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  • Cover scan of Manual Of Modern Scots
    Manual Of Modern Scots
    William Grant - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    Originally published in 1921, this book was intended for non-Scottish students of Scottish literature as a guide for recitation and declamation of Scottish pieces.
  • Cover scan of Modern Irish And Scottish Poetry
    Modern Irish And Scottish Poetry
    - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    The comparative study of the literatures of Ireland and Scotland has emerged as a distinct and buoyant field in recent years. This collection of new essays offers a comparison of modern Irish and Scottish poetry, featuring close readings of texts within broad historical and political contextualisation.
  • Cover scan of More Holy Wit
    More Holy Wit
    - Paperback - Steve Savage
    This collection of jokes and anecdotes with a clerical connection continues to find new readers today.
  • Cover scan of The Method Of Freedom

    The Method Of Freedom
    Errico Malatesta - Paperback - AK Press
    'The Method of Freedom' collects Malatesta's most enduring long-form essays - including 'Anarchy' and 'Our Program' - together with previously un-translated articles from the numerous journals he edited over his long newspaper career. Written in Malatesta's clear, accessible style, these essays are sure to excite a new generation of radicals.
  • Cover scan of Migration And Empire 1830-1939
    Migration And Empire 1830-1939
    Simon Wood - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    'Migration and Empire 1830-1939' gives a brief synopsis of each topic and then comprehensive coverage of the four main areas of mandatory content, as well as guidance on assignment writing and assessment procedures for exam practice.
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    Music From Home
    Geraldine O'Neill - Paperback - Poolbeg
    Maria Conti has a full and busy life in 1960's Manchester. Having lost her mother at a young age, she has a close and loving relationship with her father, Leo who owns an Italian restaurant, Leonardo's. Finding first romance with Paul Spencer seems like the icing on the cake. Secretly, however, she worries over Leo's drinking and gambling binges. Then he buys a racehorse she knows he cannot afford. Maria has no one to advise her as Leo's family are in Italy and her mother's family in Ireland rejected her when she married a foreigner. Having carefully guarded her father from female attention, Maria's attitude alters when elegant Diana Freeman comes into their lives. She hopes that Diana's presence may distance Leo from his addictions.
  • Cover scan of Masters Of Men
    Masters Of Men: Ken Venturi, Rory McIlroy And One Epic Golf Journey
    Liam Hayes - Hardback - Arena Sport
    This is the story of one journey taken, over half a century apart, by two outstanding golfers. But, this is more than a golf book. It's the story of two young men, and the people who filled their lives - the mentor who dominated Ken Venturi, the agent who loomed too large over Rory McIlroy, and the two young girls who became their first loves and lost their men as they became champions. It pits the incredible struggles and victories of perhaps the single most naturally talented golfer from the 1950s and '60s against the game's most naturally talented golfer of today. It puts them on the same tee boxes, on the same greens, on the same day.
  • Cover scan of The Mile
    The Mile
    Craig Smith - Paperback - Pilrig
    Set one week before the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, this novel tells the story of three main characters: a nationalist, a unionist and a swing-voter, on their alcohol-fuelled travels through the pubs of Edinburgh. The question is raised of whether these three can reach a consensus on the future of Scotland, and if they can be persuaded to unite and vote 'yes' despite their many differences.
  • Cover scan of My Immortal Highlander
    My Immortal Highlander
    Hannah Howell - Paperback - Zebra
    'My Immortal Highlander' is a story of identical twin brothers trapped between the curse that has been their legacy and the two women whose love is their destiny.
  • Cover scan of The Medieval Kirk, Cemetery And Hospice At Kirk Ness, North Berwick
    The Medieval Kirk, Cemetery And Hospice At Kirk Ness, North Berwick: The Scottish Seabird Centre Excavations 1999-2006
    Thomas Addyman - HR - Oxbow Books
    Kirk Ness has long been considered likely to be an early Christian centre, whose dedication to St Andrew may perhaps be linked with the 8th century translation of the relics of St Andrew's to Fife. Such early dating was confirmed by a new sequence of radiocarbon dates from excavations carried out in 1999-2006. This title explores the excavations and what was found at the Scottish Seabird Centre from 1999 until 2006.

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