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  • Cover scan of Barclay On The Lectionary

    Barclay On The Lectionary: Mark
    William Barclay - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    Based on the Sunday Lectionary, these inspiring and deeply insightful Barclay readings are ideal for worship leaders, individuals and groups. They are drawn from William Barclay's much-loved and ever-popular comprehensive commentary on the New Testament.
  • Cover scan of Biographia Literaria

    Biographia Literaria
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Coleridge's 'Biographia' is part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, part critical exegesis on poetry and genius. It has long held scholars in its thrall and its merits have been equally praised, and also dismissed, as the production of excessive opium use by the author. This edition takes into consideration three decades of research and scholarship on Coleridge and includes all Coleridge's references and allusions, including those listed as missing or untraceable in past editions. In tracing all unattributed references in the British Library, Adam Roberts has in some cases opened up whole new avenues of interpretation for the text, materially altering the way we read this classic work.
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    The Buke Of The Howlat By Richard Holland
    Sir Richard Holland - Hardback - Scottish Text Society
    'The Buke of the Howlat,' a comic allegory in which the main characters are birds, was composed in the mid-15th century by Richard Holland, chaplain to the household of Archibald Douglas, earl of Moray, and dedicated to his wife, Elizabeth Dunbar. In his presentation of the text, Ralph Hanna pays particular attention to the metrical form, foregrounding literary and linguistic patterns and approaches; he also provides a detailed account of the witnesses of the text, together with an analysis of the poem's key linguistic features and its literary debts to Alain of Lille. It offers a rich reading of Holland's poem, revealing its European foundations alongside its Scottish political import.
  • Cover scan of Clubbing Together

    Clubbing Together: Ethnicity, Civility And Formal Sociability In The Scottish Diaspora To 1930
    Tanja Bueltmann - Hardback - Liverpool University Press
    'Clubbing Together' offers a global study of Scottish ethnic associationalism, exploring transnationally the evolution and role of Scottish clubs and societies.
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    Collieries, Communities And The Miners' Strike In Scotland, 1984-85
    Jim Phillips - Paperback - Manchester University Press
    Jim Phillips analyses the 1984-5 miners' strike by focusing on its vital Scottish dimensions, especially the role of workplace politics and community mobilisation.
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    Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995
    Robert S. Shiels - PR - W. Green
    Providing a full copy of the Act together with authoritative commentary, this text notes all legislative amendments that have been made since the publication of the previous edition.
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    Crimsoning The Eagle's Claw: The Viking Poems Of Ro̜gnvaldr Kali Kolsson, Earl Of Orkney
    Ro̜gnvaldr Kali Kolsson - Paperback - Arc Publications
    A genuinely unique European treasure, this volume bristles with all 33 of Rognvaldr's verses from the Orkneyinga Saga. While full of highly stylised, often grotesque images, the poems convey the skill, vigour and daring of the original.
  • Cover scan of Dream On

    Dream On
    Sue Douglas - Paperback - Austin Macauley
    After an accomplished career working for a clandestine team known simply as 'The Unit', Krista Crawshaw has finally completed her last assignment. At only 35, she is being fully retired. Far from ready to give up the career she has enjoyed, Krista has no choice but to accept the decision and takes up residence on the Strathmore Park Estate in Perthshire. With few friends, Krista finds it hard to settle in her new life, but a recurring figure in her dreams, a man called Finlay, leads Krista to uncover an intricate plot at Strathmore Park and she embarks on one final, dangerous assignment.
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    Family Law In Scotland
    J. M. Thomson - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    This is a survey of Scots family law. The topics are laid out in a clear logical manner covering the formalities and legal consequences of marriage and civil partnership, divorce and dissolution, and important issues relating to children, such as parental rights and responsibilities, protection and adoption.
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    Greens Annotated Rules Of The Court Of Session 2014/2015
    Nigel M. P. Morrison - Paperback - W. Green
    Updated to reflect recent developments, this edition of 'Greens Annotated Rules of the Court of Session' includes coverage of the Act of Sederunt (Rules of the Court of Session 1994), as well as practice notes and directions.

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