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  • Cover scan of The Witch Of Clatteringshaws

    The Witch Of Clatteringshaws
    Joan Aiken - Paperback - Red Fox
    Malise, the Witch of Clatteringshaws lives in a disused Ladies Convenience at the end of a coach park in Caledonia. Down in London, Simon Battersea has inherited the throne of England and although accompanied by his friend Dido he is not happy with his lot. On hearing that the Witch may be able to help her, Dido departs to Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Women's Liberation Movement In Scotland
    The Women's Liberation Movement In Scotland
    Sarah F. Browne - Hardback - Manchester University Press
    This is the first book-length account of the women's liberation movement in Scotland, which, using documentary evidence and oral testimony, charts the origins and development of this important social movement of the post-1945 period. In doing so, it reveals the inventiveness and fearlessness of feminist activism, while also pointing towards the importance of considering the movement from the local and grassroots perspectives, presenting a more optimistic account of the enduring legacy of women's liberation.
  • Cover scan of Fred A. Farrell
    Fred A. Farrell: Glasgow's War Artist
    - Paperback - I.B. Tauris
    As a former soldier, Fred A. Farrell's sketches and watercolours of the Front powerfully offer a landscape filtered through personal experience and emotion. This book examines, for the first time, his unique and vivid records of war.
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    In The Sky The Larks Still Sing
    Lindsay Inkster - Paperback - Black Devon
    Here, life becomes anxious as World War One draws near. This novel shows up the joys and sorrows of life in homes across Scotland from Shetland to the mainland. These contrast with life with the stench, mud and dangers of trenches and battle noise.
  • Cover scan of Sheriffmuir 1715
    Sheriffmuir 1715
    Stuart Reid - Hardback - Frontline Books
    'Sheriffmuir 1715' is the military history of a doomed Jacobite rising in Scotland, which enjoyed far more public support and arguably far more chance of success than Bonnie Prince Charlie's attempt 30 years later. Unlike the '45, the uprising which culminated in the brutal battle of Sheriffmuir was very much a Scottish affair, fought without either French troops or assistance, and unashamedly aimed at reversing the hated Union with England and re-asserting Scotland's independence. However, in this study, a completely fresh look is taken at the campaign, while the battle is reassessed in the light of a thorough knowledge of the ground and the armies which fought there.
  • Cover scan of A Shipyard At War

    A Shipyard At War
    Ian Johnston - Hardback - Seaforth Publishing
    With lengthy and informative captions, this book is a vivid portrait of a lost industry at the height of its success.
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    175 Progress Drive
    Mumia Abu-Jamal - Book with sound disc - AK Press
    A collection of audio essays spanning Mumia's career, all on CD for the first time. Some are new, including one on the 2000 Presidential Elections, some are newly released from the NPR archive and some are classic vintage recordings from his days as a freeworld radio journalist, including his classic interviews with Bob Marley, Hugh Masekela, Ruby Dee and his coverage of the conflicts between MOVE and the Philadelphia police.
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    2/15: The Day The World Said No To War
    Connie Koch - Hardback - AK Press
    February 15 marked the biggest global peace demonstration in history, when 30 million people around the globe protested against an imminent US-led war with Iraq. As international and diverse as the demonstrations themselves, the book's photos reveal opinions and questions beyond the war protest and expose some of the most compelling images of the day.
  • Cover scan of The Case Against Israel

    The Case Against Israel
    Michael Neumann - Paperback - AK Press
    This title provides a measured but relentless assessment of the long struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. Neumann - the son of German Jewish refugees - argues that Zionism was responsible for the Middle East conflict and that Israel is responsible for its perpetuation. He emphasizes the fateful Zionist quest for Jewish sovereignty in Palestine, a quest that made violence inevitable and compromise impossible.
  • Cover scan of Donald Cammell

    Donald Cammell: A Life The Wild Side
    Rebecca A. Umland - Paperback - FAB Press
    Donald Cammell inspired a generation of filmmakers with his innovative approach and provocative subject matter, yet he completed only four movies during his life. He remains, after his suicide in 1996, one of the most intriguing figures in the cinematic firmament and one of the least familiar. This book includes a discussion of Cammell's early career in portraiture and a complete analysis of his films.

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