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  • Cover scan of We Might As Well Win
    We Might As Well Win: On The Road To Success With The Mastermind Behind A Record-Setting Eight Tour De France Victories
    Johan Bruyneel - Hardback - Mainstream
    In 1998, former pro cyclist Johan Bruyneel backed a struggling rider to win the Tour de France. With Bruyneel as his team director, Lance Armstrong won a record seven straight victories. Then, in 2007 Bruyneel put won again with a new team. In this book, Bruyneel reflects candidly on his career so far.
  • Cover scan of Where Three Roads Meet
    Where Three Roads Meet
    Salley Vickers - Paperback - Canongate
    At the end of his life, an old man waits in his office for a stranger to arrive. Over the next few weeks, Teiresias will visit again, making his way across the heath to relate the story of his life. As these two men sit together in front of a roaring fire, a remarkable tale unfolds.
  • Cover scan of Wilderness Dreams
    Wilderness Dreams: The Call Of Scotland's Last Wild Places
    Mike Cawthorne - Paperback - In Pinn
    This is a moving and inspirational set of eight essays on the meaning and future of Scotland's last wilderness areas. It charts intriguing and thought-provoking journeys through the remotest parts of Scotland, from a canoe trip down the River Dee to an epic climb of all the Munros.
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    What Is Philosophy?: An Introduction
    Alistair Sinclair - Paperback - Dunedin
    This title provides a short but comprehensive view of the whole field of philosophy. The question 'what is philosophy?' is answered in a forthright and unique way.
  • Cover scan of West Over Sea
    West Over Sea
    Daphne Desiree Charlotte Pochin Mould - Paperback - Acair
    The author recounts her travels in the Hebrides during the 1940s, including some of their most remote areas.
  • Cover scan of West Highland Tales
    West Highland Tales
    Fitzroy Maclean - Paperback - Birlinn
    'West Highland Tales' is an anthology that features such tales as Deirdre of the Sorrows, showing the influence of the Irish tradition and a range of ghost stories, love stories, hilarious and candid, bawdy tales and tales of warriors .
  • Cover scan of We Shall Not Sleep
    We Shall Not Sleep
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline Review
    October 1918 on the Western Front. Despite four years of facing the horror of the trenches nothing could have prepared Chaplain Joseph Reavley for the sight of Sarah Price's mutilated body lying discarded outside the operating tent. Outraged, Joseph will do whatever it takes to bring the young nurse's murderer to justice.
  • Cover scan of The World According To Bertie
    The World According To Bertie
    Alexander McCall Smith - Compact Disc - Hachette Audio
    'The World According To Bertie' is the fourth in the series and revolves around the many colourful characters that come and go at No. 44 Scotland Street. McCall Smith handles the characters with his customary charm and deftness.
  • Cover scan of The World According To Bertie
    The World According To Bertie: A 44 Scotland Street Novel
    Alexander McCall Smith - Paperback - Abacus
    In the fourth book in the series, all is not well among the residents of 44 Scotland Street. Angus's dog is under threat of execution and pretty, indecisive Pat and hopeless romantic Matthew are on the verge of making a terrible mistake.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Ian Rankin - Hardback - Little, Brown
    Miles is a spy. He wants, just for once, not to botch a case. Given one last chance for redemption, he is sent to Belfast, which quickly becomes a flight of terror, murder and shocking discoveries. But can he survive in a world of violent action?

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