If You're Reading This, I'm Already Dead

Andrew Nicoll

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'I want people to know how Otto Witte, acrobat of Hamburg, became the crowned king of Albania.'

Otto Witte is an old man. The Allies are raining bombs on his city and, having narrowly escaped death, he has come home to his little caravan to drink what remains of his coffee (dust) and wait for the inevitable. Convinced that he will not see the sunrise, he decides to write the story of his life for the poor soul who finds what's left of him come the morning. And it's quite a story. Years earlier, when he was in either Buda or Pest, working at the circus, a dear friend brought him the newspaper. Inside was an article about how Albania was looking for a particular Turkish prince, because the country was in need of a new king. This Turkish prince is the image of Otto... A plan is formed; adventure, disaster, love and sheer, unabashed hope await.

If You're Reading This, I'm Already Dead is a joy to read; accomplished and full of the warmth, honesty and lightness of touch for which Andrew Nicoll is known and loved.

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ISBN: 9780857384935
Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date:
26 April 2012
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 422 p.

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