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    Showdown: The Inside Story Of The Gleneagles Ryder Cup
    Iain Carter - Hardback - Elliott and Thompson
    Iain Carter tells the inside story of an enthralling contest: from the build-up, including the appointment of both captains and the assembly of their teams, through to the dramas of the week at Gleneagles.
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    The Wicked Ways Of Alexander Kidd
    Paula Quinn - Paperback - Forever
    As the sheltered niece of a Highland chief, Caitrina Grant longs for adventure beyond the lush hills of Scotland. So when a pirate ship glides into the loch, tempting her with promises of exotic lands and hidden treasures, Trina sneaks aboard. But she is unprepared for the consequences - and the seductive captain who demands the ultimate price for her deception.
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    Back Chat: Answering Christianity's Critics
    Christopher Sinkinson - Paperback - Christian Focus Publications
    A resource for debates on faith and agnosticism, 'Back Chat' is direct, informed and inspiring. The book provides a host of helpful thoughts and responses to a variety of topics, from items in the news to the big questions of life, including is this the God particle? Darwin's death bed conversation - truth or myth? Is God a moral monster? Is the Bible and immoral book?
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    Basil Of Caesarea: His Life And Impact
    Marvin D. Jones - Paperback - Christian Focus Publications
    Basil of Caesarea (329-379 AD) also known as Saint Basil the Great, was the Greek Bishop of Caesarea in what is now Turkey. He was an influential theologian and instrumental in the formation of the Nicene Creed, the most widely accepted and used concise statements of the Christian faith. An ability to balance his theological convictions with his political connections made him a powerful figure of his day. In addtion to his work as a theologian, Basil was known for his care of the poor and underprivileged. Marvin Jones offers this accessible biography of Saint Basil the Great.
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    The Best Secrets Of Scotland
    Michael Kerrigan - Hardback - Flame Tree
    North, South, East and West, Scotland is a land of contrasts, with towering mountain ranges, rolling hills, sandy white beaches, rushing rivers, wild moorland and glassy lochs. From its islands and highlands to its lowlands and coastline, the country contains some of Europe's most breathtaking scenery. This beautiful book features stunning photography of all the key sights of interest, and plenty of unusual ones too.
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    The Blinding Walk
    K. M. Ross - Hardback - Waywiser
    In the aftermath of a wholly unforeseen and deeply tragic turn of events, young Mel Seuchar strides along Longniddrie Beach in Edinburgh. He is trying to fit the broken pieces together. What really happened? How had it come about? He pictures himself and his friend Yehune; their flight out of New Zealand across the Asian continent and all the way to Europe; Mairi, the girl they met there. Stil the pieces won't fit, the story refuses to cohere.
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    CfE Higher Mathematics
    Linda Moon - Paperback - BrightRED Publishing
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive full-colour guide designed to take students through each stage of their studies and achieve the best possible results in the new CfE Higher Mathematics qualification.
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    Cities As Built And Lived Environments: Scholarship From Muslim Contexts, 1875 To 2011
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    From Tehran in Iran to Istanbul in Turkey, and from Herat in Afghanistan to Khartoum in Sudan, the rich diversity of the Muslim world is strikingly expressed through its myriad of cities. This reference volume presents over 200 abstracts of scholarship examining cities as both built and lived environments.
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    Deep Water
    Debi Gliori - Paperback - Corgi Children's
    The Strega-Borgia children are still reeling from the shock of their nanny's disappearance at the end of 'Deep Trouble'. Without Flora to look after them the kids are growing up fast. Indeed, Titus is in the throes of a deeply embarassing and magically accelerated puberty, while all around the usual chaos reigns.
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    A Delicate Wildness: The Life And Loves Of David Thomson, 1914-1988
    Julian Vignoles - Paperback - The Lilliput Press
    Thomson was a Scotsman who became an honorary Irishman, writer, folklorist and radio producer. His life took a fateful turn when, while a history student at Oxford, Thomson came to County Roscommon in the early 1930s as tutor to an Anglo-Irish family. He fell in love with the daughter of the house, became a farmer and 'went native', caught up in the history and landscape of counties Roscommon and Leitrim. He wrote his first book at 40, 'The People of the Sea', an exploration of seal lore. He went on to write 11 published works including autobiographical fiction, before turning to the genre in which he most excelled - memoir: 'Woodbrook', about his time in Ireland, is regarded as an Arcadian masterpiece and minor classic.

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