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  • Cover scan of Traveller's Guide To Sacred Scotland

    Traveller's Guide To Sacred Scotland: A Guide To The Legends, Lore And Landscape Of Scotland's Sacred Places
    Marianna Lines - Paperback - Gothic Image
    The first guidebook to weave together the cultural, historical and spiritual aspects of this fascinating country, it will enhance the experience of the armchair traveller as well as any pilgrim to the ancient magical land of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Trouble On Cable Street
    Trouble On Cable Street
    Joan Lingard - Paperback - Catnip
    A powerful coming-of-age story with an evocative historical setting that brings the tensions of 1930s London vividly to life.
  • Cover scan of The West Highland Railway 120 Years
    The West Highland Railway 120 Years
    John A. McGregor - Paperback - Amberley
    Dr John McGregor takes a look at the line from its construction through to the present day, including the men who built it and ran it in the early days through the tourism and advertising that have always surrounded it to mishaps and maintenance.
  • Cover scan of The Witch Of Clatteringshaws

    The Witch Of Clatteringshaws
    Joan Aiken - Paperback - Red Fox
    Malise, the Witch of Clatteringshaws lives in a disused Ladies Convenience at the end of a coach park in Caledonia. Down in London, Simon Battersea has inherited the throne of England and although accompanied by his friend Dido he is not happy with his lot. On hearing that the Witch may be able to help her, Dido departs to Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Women's Liberation Movement In Scotland
    The Women's Liberation Movement In Scotland
    Sarah F. Browne - Hardback - Manchester University Press
    This is the first book-length account of the women's liberation movement in Scotland, which, using documentary evidence and oral testimony, charts the origins and development of this important social movement of the post-1945 period. In doing so, it reveals the inventiveness and fearlessness of feminist activism, while also pointing towards the importance of considering the movement from the local and grassroots perspectives, presenting a more optimistic account of the enduring legacy of women's liberation.
  • Cover scan of Arizona Gold

    Arizona Gold
    Sam Launius - Paperback - Aglu
    'Arizona Gold' was made during the summer of 2013 as an exercise in connecting the dots of pre-existing imagery across a sprawling metropolitan landscape. By tracing and retracing Tucson's surface street grid on bicycle just after sunrise, utilizing the seasonal AM 'golden hour' of comfortable temperature, aesthetic patterns began to emerge.
  • Cover scan of The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314

    The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314
    Leonard James - Paperback - Bretwalda
    A guidebook to the historic Battle of Bannockburn, the great triumph by Robert Bruce over Edward II of England that won independence for Scotland. The book is being released to mark the 700th anniversary of the battle and to coincide with the Scottish referendum on independence.
  • Cover scan of David Livingstone

    David Livingstone: Africa's Greatest Explorer
    Paul Bayly - Paperback - Fonthill Media
    In 1841, a 28-year-old Scottish missionary, David Livingstone, began the first of his exploratory treks into the African veldt. During the course of his lifetime, he covered over 29,000 miles uncovering what lay beyond rivers and mountain ranges where no other white man had ever been. Livingstone was the first European to make a trans-African passage from modern day Angola to Mozambique and he discovered and named numerable lakes, rivers and mountains. His explorations are still considered one of the toughest series of expeditions ever undertaken.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image

    Dementia Positive
    John Killick - Paperback - Luath Press
    This thought-provoking book challenges the assumptions that we are to remain helpless when concerned with dementia, incorporating interviews and opinions from those with the disease and their carers.
  • Cover scan of Frozen Charlotte

    Frozen Charlotte
    Alex Bell - Paperback - Stripes
    Sophie's quest to discover the truth about her best friend's death takes her to a remote Scottish island and the home of a family with secrets to hide. If she can't unravel the mystery soon, her best friend won't be the only person who meets an early grave.

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