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    The United Trinity: The Remarkable Story Of Best, Law And Charlton
    David Meek - Paperback - Simon & Schuster
    When George Best, a dark-haired skinny teenager from Belfast, made his United debut in the autumn of 1963, he was joining a club still recovering from the horrors of Munich. Among his team-mates were goalscorer supreme Denis Law and England midfielder Bobby Charlton. Together they would combine to help United to win two league titles and a long-awaited European Cup as the Reds came to personify all that was most exciting about the Swinging Sixties. Having reported on their entire careers together, Meek has a unique insight into what made Best, Law and Charlton stand out as the truly special players they were.
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    Under The Wide And Starry Sky: A Novel
    Nancy Horan - Paperback - Two Roads
    At the age of 35, Fanny van de Grift Osbourne has left her philandering husband in San Francisco to set sail for Belgium to study art, with her three children and nanny in tow. Not long after her arrival, however, tragedy strikes, and Fanny and her brood repair to a quiet artists' colony in France where she can recuperate. There she meets Robert Louis Stevenson, ten years her junior, who is instantly smitten with the earthy, independent, and opinionated belle Americaine. A woman ahead of her time, Fanny does not immediately take to the young lawyer who longs to devote his life to literature rather than the law. In time, though, she succumbs to Stevenson's charms, and the two begin a fierce love affair - marked by intense joy and harrowing darkness that spans decades as they travel the world for the sake of his health following their art and dreams eventually settling in Samoa.
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    Up And Away!
    - Boards - Scholastic
    This colourful board book, is packed with noisy vehicles zooming across the sky. Pre-school children will love turning the chunky shaped pages and discovering a roaring aeroplane, a whirring helicopter, a soaring hot air balloon, a whooshing parachute and a speeding rocket.
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    Using Yoga Therapeutically: A Journey Through The Basic Systems Of The Body
    Sherry Brourman - Paperback - Handspring
    This book introduces and expands understanding of yoga therapy as a problem solver. Teachers/therapists will be able to choose and teach comprehensive solutions using explicit yoga sequencing for multi-layered health conditions originated structurally. The ten chosen postures presented provide a template for any number of asanas used by the teacher/therapist. The book will enable yoga teachers/therapists and physical therapists to determine the underlying issues with regards to posture, movement patterns, discomfort and pain.
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    The Unexpected Visitor
    Alan Windram - Pbk. + CD - Little Door
    Mac and his dog Bob are so excited: the circus is in town. But first there are lots of jobs to be done on the farm. Whats this? There's something strange happening, the animals are all in panic and Bob is about to find out that an unexpected visitor has come to the farm today.
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    Unlucky For Some
    Jill McGown - Paperback - Bello
    Faced with a series of random killings and an increasingly threatening press, Lloyd and Hill, still learning to cope with the personal challenges of marriage, an energetic two year old daughter, and a live-in mother-in-law, must tackle their most difficult professional challenge yet.
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    Uneventful: The Rise Of Photography
    Jeffrey R. Gates - Paperback - MuseumsEtc
  • Cover scan of Under Wildwood

    Under Wildwood
    Colin Meloy - Paperback - Canongate Books
    Ever since Prue McKeel returned home from the Impassable Wilderness after rescuing her brother from the malevolent Dowager Governess, life has been pretty dull. Her mind is constantly returning to the verdant groves and sky-tall trees of Wildwood, where her friend Curtis still remains as a bandit-in-training. But all is not well in that world. A hard winter has come and discord reigns in the wake of the so-called Bicycle Coup. Under a growing threat, Prue is drawn back into Wildwood, where she and Curtis will face their greatest challenge yet: to save themselves and the lives of their friends, and to bring unity to a divided country.
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    The UN's Lone Ranger: Combating International Wildlife Crime
    John M. Sellar - Paperback - Whittles Publishing
    John M. Sellar provides an overview and insight into the organised and sophisticated nature of international wildlife crime and its impact upon species and society. He explains why several of the world's most iconic species may soon become extinct because of crime, why the current response is inadequate and why it should not be too difficult to alter the prognosis. He also examines why natural resource exploitation has become one of the world's most significant organized crime activities.
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    UK In Maps
    - Paperback - Collins
    A multi-topic atlas of the UK, introducing the most relevant topics to reflect the Geography Key Stage 2-3 requirements of the National Curriculum.

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