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  • Cover scan of The Witch's Dog And The Treasure Map
    The Witch's Dog And The Treasure Map
    Frank Rodgers - Paperback - Puffin
    Wilf, the witch's dog, is playing a pirate in the school musical. But when Sly Cat and Tricky Toad find a treasure map and cast a spell on it, Wilf and his friends find themselves face-to-face with some real pirates. Will they all have to walk the plank, or can Wilf come up with an idea to save them?
  • Cover scan of War And Nation In The Theatre Of Shakespeare And His Contemporaries
    War And Nation In The Theatre Of Shakespeare And His Contemporaries
    Simon Barker - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This original study explores a vital aspect of early-modern cultural history: the way that warfare is represented in the theatre of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
  • Cover scan of Window For A Small Blue Child
    Window For A Small Blue Child
    Gerrie Fellows - Paperback - Carcanet
    A poignant collection, 'Window for a Small Blue Child' tells the story of one forty-something woman's experiences of infertility and IVF. Gerrie Fellows reveals the reality of the contemporary IVF fairy tale: its scans and procedures, labs and Petri dishes, which may or may not cradle a future child.
  • Cover scan of Witchcraft And Belief In Early Modern Scotland
    Witchcraft And Belief In Early Modern Scotland
    - Hardback - Palgrave Macmillan
    This collection concentrates on witchcraft beliefs rather than witch-hunting. It ranges widely across areas of popular belief, culture and ritual practice, as well as dealing with intellectual life and incorporating regional and comparative elements.
  • Cover scan of Whispers In The Graveyard
    Whispers In The Graveyard
    Theresa Breslin - Paperback - Egmont
    Solomon struggles with his dyslexia both at home and at school. He finds refuge among the stones of an old graveyard in the shadow of a rowan tree, the only thing growing there. But then workmen uproot the tree and a disturbing power is released. Has an ancient evil been disturbed?
  • Cover scan of The Wasp Factory
    The Wasp Factory
    Iain Banks - Compact Disc - Hachette Audio
    Frank, no ordinary 16-year-old, lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village. His elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital. When news comes of Eric's escape, Frank has to prepare the ground for his brother's inevitable return.
  • Cover scan of Wheels Around Skye And Lochalsh
    Wheels Around Skye And Lochalsh
    Robert Grieves - Paperback - Stenlake
    Highlights in this book include the 1920s Dunvegan Bus Service and The Portree Motor Coach Company.
  • Cover scan of Where Three Roads Meet
    Where Three Roads Meet
    Salley Vickers - Hardback - Canongate
    At the end of his life, an old man waits in his office for a stranger to arrive. Over the next few weeks, Teiresias will visit again, making his way across the heath to relate the story of his life. As these two men sit together in front of a roaring fire, a remarkable tale unfolds.
  • Cover scan of The Well-Tempered Clavier
    The Well-Tempered Clavier: Based On A True Story
    William Coles - Paperback - Legend
    Set at Eton College against the backdrop of the Falklands War, this novel tells the story of a torrid, intensely-emotional love affair which develops between schoolboy Kim and his 23-year-old female piano teacher.
  • Cover scan of Will
    Christopher Rush - Hardback - Beautiful
    Christopher Rush's novel takes as its dramatic theme the deathbed meeting between William Shakespeare and his lawyer, as they meet to set out his final will and testament. As he answers his lawyer's questions, the Bard begins to recall his life.

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