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  • Cover scan of Love Byte
    Love Byte
    David Atkinson - Paperback - Buried River
    Andy Hunter is a single father trying to balance the demands of a 2-year-old daughter, and interfering but well-meaning mother-in-law and a job he is always in danger of losing. So, when he receives a series of delayed e-mails from his late wife Lindsay telling him to date, it seems like a good idea. With Lindsay's e-mails spurring him on, Andy weaves a path of disharmony and chaos amongst his close friends and family, but soon discovers he is not cut out for modern dating.
  • Cover scan of Lighting Candles
    Lighting Candles: A Paramilitary's War With Death, Drugs And Demons
    David Leslie - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    When Manny McDonnell was 12 he awoke to discover British troops surrounding his home in the toughest area of trouble-torn Belfast. Encouraged by a fiercely Republican mother, he took to the streets with other school kids, throwing bricks, bottles and petrol bombs at soldiers. Jailed at 15 for having IRA links, he became a unit commander leading deadly missions for the INLA before joining the IPLO. But his decades of commitment to a free united Ireland turned to disillusion when bombs killed two little boys. By then he was a regular visitor to Scotland, where he befriended major gangland player Paul Ferris and then became the right-hand man of Tam 'The Licensee' McGraw. This is an account of one man's nightmare journey through blood, bombs, bullets and smuggling.
  • Cover scan of Liverpool Tramways
    Liverpool Tramways
    Richard Buckley - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This illustrated history shows the development of the city's tramways from horse-drawn vehicles to the early 1930s. Many of the images in the book are of the city centre but also included are locations such as Waterloo, Great Crosby, Fazakerly, Bootle and Woolton. Also included are an outline fleet list and system maps.
  • Cover scan of The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    The Lost Railways Of Yorkshire's West Riding
    Neil Burgess - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This area of Yorkshire's West Riding was one of the parts of Britain most affected by the Industrial Revolution and its major towns are still synonymous with manufacturing, mining and the textile industry. The area was densely populated so demand for freight and passenger railway services was immense, resulting in many lines. The network has been cut back hugely in the years since the end of steam, but the glory days are recalled in this book which features 135 period photographs.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Literature Of Shetland
    Mark Ryan Smith - Paperback - The Shetland Times
  • Cover scan of The Last Tiger
    The Last Tiger
    Tony Black - Paperback - Cargo
    It's 1910 and 12-year-old Myko and his family have fled the Czarist occupation of their native Lithuania for the freedom of America, only to discover their ship has arrived in Tasmania, the once notorious prison island of the British Empire, known as Van Diemen's Land. Myko wonders what will become of them as he watches his father, Petras, and mother, Daina, become anxious about how they will survive in this new land where tigers roam. But when Petras takes work as a trapper, and Myko discovers the den of the last tigers, the family are thrust into a fight over the last of these beautiful, wild beasts.
  • Cover scan of Lords Of Mars
    Lords Of Mars
    Graham McNeill - Paperback - Black Library
    Pursued by vengeful eldar, Magos Kotov's Explorator armada heads into a newly revealed area of space in pursuit of ancient secrets. As the Adeptus Mechanicus forces and Black Templars Space Marines tackle the twin threats of the wrathful aliens and insurrection aboard the fleet, a greater danger reveals itself.
  • Cover scan of Lion Rampant
    Lion Rampant: The Memoirs Of An Infantry Officer From D-Day To The Rhineland
    Robert Woollcombe - Paperback - B&W
    'Lion Rampant' is the author's graphic account of his experiences as a front-line infantry officer with the King's Own Scottish Borderers during the desperate battle for Normandy and the Allied advance into Germany.
  • Cover scan of Lost Dundee In Colour
    Lost Dundee In Colour
    Brian King - Paperback - Amberley
    Dundee suffered more than most at the hands of developers in the 1960s and 1970s. Much of the city, the fourth largest in Scotland with a population of around 150,000, was changed in the name of development. Today, the city continues to change, as a multimillion-pound master plan to regenerate and reconnect the waterfront with the city centre is expected to be completed in a 30-year period, including the development of a new Victoria and Albert Museum. This fascinating compilation of early Dundee postcards, photographs and lantern and glass slides takes the reader on a tour of one of Scotland's most established cities.
  • Cover scan of Lovely, Lovely Pirate Gold
    Lovely, Lovely Pirate Gold
    Scoular Anderson - Paperback - ReadZone
    When the pirate captain stumbles across a treasure map all the crew are very pleased. All pirates like loot! Unless, that is, it's an old boot!

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