The Kitchen Assault Course For Men Who Can't Cook - Or Have Never Had To!

René La Sagne

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For many men the kitchen is a no man's land. Millions have been banned from the kitchen or have never faced the dangers that lurk there.

René La Sagne understands this fear. As a former French Foreign Legion Catering Corps chef, and now a celebrity restaurateur, René has frontline service in the kitchen (a command post and power base), and his book is a handbook of culinary combat skills.

With the kitchen decoded, men no longer need to starve in the field or be forced to exist on pre-packed rations or ever surrender to hunger again.

With this book you will be equipped to:

  • Make toast
  • boil an egg
  • blow your head off with curry
  • roast a whole pig
  • stew a squirrel
  • learn the secrets of "le boudin" and "the fifth quarter"
  • conjure up beef wellington
  • tickle a trout
  • go over the top with tiramisu and sorbet
  • dance the chocolate doorstep and dominate with crème brulée, attractive tarts, or a meringue.

Complete your objectives and enjoy your victory parade as the mysteries of cooking unfold. Your soufflés will rise, your mustards can be relished - the would could be your lemon posset.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9781849340007
Publisher: Waverley
Publication Date:
28 October 2010
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 192 p.

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