Ghosts At Cockcrow

Stewart Conn

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Stewart Conn is one of Scotland's leading poets. This new book includes many poems written during his three years as Edinburgh's first Poet Laureate.

In the title-sequence, Ghosts at Cockcrow - set in Burgundy - he reflects on the transience of beauty and the vulnerability of our lives. But whether revelling in landscape or cities, or marvelling at the durability of love, Stewart Conn's tone is always affirmative. He celebrates the affections, and observes the passage of time, often through works of art. And he conjures up - exhilaratingly and often with wry humour - settings as diverse as museums and stage sets, trout-lochs and mountain slopes, Barcelona's Ramblas and Edinburgh's Royal Mile.


  • "The title Ghosts at Cockcrow captures the precarious beauty of Conn's work, its departures and beginnings, its lingerings and resurrections … his almost trademark filigree assonances and half rhymes, wry asides and sudden details." STUART KELLY, Scotland on Sunday
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ISBN: 9781852246860
Publisher: Bloodaxe
Publication Date:
15 February 2005
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 96 p.

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