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  • Cover scan of The Causal Angel

    The Causal Angel
    Hannu Rajaniemi - Hardback - Gollancz
    Hannu Rajaniemi is from Finland and has a PhD in String Theory. He has lived, taught and worked in Edinburgh for the last seven years where he was a member of the high profile writing group that also included Hal Duncan and Alan Campbell.
  • Cover scan of Columba's Iona
    Columba's Iona: A New History
    Rosalind K. Marshall - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    May 2013 marked 1450 years since the arrival on Iona of Columba, the imperious Irishman who founded its famous monastery and became Scotland's best known Celtic saint. The author charts the many developments on the island throughout the centuries, investigating why it has had such an enduring influence on Scottish life.
  • Cover scan of The Dark Horse
    The Dark Horse
    Rumer Godden - Paperback - Virago
    Dark Invader is a beautifully bred racehorse, but after a disappointing first season he is sold in disgrace and shipped from England to Calcutta. With love and gentle handling 'Darkie' wins the hearts of the people and becomes the firm favourite for India's most famous race, the Viceroy Cup. But three days before the race Dark Invader disappears. Can he be found before it is too late?
  • Cover scan of Daunderlust
    Daunderlust: Dispatches From Unreported Scotland
    Peter Ross - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    A selection of the best of Peter Ross's weekly articles from around Scotland. They provide a portrait of a changing nation and cover some of the less well-known aspects of the country including the latex-clad patrons of a fetish club as well as the more familiar, such as the painters of the Forth Rail Bridge.
  • Cover scan of An Episode Of Sparrows
    An Episode Of Sparrows
    Rumer Godden - Paperback - Virago
    Someone has dug up the private garden in the Square and taken buckets of dirt, and Miss Angela Chesney of the Garden Committee is sure that a gang of boys from Catford Street must be to blame. Angela's sister Olivia isn't so sure. She wonders why the neighbourhood children - the 'sparrows' she sometimes watches from her window - have to be locked out of the garden: don't they have a right to enjoy the place too? But nobody has any idea what sends neighbourhood waif Lovejoy Mason and her few friends in search of 'good garden earth'. Still less do they imagine where their investigation will lead them - to a struggling restaurant, a bombed-out church, and, at the heart of it all, a hidden garden.
  • Cover scan of In The Cairngorms

    In The Cairngorms
    Nan Shepherd - Hardback - Galileo
    Hill-walking was Shepherd's great love; her single collection of poetry 'In the Cairngorms' expresses an intensity of deep kinship with nature. They are poems written with the perception of one who has climbed the mountains and truly knows them.
  • Cover scan of Mary Queen Of Scots
    Mary Queen Of Scots: A Study Of The Lennox Narrative In The University Library At Cambridge
    R. H. Mahon - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    Originally published in 1924, this book presents a historical study of Mary Queen of Scots and the Lennox Narrative.
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    October: A Novel
    Zoe╠ł Wicomb - Hardback - The New Press
    Abandoned by her partner, Mercia Murray rturns home to South Africa after 25 years to find her family overwhelmed by alcoholism and secrets. 'October' is a stark, compelling novel about the contemporary experience of an intelligent immigrant, adrift among her memories and facing an uncertain middle age.
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    A Passion For Glass: The Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole Private Collection
    - Hardback - NMS
    Dan Klein and Alan J. Poole began collecting in the late 1970s and over the subsequent thirty years assembled on the most comprehensive collections of modern British and Irish glass. The exquisite pieces include work by over 100 makers at the very cutting edge of their art.
  • Cover scan of Peril On The Royal Train
    Peril On The Royal Train
    Edward Marston - Paperback - Allison & Busby
    1858. The driver and fireman of a goods train are speeding along near the Scottish border. As they take a sharp bend, they can see that the track ahead has been ripped up. There is no way to avert disaster. Inspector Colbeck and Sergeant Leeming are sent north to investigate.

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