Jack Vettriano

Studio Life

Tom Rawstorne

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Jack is one of the UK's most popular, and yet most controversial, artists working today. His pictures sell for a record amount of money, the paintings in his exhibitions are always sold out before the opening and the Singing Butler made history for being the most expensive painting by a Scottish living artist ever to be sold at auction. (And surely the same painting is one of the world's most replicated fine art images?) Here, for the first time, we get up close and personal with Jack in the studio. We see how he works in his studios in Scotland, London and Nice and we see the new paintings for his upcoming show in 2006. We also analyse Jack's point of view, examining reoccurring themes in his paintings - women's naked backs, the artist in the picture, his black periods. This is a book to delight his fans and friends (and maybe poke a stick at his enemies).

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Book Details

ISBN: 9781862057432
Publisher: Pavilion
Publication Date:
28 March 2008
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 159 p.

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