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    Oor Wullie And The Hunt For Nessie
    Matthew Fitt - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    When Wullie learns that an eccentric American billionaire is offering a big-bucks reward for a photo of the Loch Ness Monster, he can't wait to get started hunting down Nessie! But Wullie hasn't got anything like the fancy digital smartypants iPhones has pals have, and he ends up with an ancient box-style camera, the kind where you have to look through the top. How will he be able to take a photo with that? And anyway, he isn't sure if there is such a thing as the Loch Ness Monster.
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    Oor Wullie: How Tae Learn Yer Times Tables
    - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Stuck on your multiplication tables? Let Oor Wullie help out in his own special way in this humorous, informative guide to multiplication for both parents and children. A fun way to help primary-school children learn multiplication facts quickly and easily.
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    Out Of Sheer Rage: In The Shadow Of D.H. Lawrence
    Geoff Dyer - Paperback - Canongate
    This biography of D.H. Lawrence is also a travel book. Geoff Dyer followed in Lawrence's footsteps, living out of a rucksack, and by retracing Lawrence's journeys, he learns as much about himself as he does about Lawrence.
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    Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback - Penguin Classics
    A gothic novella about love, torment and doomed aristocracy, set in the remote mountains of Spain.
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    One Ted Falls Out Of Bed
    Julia Donaldson - Paperback - Macmillan Children's
    When ted falls out of bed, three tearaway mice whisk him off on a breath-taking journey. They zoom around in fast cars, go on a balloon ride and climb a building-block mountain. It's all very exciting, but will it get ted back to bed?
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    On Forgiveness: How Can We Forgive The Unforgivable?
    Richard Holloway - Paperback - Canongate
    In this work, Richard Holloway tackles the great theme of forgiveness. One of the most important books on this essential topic, this book draws on the great philosophers and writers such as Frederick Nietzsche, Jacques Derrida, and Nelson Mandela. Both timely and a timeless modern classic, 'On Forgiveness' is a pertinent and fascinating discourse on how forgiveness works, where it came from, and how the need to embrace it is greater than ever if we are to free ourselves from the binds of the past.
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    Once The Clouds Have Gone
    K. E. Payne - Paperback - Bold Strokes
    Nine years after leaving the small Scottish town where she'd grown up, Tag Grainger is forced to return following the sudden death of her father - and back to a life she's long since put behind her. After inheriting a share in a family business she wants no part in, she longs to escape again, until the appearance of the intriguing and spirited Freddie Metcalfe forces her to reevaluate much more than she thought she needed to. But while Freddie is harboring a secret of her own, can she help Tag reconnect with her family and move on from her past?
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    Opium And Empire: The Lives And Careers Of William Jardine And James Matheson
    Richard J. Grace - Hardback - McGill-Queen's University Press
    In 1832 William Jardine and James Matheson established what would become the greatest British trading company in East Asia in the nineteenth century. Jardine and Matheson, recognized as giants on the scene at Macao, Canton, and Hong Kong, have often been depicted as one-dimensional villains whose opium commerce was ruthless and whose imperial drive was insatiable. In 'Opium and Empire', Richard Grace explores the depths of each man, their complicated and sometimes inconsistent internal workings, and their achievements and failures.
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    Oxford Children's Classics World Of Adventure Box Set
    - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    An eye-catching boxed set containing four of the greatest stories ever told - 'Treasure Island', 'The Jungle Book', 'The Wind in the Willows', and 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'. These new editions have a fresh and contemporary feel to make the books come alive for today's modern readers, and as well as the unabridged text, they also contain masses of bonus features so readers can continue their experience of the story as well as recommendations for other books, films, and TV shows - classic and contemporary - for readers to try next.
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    Old Abernethy
    Frank Zwolinski - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    Now a dormitory town for Perth, at the time of the collection of photos shown here Abernethy was largely a self-sufficient community (except for Abernethy biscuits that have nothing to do with the town except sharing the name) with a main street full of shops. The book has extended captions exploring the long history of the town and its environs. As well as the town's streets and shops, also featured are the old Co-op van, Polish soldiers stationed there during the war, and even one of the last handloom weavers.

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