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  • Cover scan of Westward Ho!
    Westward Ho!
    Charles Kingsley - Hardback - Birlinn
    Beginning in the fictional seaport of Bideford Quay in Devon during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Charles Kingsley's monumental novel follows the fortunes of Amyas Leigh, a young man who sets sail on a life of adventure on the high seas.
  • Cover scan of Who Belongs To Glasgow?
    Who Belongs To Glasgow?
    Mary Edward - Paperback - Luath
    An essential insight into the historical background of Glasgow's migrant groups, this book looks at the many people from across the globe who now call Scotland's largest city home.
  • Cover scan of The Wind In The Willows
    The Wind In The Willows
    Kenneth Grahame - Compact Disc - Puffin Audiobooks
    On the river bank Mole meets the Water Rat, and stays with him in his snug waterside home where the river laps at the sill of the window. Here he meets Ratty's friends: Badger, who lives in the Wild Wood, Otter, and the incorrigible Toad of Toad Hall.
  • Cover scan of The Wind In The Willows
    The Wind In The Willows
    Anne Collins - Paperback - Penguin
  • Cover scan of White Rabbit With Yellow Flower And Other Animals
    White Rabbit With Yellow Flower And Other Animals
    Madeline Munro - Paperback - Whareama
    From a love of words, flowers, birds and animals, the author has created a volume of short poems that will inspire thoughts about irrational attitudes to our fellow creatures.
  • Cover scan of We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
    We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
    James Meek - Hardback - Canongate
    With all the explosive drama of 'The People's Act of Love', James Meek's novel spans continents and cultures. It is a timeless tale of folly and the pursuit of love, set against the incendiary politics of our time.
  • Cover scan of When To Walk
    When To Walk
    Rebecca Gowers - Paperback - Canongate
    City living's not all it's cracked up to be. Not when you're stuck at home writing articles on foreign travel and the furthest trip you've made in months is to the shop down the street. Then your no-good husband interrupts your research to declare your marriage is dead.
  • Cover scan of The Way I See It
    The Way I See It
    Nicole Dryburgh - Paperback - Hodder Children's
    By the age of 18, Nicole Dryburgh has survived cancer and a brain haemorrhage. Blind and mainly confined to a wheelchair, Nicole is wholehearted and positive, whether she is studying, fund-raising or hanging out with her friends. Nicole's diary of the last four years is the triumphant story of a refusal to give up hope.
  • Cover scan of The Water Horse

    The Water Horse
    Dick King-Smith - Compact Disc - BBC Audiobooks
    A storm has washed up a strange object, which Kirstie takes home. The next day it has hatched into a tiny creature. The baby sea monster soon becomes the family pet, but the trouble is, he just won't stop growing.
  • Cover scan of War Child
    War Child: A Story Of Survival
    Juliet Lac - Paperback - Mainstream
    This is a remarkable and inspirational story of a war child's fight first for survival in the devastated landscape of Vietnam and then for acceptance in the affluent West.

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