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  • Cover scan of Scottish Urban Legends
    Scottish Urban Legends: The Black Flag Of Loch Maree And Other Stories
    Grace Banks - Paperback - The History Press
    Monsters, lunatics, vampires, werewolves, evil dolls and suicide dogs, stones entombing bodies, faces appearing in walls, curses and meetings with the devil - all this and more are contained within this book of Scottish urban legends.
  • Cover scan of Shadows Of Death
    Shadows Of Death
    Jeanne M. Dams - Paperback - Severn House Paperbacks
    Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, go to Orkney in Scotland to see some intriguing Stone Age excavations. When the donor of the dig is found murdered, Dorothy and Alan launch an unofficial investigation into the murder.
  • Cover scan of Showdown
    Showdown: The Inside Story Of The Gleneagles Ryder Cup
    Iain Carter - Hardback - Elliott and Thompson
    Iain Carter tells the inside story of an enthralling contest: from the build-up, including the appointment of both captains and the assembly of their teams, through to the dramas of the week at Gleneagles.
  • Cover scan of Saint Andrew
    Saint Andrew: Scotland's Saint Revealed
    Michael Turnbull - Paperback - NWP
    This work brings the story of the country's Patron Saint bang-up-to-date and incorporates many of the opinions of Scotland's most influential people as well as worldwide reports from the many Scots who celebrate Saint Andrew's Day on 30th November.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Self-Directed Support: Personalisation, Choice And Control
    Charlotte Pearson - Paperback - Dunedin Academic
    Successive governments have promoted a shift towards personalisation as part of a wider focus to develop local care markets and to facilitate enhanced choice and control in service provision. In Scotland, this has been pursued through new legislation for self-directed supported, As the new policy is introduced local authorities and providers face challenges in transforming social care. The authors examine some of the key themes and debates emerging from the implementation of this policy.
  • Cover scan of A Soldier's Best Friend
    A Soldier's Best Friend: The Canine Heroes Of Afghanistan
    Stephen Paul Stewart - Hardback - Sandstone Press
    Military working dogs are a crucial yet overlooked part of Britain's fighting forces in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Many of them are rescue animals, neglected or mistreated by their owners before being given a new lease of life on the front line. Through in-depth interviews, unparalleled access to army sources and frontline reportage, journalist Stephen Stewart tells the dogs' gripping - and emotional - stories.
  • Cover scan of The Sunlit Summit
    The Sunlit Summit
    Robin Lloyd-Jones - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    William Hutchison Murray was one of Scotland's most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War. As a prisoner of war in Italy he wrote his first classic book, 'Mountaineering in Scotland', on rough toilet paper which was confiscated and destroyed by the Gestapo. The rewritten version was published in 1947 and followed by the, now, equally famous, 'Undiscovered Scotland'. This book profiles the life of this most noteworthy individual.
  • Cover scan of Sustainable Society
    Sustainable Society: Making Business, Government And Money Work Again
    Rudolf Isler - Paperback - Floris Books
    Western society has faced many challenges in the last few years. Economies have come under extreme pressure, and so have governments and business, with obvious knock-on effects for wider society. The battle between regulation and the free market has never been fiercer. Looking for guidance and sustainable ways to get society back on track, Rudolf Isler considers ideas from unorthodox thinkers including Silvio Gesell, Henry George, and Rudolf Steiner, exploring everything from regional currencies to land reform.
  • Cover scan of Slim Jim
    Slim Jim: Simply The Best
    Tom Miller - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Jim Baxter was one of Scotland's greatest-ever football players, a left-footed wonder who became a Rangers icon and a leading member of the celebrated Scotland side of the 1960s. In this insightful biography, Tom Miller takes an in-depth look at the legend known as Slim Jim.
  • Cover scan of Scotland The Best
    Scotland - The Best 100 Places: 100 Places
    Peter Irvine - Hardback - Collins
    Peter Irvine has selected 100 of his favourite places for this photographic book celebrating Scotland at its most beautiful. Images have been selected from some of Scotland's best photographers, capturing the stunning scenery and landscape of the country.

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