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  • Cover scan of Short Walks In The Yorkshire Dales
    Short Walks In The Yorkshire Dales: Guide To 20 Easy Walks
    Brian Spencer - Paperback - Collins
    All the walks are five miles or under in length and can easily be completed in less than three hours. 20 walks are included and use clear maps to show the route plus easy to follow walk descriptions.
  • Cover scan of Skye & Outer Hebrides
    Skye & Outer Hebrides
    Alan Murphy - Paperback - Footprint
    This title provides information on the best attractions and sites that Skye and the Outer Hebrides have to offer.
  • Cover scan of The Scottish Castles Story
    The Scottish Castles Story
    Marc Alexander - Hardback - The History Press
    Scotland's castles reflect the turbulent history of Scotland and its many conflicts and skirmishes, whether against invaders from the north or the English to the south. In this text, Marc Alexander explores the story of Scotland's castles, featuring many vivid tales from history and showcasing a wide range of examples of Scotland's incredible wealth of castles.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Independence
    Scottish Independence
    George Kerevan - Paperback - The History Press
    Two of the nations' leading political commentators address both sides of the Scottish referendum argument.
  • Cover scan of The Siege Of Vienna

    The Siege Of Vienna
    John Stoye - Paperback - Birlinn
    The Siege of Vienna in 1683 was one of the turning points in European history. This story is peopled with characters from Kara Mustafa, the ruthless Grand Vizier, and Count Starhemberg, commander of the garrison, to Emperor Leopold and John Sobieski.
  • Cover scan of Something Like Happy
    Something Like Happy
    John Burnside - Paperback - Vintage Books
    In these remarkable stories, John Burnside takes us into the lives of men and women trapped in marriage, ensnared by drink and diminished by disappointment; all kinds of women, all kinds of men - lonely, unfaithful, dying - driving empty roads at night. These are people for whom the idea of 'home' has become increasingly intangible, and happiness, grace and freedom all now seem to belong in some kind of dream or a fable they might have read in a children's picture book.
  • Cover scan of Sous Chef
    Sous Chef: 24 Hours In The Kitchen
    Michael Gibney - Paperback - Canongate
    'Sous Chef' takes you behind the swinging doors of a busy restaurant kitchen, allowing you to inhabit this normally hidden world, in real time. Follow chef from the moment he opens the kitchen in the morning as he guides you through the meticulous preparation, the camaraderie in the hours leading up to service and the adrenalin-rush as the orders start coming in. Thrilling, addictive and bursting with obsessive detail, 'Sous Chef' will leave you breathless and awestruck - walking into a restaurant will never be the same again.
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    The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Hardback - Cambridge University Press
    This dark psychological fantasy is more than a moral tale. It is also a product of its time, drawing on contemporary theories of class, evolution and criminality and the secret lives behind Victorian propriety, to create a unique form of urban Gothic.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Gods
    Scottish Gods: Religion In Modern Scotland
    Steve Bruce - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    How much has Scotland's religious landscape changed in the last century, and why? Steve Bruce here presents a highly readable account of the changing nature and place of religion in Scotland in an increasingly irreligious society.
  • Cover scan of Social Interaction And Technology
    Social Interaction And Technology
    Christopher Joseph Jenks - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title explores how technology mediates social interaction. The focal point of analysis and discussion is online communication.

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