In A Room Darkened

Kevin Williamson

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"If I was asked to describe these poems in a sentence or two I'd try and find something else to do, such as cleaning out the bottom of the fridge or drilling a hole in the top of my head. These poems are just a jumble of stolen fragments from the people and the music and the literature and the ideas and the cultures and the histories and the friendships and the inside of a thick skull and a thin skin with cameo roles from George Best, Karl Marx, John Coltrane, Norman MacCaig, Robert the Bruce, Tom Leonard, Art Pepper, Walt Disney, Stuart Christie, The Duke of Sutherland, and Hibernian FC." - Kevin Williamson

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Book Details

ISBN: 9781906120078
Publisher: Two Ravens
Publication Date:
15 October 2007
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 96 p.

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