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  • Cover scan of Cry Uncle
    Cry Uncle
    Russel D. McLean - Hardback - Severn House
    Working undercover on behalf of the police, McNee's mission is to get close to aging gangster David Burns and uncover his secrets. In his role as Burns' new right hand man, he's expected to follow orders and get his hands dirty. But how far can he go before he crosses the line?
  • Cover scan of The House Of Puzzles
    The House Of Puzzles
    Richard Newsome - Paperback - Text
    If Gerald thought his term in a Scottish Highlands school camp was going to be all snow-covered heather and tartan rugs he couldn't have been more wrong. With Professor McElderry in the clutches of Gerald's nemesis Sir Mason Green and a seemingly impossible task required to save his life, the stakes are high and the heat is on.
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    The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback - Pulp! The Classics
    This dark psychological fantasy is more than a moral tale, it is also a product of its time, drawing on contemporary theories of class, evolution and criminality and the secret lives behind Victorian propriety, to create a unique form of urban Gothic.
  • Cover scan of Acting Suspiciously
    Acting Suspiciously: Another DJ Smith And Gorgonzola Mission
    Helen Mulgray - Paperback - Matador
    'Act It Out's' historic re-enactments from the life of Mary Queen of Scots are not all that they seem. Sites closely associated with that tragic queen are a cover for the distribution of drugs in central Scotland ...
  • Cover scan of Darke Mission
    Darke Mission
    Scott Caladon - Paperback - Matador
    The British government is secretly bankrupt. There is no money to pay the police, armed forces or NHS. J.J. Darke, lone parent and Scottish ex-intelligence officer, is blackmailed by an unscrupulous politician into stealing North Korea's gold bullion to plug Britain's catastrophic financial deficit and avoid widespread lawlessness.
  • Cover scan of Miss Daisy Conquers Britain
    Miss Daisy Conquers Britain
    Pamela Hunt - Paperback - Matador
    Miss Daisy, the curmudgeonly 1934 Austin, returns with another tale of exasperation and embarrassment as she reluctantly yet resolutely carries Her Ladyship and her dog Oscar, better known as The Asthmatic Barking Dog, all the way to John O'Groats, before turning south again.
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    National 5 & Higher English - Scottish Short Texts
    Willie McGuire - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    This text provides valuable advice on writing about the most popular Scottish poems and short stories from the lists of set texts published by the Scottish Qualifications Authority for National 5 and Higher English.
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    The Book Of Days
    Colin Will - Paperback - Red Squirrel
    Haibun is often a narrative of a journey, real or allegorical, and in this collection Colin Will writes of his travels, experiences, ideas and philosophy through the medium of haibun.
  • Cover scan of Dutch And Flemish Paintings
    Dutch And Flemish Paintings: Highlights From Glasgow's Collection
    - Paperback - Scala Arts & Heritage
    Glasgow Museums' collection of Dutch and Flemish art is explored for the first time here. Featuring 50 works - many of them the collection's highlights - the book is grouped thematically by people, places and objects, and sheds light on the major trends in Dutch and Flemish painting.
  • Cover scan of The Father
    The Father
    Tom Ogden Keenan - Paperback - McNidder & Grace
    Mental illness, alcohol abuse, and the tedium of pursuing typical killers, leave Sean Rooney a pathetic man, a failed forensic profiler, a bit of a loser and definitely retired. DCI Jacqueline Kaminski has other ideas. Faced with a multiple murder - and some headless corpses - she needs Rooney back on the case.

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