Killing The Messenger

Christopher Wallace

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It's the near future and a beleaguered UK Prime Minister resigns, making way for a surprise and triumphal return by his charismatic predecessor. The nation's mental 'well-being' is placed at the top of the political agenda and the party's rising star, Dr Greig Hynd, is catapulted into high office to lead the flagship policy. Meanwhile advertising executive, Calum Begg, has stumbled on mass communication techniques whose extraordinary results promise unlimited power to anyone ruthless enough to use them. One man will take that risk and another will sacrifice everything to try and stop him. Award-winning author, Christopher Wallace, uses his insider's knowledge of government advertising to create a wholly credible conspiracy, brilliantly satirising those who serve power and those who pursue it.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9780956613509
Publisher: Freight
Publication Date:
19 September 2011
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 288 p.

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