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  • Cover scan of Wriggle And Roar!

    Wriggle And Roar!
    Julia Donaldson - Paperback - Macmillan Children's
    Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt, this is a wonderful rhyme book full of action and noise - guaranteed to make kids love poetry!
  • Cover scan of What Ends

    What Ends
    Andrew Ladd - Paperback - Oneworld
    Set on a remote Scottish island, this is the compelling story of one family's struggle to cope with a vanishing way of life - and a challenge to those who would call that struggle progress.
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    Walker And Walker: The Law Of Evidence In Scotland
    Margaret L. Ross - Hardback - Bloomsbury
    The authors give a comprehensive and detailed examination of the law of evidence in the broadest of civil and criminal contexts. The emphasis is upon rigorous examination of the issues affecting all who work with the law of evidence whether in court, chamber practice or legal education.
  • Cover scan of The William McGonagall Companion

    The William McGonagall Companion
    Chris Hunt - Paperback - Amberley
    A illustrated companion to the life and work of William McGonagall, author of 'The Tay Bridge Disaster' and widely regarded as the worst poet in English literature.
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    With Wellington In The Peninsular: The Adventures Of A Highland Soldier, 1808-1814
    - Hardback - Frontline Books
    Few men from the 71st Highland Light Infantry who sailed from Cork with Wellington to Portugal in 1808 returned to the Irish port six years later. The author of this book was one of the survivors and claims only four other men from his company came through the entire six years with him. As one of Wellington's elite Light Infantry units the 71st were in the fore of the fighting in some of the hardest fought battles of the Peninsular War. The book was controversial on its release in 1827 for its unvarnished and unsentimental account of the grim war against the French in Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and France itself. A cynic with a highly developed sense of humour, the author was not afraid to criticise his superiors, be they thieving sergeants or officers who were far from gentlemen.
  • Cover scan of What's The Time, Mr Wolf?

    What's The Time, Mr Wolf?
    Debi Gliori - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    What's the time, Mr Wolf? It's story time with Debi Gliori! Join Mr Wolf from breakfast to bedtime and see that he's really not that big and bad after all. Have fun spotting your favourite nursery rhyme characters - from Little Red Riding Hood to Three Little Pigs.
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    The Walk Home
    Rachel Seiffert - Paperback - Virago
    Stevie comes from a long line of people who have cut and run. Just like he has. Stevie's been to London, taught himself to get by, and now he's working as a labourer not so far from his childhood home in Glasgow. But he's not told his family - what's left of them - that he's back. Not yet.
  • Cover scan of The World's End Murders
    The World's End Murders: The Final Chapter
    Tom Wood - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is an account of the murder of two young Edinburgh women, Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, who died in October 1977 and of the 30 year investigation that followed which eventually led to links to their deaths with Angus Sinclair, one of Scotland's most notorious murderers and sex offenders.
  • Cover scan of Walking In The Southern Uplands

    Walking In The Southern Uplands: 44 Best Hill Days In Southern Scotland
    Ronald Turnbull - Paperback - Cicerone
    This guide offers 44 routes stretching right across the Southern Uplands of Scotland, from Merrick and the Galloway Hills in the west to Arthur's Seat and the River Tweed in the east.
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    What Lot's Wife Saw
    Iò„anna Bourazopoulou - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    It has been 40 centuries since Sodom and Gomorrah and the world has changed beyond measure. By the shores of the Dead Sea the earth has opened up and mysterious violet salts have sprung up and changed everything. The geography of the continents has changed, the Mediterranean Sea has swallowed half of Europe and the addictive violet salt controls the new world. It is the new Sodom and Gomorrah and in the Colony which controls the salt there are hidden secrets which only Phileas Book can uncover. And on a night quite different from the rest, Phileas will be called to solve the most important riddle of his life.

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