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  • Cover scan of Maths In Action
    Maths In Action
    R. Howat - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    This book has been designed to help your foundation level students develop the knowledge and skills required for the new qualification.
  • Cover scan of Minikid
    Michael Morpurgo - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    At school they call him Bullet, but Chris and Lisa call him Minikid. He's only come for a visit, but wherever he goes, trouble seems to follow.
  • Cover scan of The Moonshine Dragon
    The Moonshine Dragon
    Cornelia Caroline Funke - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    When a tiny silver dragon is chased out of Patrick's storybook by an equally tiny knight, all sorts of mayhem breaks loose! Soon moonshine magic has shrunk Patrick too, and he is forced to hole up inside his toy castle as the knight attacks the 'fire worm'.
  • Cover scan of Making It Happen
    Making It Happen: Fred Goodwin, RBS And The Men Who Blew Up The British Economy
    Iain Martin - Paperback - Simon & Schuster
    An explosive, controversial account of the collapse of RBS and the collapse of the British economy.
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    My First Summer In The Sierra
    John Muir - Paperback - Canongate
    In the summer of 1869 John Muir Made his first trip to Yosemite. When a friend offered him the chance to accompany a flock of sheep and a shepherd to the high pastures of the Sierra he could not resist. This is his journal.
  • Cover scan of My Biggest Lie
    My Biggest Lie
    Luke Brown - Paperback - Canongate
    Meet the man with everything. Liam Wilson's London life glitters around him, with a promising career and a relationship with the girl he's chased for years. Then following one calamitous night with his new best friend he loses it all - his job, his girlfriend, and his home. Leaving London behind, he heads to Buenos Aires in the hope of regaining control and winning back the love of his life. But how can Liam prevent his lies from running away with him in the world's most sensual city? 'My Biggest Lie' is a moving comedy about father figures, second chances and knowing when it's time to tell the truth.
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    Malt Whisky
    Charles MacLean - Hardback - Bounty
    'Malt Whisky' is a complete and fascinating guide to this popular spirit. It explores the history of malt, how it is made, why each one tastes different and how to appreciate whisky. A comprehensive guide to the distilleries is also included.
  • Cover scan of A Modest Proposal
    A Modest Proposal: Call For A Constitution
    Angus Reid - Paperback - Luath Press
    A political book which is ideal for anyone interested in poetry and the power of words, the social rights of citizens and the potential independence of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Myth Of The Western
    Myth Of The Western: New Perspectives On Hollywood's Frontier Narrative
    Matthew Carter - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title re-invigorates the debate surrounding the relationship between the Western and frontier mythology, arguing for the importance of the genre's socio-cultural, historical and political dimensions.
  • Cover scan of Maggie & Me
    Maggie & Me
    Damian Barr - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    It is 12 October 1984. An IRA bomb blows apart the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Miraculously, Maggie Thatcher survives. In small-town Scotland, eight-year-old Damian Barr watches in horror as his mum rips her wedding ring off and packs their bags. He knows he, too, must survive. Damian, his sister and his Catholic mum move in with her sinister new boyfriend while his Protestant dad shacks up with the glamorous Mary the Canary. Divided by sectarian suspicion, the community is held together by the sprawling Ravenscraig Steelworks.

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