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  • Cover scan of Peterhead Porridge

    Peterhead Porridge: Tales From The Funny Side Of Scotland's Most Notorious Prison
    James Crosbie - Paperback - Black & White
    Behind the bars of Peterhead Prison, you'll find drugs, riots and fighting making the headlines, but there's also humour and stories aplenty as some of the most violent men in British crime do their time. Told by Britain's most wanted man in 1974, this is James Crosbie's insight into the other side of prison life.
  • Cover scan of Riding The Storm
    Riding The Storm: My Journey To The Brink And Back
    Duncan Bannatyne - Paperback - Random House Business
    'Riding the Storm' is a second volume of memoirs from Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne, the follow-up to his bestselling 'Anyone Can Do It'. This is an inspirational account of how Duncan survived personal and professional setbacks, including the break-up of his second marriage and the recession. It's a survival story full of insights into how he adapted his businesses and his life to new financial realities.
  • Cover scan of The Seduction Of Miss Amelia Bell

    The Seduction Of Miss Amelia Bell
    Paula Quinn - Paperback - Forever
    New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn who wrote 'Seduced By A Highlander' brings us 'The Seduction Of Miss Amelia Bell' part of 'The MacGregors' Scottish romance series about the MacGregor clan.
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    Och Aye The Noo Wave: The Preposterous Story Of Postcard Records
    Simon Goddard - Hardback - Ebury Press
    They had just a few hundred pounds, one band missing a drummer, a sock drawer for an office, more dreams than sense and not a clue between them how to run a record company. But when Alan Horne and Edwyn Collins decided to start their own label from a shabby Glasgow flat in 1979, nobody was going to stand in their way. This is the preposterous true story of Postcard Records, the renegade label which, with its mad DIY ethic, kickstarted the 1980s' indie music revolution.
  • Cover scan of Typhoon

    Charles Cumming - Paperback - Harper
    In the dying days of British rule in Hong Kong, an elderly man emerges from the sea demanding to see the Governor. He has, he says, information which threatens not just the territory's future, but that of China's stability itself. Information which, it soon becomes apparent, the CIA and MI6 will stop at nothing to control.
  • Cover scan of The Devastators

    The Devastators
    Donald Hamilton - Paperback - Titan Books
    On a lonely heath in northern Scotland they recover the body of the third agent sent to complete a tricky mission. He had died from bubonic plague. Somewhere on the moors is a half-crazed scientific genius who could kill millions, and it is Helm's job to get him, with the help of a beautiful American operative and a deadly Russian one.
  • Cover scan of Iona

    Iona: The Other Island
    Kenneth C. Steven - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    This beautiful spiritual evocation of Iona features inspiring photography, brand new poems, tales recounting legends, local stories and Celtic passages from Adamnan. EVoking the intricacies of the island's spiritual web, it finds half-explored coves and caves, explores the names of certain seldom-visited glens and headlands and tells people who thought they knew everything about Iona things of which they had no knowledge.
  • Cover scan of Reflections On Eldership

    Reflections On Eldership
    Laurence Wareing - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    What does it mean to be a Church Elder? How do Elders fulfil their role? How does being an Elder fit with the other pressures of life? How should Elders deal with some of the greatest challenges facing the Church? In this collection of personal reflections on key issues for Elders by Elders across Scotland, we have one of the most revealing and absorbing insights ever into what it really means to play an active role in the daily national and local life of the Church of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Sardines

    Tom McGrath - Paperback - Tapsalteerie
    A largely uncategorisable mixture that includes poetry, prose-poems and short play pieces, this funny and surreal collection richly deserves rediscovery by a new readership.
  • Cover scan of Scots Worship

    Scots Worship: Advent, Epiphany & Christmas
    David Ogston - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    Truly exceptional prayers, liturgies, poetry, reflections and imaginative worship. Written partly in Scots and partly in English, this is a wonderful resource for Lent, Holy Week and Easter for all who seek inspiration or lead worship in Scotland.

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