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  • Cover scan of The Lost World
    The Lost World
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Flame Tree 451
    A scientific expedition sets out to explore a plateau in South America that remains frozen in time from the days when prehistoric creatures roamed the Earth.
  • Cover scan of Love's Troublesome Journey
    Love's Troublesome Journey
    Glenn Telfer - Paperback - Big Ride
    A themed collection of poems dealing with love. The sensibility is Scottish and modern. By turns serious, philosophic, light-hearted and ironic.
  • Cover scan of The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    Neil Burgess - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
  • Cover scan of The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    Neil Burgess - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
  • Cover scan of Let's Dig!
    Let's Dig!
    Julie Fletcher - Boards - Scholastic Children's Books
    This colourful board book is packed with noisy vehicles from the building site. Pre-school children will love turning the chunky shaped pages and discovering a big bulldozer, a busy digger, a tall crane, a spinning cement mixer and noisy dumper.
  • Cover scan of Linguethica Materialistica
    Linguethica Materialistica: Der Schritt Vom Sein Zum Sollen
    Ralph A. Hartmann - Hardback - Haralex
    Taking into account the basic principles of linguistics and the philosophy of science, this book challenges the stubborn dualistic dogmatism of religious beliefs still dominating present day intellectual life by pointing the way from the materialistic foundation of human existence directly to the moral axioms of social behaviour.
  • Cover scan of Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment
    Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment: The Case Of Modern Norwegian
    Ernst HaĚŠkon Jahr - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    2014 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule. This book gives a comprehensive account of that entire 200-year period, and analyses how Norwegians defined, fought over, and developed their own independent Scandinavian language, differentiating it from Danish and Swedish, through language planning. The almost two centuries of Norwegian language planning and conflict encompassed an extraordinary sociolinguistic experiment which led to decades of intense linguistic struggle and which has had no parallel anywhere else in the world. This book-length case study provides students and scholars in sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language planning and language policy with a richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development.
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    Legend Of The Dead Men's Gold
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Trip Kincaid had always been fascinated by the legend of the dead men's gold: it was said that the last member of the Helliton gang had cursed the stash, claiming that if he couldn't have it, nobody would. So, with the gold still unclaimed, and the bones of a hundred men scattered around it, Trip Kincaid's disappearance is cause for alarm.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image

    The Lewis Chessmen: New Perspectives
    - Hardback - NMS
    The 93 Lewis Chessmen, bought by the British Museum and by what is now the National Museum of Scotland in the mid-19th century, were made in 12th century Scandinavia, from ivory and whales' teeth. They continue to fascinate academics from various disciplines, as well as museum visitors. This book includes looking at who ruled the isles at the time the Chessmen were made and a history of the ivory trade in the north Atlantic.
  • Cover scan of The List
    The List
    Joanna Bolouri - Paperback - Quercus
    Phoebe Henderson may be single but she sure doesn't feel fabulous. It's been a year since she found her boyfriend Alex in bed with another woman, and multiple cases of wine and extensive relationship analysis with best friend Lucy have done nothing to help. Faced with a new year but no new love, Phoebe concocts a different kind of resolution. The List: ten things she's always wanted to do in bed but has never had the chance (or the courage!) to try. A bucket list for between the sheets. One year of pleasure, no strings attached. Simple, right? Factor in meddlesome colleagues, friends with benefits, getting frisky al fresco and maybe, possibly, true love and Phoebe's got her work cut out for her.

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