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  • Cover scan of A Pilgrim's Guide To The Camino Portugues
    A Pilgrim's Guide To The Camino Portugues: Lisboa, Porto, Santiago
    John Brierley - Paperback - Camino
    Updated to include newer maps and photos and weighing less to support carefree traveling, the latest edition in these comprehensive guidebooks to the Camino de Santiago and its offshoots contains all the information needed by modern-day pilgrims wishing to walk the sacred Way of Saint James. Overview route planners plus all 23 daily stage maps and detailed town plans help sojourners with as much advance preparation as they need.
  • Cover scan of Postman Bear
    Postman Bear
    Julia Donaldson - NH - Macmillan Children's
    Deep in the heart of Acorn Wood, Bear is writing letters to his friends. Lift the flaps and join Frog, Squirrel and Mole for Bear's special surprise!
  • Cover scan of Rabbit's Nap
    Rabbit's Nap
    Julia Donaldson - NH - Macmillan Children's
    With rhyming text, a colourful cast of animal characters and traditional stories, 'Tales from Acorn Wood' is a series that features flaps that the very youngest of readers can lift to participate in the story.
  • Cover scan of Solomon Crocodile
    Solomon Crocodile
    Catherine Rayner - Boards - Macmillan Children's
    Poor Solomon is looking for some fun, but no-one wants to play. The dragonflies tell him to buzz off, the storks get in a flap, and the hippo? Well, the less said about the hippo, the better! But then somebody else starts causing trouble - and for once it is not Solomon.
  • Cover scan of Trying Not To Try
    Trying Not To Try: The Ancient Art Of Effortlessness And The Surprising Power Of Spontaneity
    Edward G. Slingerland - Paperback - Canongate
    Why is it hard to fall asleep the night before an important meeting? Or be charming and relaxed on a first date? What is it about a comedian whose jokes fall flat or an athlete who chokes? In all these cases, spontaneity is elusive. In 'Trying Not to Try', Edward Slingerland shows us how we can harness its power and become more effective. We've long been told that the way to achieve our goals is through careful reasoning and conscious effort, but recent research suggests that many aspects of a satisfying life are best pursued indirectly. Through stories of mythical creatures and drunken cart riders, jazz musicians and Japanese motorcycle gangs, Slingerland effortlessly blends Eastern thought and cutting-edge science to show us how we can embody a spontaneous way of being and live more fulfilling lives.
  • Cover scan of When Mr Dog Bites
    When Mr Dog Bites
    Brian Conaghan - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    Dylan Mint has Tourette's. His life is a constant battle to keep the bad stuff in - the swearing, the tics, the howling dog that seems to escape whenever he gets stressed. But a routine visit to the hospital changes everything. Overhearing a hushed conversation between the doctor and his mum, Dylan discovers that he's going to die in March. So he makes a list of things he must do before he dies: first, he wants to have real sex with gorgeous Michelle Malloy; second, he's got to find his autistic best friend Amir a new best bud; third, he's got to get his dad back home from the army so they can say goodbye properly. It's not a long list, but it's ambitious, and he doesn't have much time.
  • Cover scan of The Winter Horses
    The Winter Horses
    Philip Kerr - Paperback - Walker Books
    Set in Ukraine 1941, this book takes you through a journey of survival in the dark days of WWII. Based on true events, it captures the power of sacrifice, the endurance of the human spirit and the astonishing loyalty of animals.
  • Cover scan of The Gentleman Rogue
    The Gentleman Rogue
    Margaret McPhee - Hardback - Mills & Boon
  • Cover scan of The Prince She Never Forgot
    The Prince She Never Forgot
    Scarlet Wilson - Hardback - Mills & Boon
  • Cover scan of Kiss
    Kiss: A Heart-Warming Book Of Giving
    Jonathan Litton - Boards - Little Tiger Kids
    Join little Bear and his friends in this heart-warming book of giving. Bright artwork, finger-holes and a cheerful rhyming story make learning come alive!

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