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  • Cover scan of Sedition
    Katharine Grant - Paperback - Virago
    Motherless Alathea Sawneyford, her charms grown disturbing as she rebels against her father, has made the city's streets her own, while Annie Cantabile is constrained, by her own disfigurement and her father, to his pianoforte workshop under the shadow of Tyburn gibbet. One afternoon the dusty workshop receives a visitor. A man, representing an unscrupulous band of City speculators, Alathea's father among them, require a pianoforte and its charming teacher to find titled husbands for all their daughters. It seems an innocent enough plan but these are subversive times and perhaps even a drawing-room piano lesson isn't exactly what it seems.
  • Cover scan of The Sign Of Four
    The Sign Of Four
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Penguin Books
    The great detective's melancholy mood is lifted by the arrival of attractive Mary Morstan. Her father vanished ten years ago but she has been receiving a large, lustrous pearl annually. She wants Holmes and Watson to accompany her to meet her benefactor.
  • Cover scan of A Study In Scarlet
    A Study In Scarlet
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Penguin Classics
    When Dr John Watson takes rooms in Baker Street with amateur detective Sherlock Holmes, he has no idea that he is about to enter a shadowy world of criminality and violence.
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    Scottish Rugby: Game By Game
    Kenneth R. Bogle - Paperback - Luath Press
    Learn about the fascinating history of the Scottish rugby union team in this detailed guide to all 700 of their matches. From 1871 to 2013, it charts players, scores, and referees as well as containing a detailed match analysis.
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    Sunshine On Scotland Street
    Alexander McCall Smith - Book with sound disc - Hachette Audio
    The ever-so-pleased-with himself Bruce is puzzled by a familiar face as he meets his new neighbour, Jonathan. The fact that Jonathan is his double shakes Bruce's vanity to the core, but then an idea occurs. The two young men embark on an outrageous joint venture, but will Bruce be two-faced in more senses than one?
  • Cover scan of Surprise
    Surprise: The Book That Keeps On Giving!
    Jonathan Litton - Boards - Little Tiger Kids
    This Christmas board book features cut-out holes that create a brilliant game of pass-the-parcel as the gift keeps getting smaller the group of friends discover lots of festive fun, but what will the final surprise be?
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Swedish Girl
    Alex Gray - Book with sound disc - Hachette Audio
    When Kirsty Wilson lands a room in a luxury Glasgow flat owned by Swedish fellow student Eva Magnusson she can't believe her luck. But Kirsty's delight turns to terror when she finds the beautiful Swedish girl lying dead in their home and their male flatmate accused of her murder. Kirsty refuses to accept that he is guilty and, inspired by family friend Detective Superintendent Lorimer, sets out to clear his name.
  • Cover scan of Swim Until You Can't See Land
    Swim Until You Can't See Land
    Catriona Child - Hardback - Luath Press
    In her early 20s, Hannah Wright is forced to give up a promising career as a professional swimmer, and is adjusting with difficulty to her narrowed horizons. She is in danger of becoming embittered, haunted by a lost future. Mariele may now be frail and old, but as her exploits during WW2 unfold, she is revealed as a woman of extraordinary spirit, unbroken by capture and interrogation as an agent in occupied France. Hannah's delight in the medium of water and the rhythms of swimming are set in dramatic counterpoint to Mariele's of torture by water, an ordeal that puts her in touch with her core strength - something Hannah starts to discover in herself.
  • Cover scan of Scotland's Railways
    Scotland's Railways: East Coast Berwick To Inverness
    John Christopher - Paperback - Amberley
    Bradshaw's guides were published in the 1860s when rail travel was still in its infancy. They give the reader a unique insight into the new world of the Victorian railways, recording the sights to be seen in the southeastern counties of England, and the towns and cities encountered along the way. His original account is annotated and accompanied by contemporary images as well as new photography of the same journey today.
  • Cover scan of Sufism In The Contemporary Arabic Novel
    Sufism In The Contemporary Arabic Novel
    Ziad Elmarsafy - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume contains close readings of nine contemporary Arab novelists who use Sufism as a literary strategy.

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