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    Scotland In The Age Of Two Revolutions
    - Hardback - The Boydell Press
    The 17th century was one of the most dramatic periods in Scotland's history, with two political revolutions, intense religious strife culminating in the beginnings of toleration, and the modernisation of the state and its infrastructure. This book provides a fresh perspective on the most important events and developments of the period.
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    Scottish Forestry: A Social History Of Scottish Forestry In The Twentieth Century
    Mairi Stewart - Paperback - John Donald
    The creation of large new tracts of forest, together with the development of a modern wood processing sector, was the single biggest transformation to occur in the Scottish countryside during the 20th century. While the environmental and landscape impacts of this change has been much commented upon, its impact on Scottish culture and society has attracted comparatively little attention. This book tells the fascinating story of the human side of forestry, drawing heavily on the thoughts, experiences and reflections of a wide range of individuals from all levels and all sectors of the industry as it has developed in Scotland over the last 100 years.
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    Scottish Urban Legends: The Black Flag Of Loch Maree And Other Stories
    Grace Banks - Paperback - The History Press
    Monsters, lunatics, vampires, werewolves, evil dolls and suicide dogs, stones entombing bodies, faces appearing in walls, curses and meetings with the devil - all this and more are contained within this book of Scottish urban legends.
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    Shadows Of Death
    Jeanne M. Dams - Paperback - Severn House Paperbacks
    Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, go to Orkney in Scotland to see some intriguing Stone Age excavations. When the donor of the dig is found murdered, Dorothy and Alan launch an unofficial investigation into the murder.
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    Showdown: The Inside Story Of The Gleneagles Ryder Cup
    Iain Carter - Hardback - Elliott and Thompson
    Iain Carter tells the inside story of an enthralling contest: from the build-up, including the appointment of both captains and the assembly of their teams, through to the dramas of the week at Gleneagles.
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    A Soldier's Best Friend: The Canine Heroes Of Afghanistan
    Stephen Stewart - Hardback - Sandstone Press
    Military working dogs are a crucial yet overlooked part of Britain's fighting forces in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Many of them are rescue animals, neglected or mistreated by their owners before being given a new lease of life on the front line. Through in-depth interviews, unparalleled access to army sources and frontline reportage, journalist Stephen Stewart tells the dogs' gripping - and emotional - stories.
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    The Sunlit Summit
    Robin Lloyd-Jones - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    William Hutchison Murray was one of Scotland's most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War. As a prisoner of war in Italy he wrote his first classic book, 'Mountaineering in Scotland', on rough toilet paper which was confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo. The rewritten version was published in 1947 and followed by the, now, equally famous, 'Undiscovered Scotland'. This book profiles the life of this most noteworthy individual.
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    Scotland - The Best 100 Places: Extraordinary Places And Where Best To Walk, Eat And Sleep
    Peter Irvine - Hardback - Collins
    Peter Irvine has selected 100 of his favourite places for this photographic book celebrating Scotland at its most beautiful. Images have been selected from some of Scotland's best photographers, capturing the stunning scenery and landscape of the country.
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    The Secret Agent: Inside The World Of The Football Agent
    - Paperback - Arena Sport
    From mere coffee boy, to lowly scout, to multi-million pound wheeler dealer with the Big Four and the cream of the clubs in the UEFA Champions League: this book charts the Secret Agent's fast and furious progress through the dressing rooms, board rooms and bedrooms during the most recent days of the premier league.
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    Ron Rash - Paperback - Canongate
    George and Serena Pemberton arrive in the wilds of the North Carolina mountains to build a life together in a rural logging town. But Serena Pemberton is unlike any woman this town has ever seen: overseeing crews, hunting rattlesnakes and even saving her husband in the wilderness. So when Serena learns that she will never bear a child, she is determined that her intensely passionate marriage will not unravel. A course of events unfolds that will change the lives of everyone in their rural community and bring this riveting tale of love and revenge to its shocking reckoning.

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