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  • Cover scan of The Other Daddy
    The Other Daddy: A World Away
    Claire Voet - Paperback - Pneuma Springs
    Two teenage girls have mysteriously disappeared from the small Scottish Orkney island of Eday. It is as if they have vanished from the face of the earth without a trace. The island is in turmoil. Eight years later in Cambridgeshire, seven year old Callum Thompson is trying to cope with his parents' recent seperation. He begins to act strangely - constantly talking about his 'other daddy' and his new friend - Jeremy, whom nobody else knows about. At first his change in behaviour is blamed on the fact that his parents, Louise and Jack, are now living apart, but as time goes on, Callum's problems become much more disturbing.
  • Cover scan of Oxford Children's Gaelic-English Visual Dictionary
    Oxford Children's Scottish Gaelic-English Visual Dictionary
    - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    'Oxford Children's Gaelic-English Visual Dictionary' is ideal for learning thousands of Scottish-Gaelic words for a range of topics from the human body to the environment. With illustrated items and engaging scenes labelled in both Scottish-Gaelic and English, it is easy to learn the word you were looking for - and a whole lot more!
  • Cover scan of The One Tree
    The One Tree
    William W. Clinkenbeard - Paperback - Pilrig
    A history of St Andrews's and St George's West churches, Edinburgh. 'One Tree' tells the story of roots, branches, even dismembering. The story of the congregations which were established in Edinburgh's magnificent New Town is a stimulating and surprising story which impacts on the city, wider church and the world.
  • Cover scan of The Outline Of Love
    The Outline Of Love
    Morgan McCarthy - Hardback - Tinder Press
    Persephone Triebold has grown up in the strange desolation of the Scottish Highlands. Inexperienced in the rules of friendship, sex and love, she leaves to study for a degree in London. Parties and new friends intoxicate Persephone at first, but when she meets Leo Ford, she finds someone she can love. Persephone enters Leo's circle of friends but finds him as elusive as he is sought after - and she becomes increasingly curious about the incident in his past of which no one ever speaks.
  • Cover scan of Où Est Le Petit MacNessie?
    Where Is Wee MacNessie?
    Pauline Mackay - Paperback - Ablekids Press
    Wee MacNessie's friends are trying to find him. Where can he be?
  • Cover scan of Our Hillman Imp
    Our Hillman Imp: A Celebration
    Paul Coulter - Paperback - Argyll
    The Hillman Imp was a rival to the Mini and had many innovations that were soon adopted by other motor manufacturers. The Imp however met an untimely demise. This book takes a brief look at the history of the Imp and focuses on its success as well as recording fond memories of Imp owners past and present.
  • Cover scan of Our Nazis
    Our Nazis: Representations Of Fascism In Contemporary Literature And Film
    Petra Rau - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Why has a fascination with fascism re-emerged after the Cold War? What is its cultural function now, in an era of commemoration? Focusing particularly on the British context, this study offers an analysis of contemporary popular and literary fiction, film, TV and art exhibitions about Nazis and Nazism. Petra Rau brings this material into dialogue with earlier responses to fascism and demonstrates how, paradoxically, Nazism has been both mediated and mythologised to the extent that it now often replaces engagement with actual, violent history.
  • Cover scan of Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon A Time: The Lives Of Bob Dylan
    Ian Bell - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    This text draws together the tangled strands of the many lives of Bob Dylan in all their contradictory brilliance. For the first time, the laureate of modern America is set in his entire context: musical, historical, literary, political and personal.
  • Cover scan of Operation Sunshine
    Operation Sunshine
    Jenny Colgan - Paperback - Sphere
    Evie needs a good holiday. So when her employers - two high-powered plastic surgeons - invite her to attend a conference with them in the south of France, she can't believe her luck. It's certainly the holiday of a lifetime - but not quite in the way Evie imagined!
  • Cover scan of Our Ancient National Airs
    Our Ancient National Airs: Scottish Song Collecting From The Enlightenment To The Romantic Era
    Karen McAulay - Hardback - Ashgate
    One of the earliest documented Scottish song collectors to go 'into the field' to gather his specimens was Joseph Macdonald. Macdonald emigrated in 1760 and it fell to Patrick Macdonald to finish and publish his brother's collection. McAulay traces the history of Scottish song collecting over the ensuing 130 years.

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