historically they have always been most numerous. Population activities are followed through successive seasonal stages of their life-cycle. These include the vital and inter-related aspects of buzzard territories and social behaviour, diets and hunting methods, food requirements, prey abundance and breeding success, survival and life spans and how buzzard numbers and distribution have adapted to living in our modern and rapidly-changing landscapes, constantly adapting their habits in response to prey resources and environmental conditions.
  • Cover scan of The Lighthouse On Skerryvore
    The Lighthouse On Skerryvore
    Paul A. Lynn - Paperback - Whittles
    Perched on an isolated rock in the Scottish Hebrides, this is an account of Skerryvore, 'the most graceful lighthouse in the world', and the great Victorian engineer who designed and built it.
  • Cover scan of The Living Origin Of Rocks And Minerals
    The Living Origin Of Rocks And Minerals
    Walther Cloos - Paperback - Floris Books
    An increasing number of enthusiasts are attracted by the rich variety of rocks and minerals around us, and new ways of looking at them. In this book, Walther Cloos views the Earth as a living organism, with different kingdoms of nature - mineral, plant and animal - as stages left behind as the earth developed. He argues that everything currently inert and static was once dynamic and living. The author considers many different aspects of geology, including chapters on oil, sedimentary rocks, radioactivity, volcanoes and metals.
  • Cover scan of The Lost Gentleman
    The Lost Gentleman
    Margaret McPhee - Paperback - Mills & Boon
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Lacan, Deleuze, Badiou
    A. J. Bartlett - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    The writings of Lacan, Deleuze and Badiou stand at the heart of contemporary thought. While the collective corpus of these three figures contains a significant number of references to each other's work, these are often simple critical, obscure, or both. This book guides academics working in philosophy, psychoanalysis and critical theory through the sensitive moments in their respective work and identifies the passages, connections and disjunctions that underlie the often superficial statements of critique, indifference or accord.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Language And Identity In Modern Egypt
    Reem Bassiouney - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This text examines language and identity in modern Egypt using theories from discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.

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