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    Higher History Course Notes
    - Paperback - Leckie & Leckie
    'Higher History Course Notes' helps teachers and students map their route through the CfE programme, providing comprehensive and authoritative guidance for the course.
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    Highland Ever After
    Maya Banks - Paperback - Ballantine
    Brodie Armstrong arrived at the McHugh holding seeking revenge for the transgressions made against his beloved sister. A fierce warrior feared by many, Brodie is caught off-guard by his tender feelings for a McHugh lass. Despite his misgivings, Brodie can't help but want to protect and take care of Taliesan McHugh - a sweet, good-hearted woman who's faced with adversity in her life. When the king announces Taliesan's engagement to the man he's chose to take over McHugh holding, Brodie is furious. He knows Taliesan's future husband is a reprobate who doesn't deserve her - and he'll do anything to stop the marriage from happening, even if it means going against the king himself.
  • Cover scan of Jacobitism, Enlightenment And Empire, 1680-1820

    Jacobitism, Enlightenment And Empire, 1680-1820
    - Hardback - Pickering & Chatto
    The essays in this collection examine religion, politics, and commerce in Scotland during a time of crisis and turmoil. Contributors look at the effect of the Union on Scottish trade and commerce, the Scottish role in tobacco and sugar plantations, Robert Burns's early poetry on his planned emigration to Jamaica, and Scottish anti-abolitionists.
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    The Judicial Imagination: Writing After Nuremberg
    Lyndsey Stonebridge - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume tells the story of the struggle to imagine new forms of justice after Nuremberg. Returning to the work of Hannah Arendt as a theoretical starting point, Lyndsey Stonebridge traces a critical aesthetics of judgment in a generation of writers including Rebecca West, Elizabeth Bowen, Muriel Spark and Iris Murdoch.
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    Kevin Bridges
    Kevin Bridges - Book with sound disc - Redbush
    Recorded in his home town of Glasgow, this is Kevin Bridges' second live recording. Numerous TV appearances have made him a household name across the UK.
  • Cover scan of Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment
    Language Planning As A Sociolinguistic Experiment: The Case Of Modern Norwegian
    Ernst HaĚŠkon Jahr - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    2014 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule. This book gives a comprehensive account of that entire 200-year period, and analyses how Norwegians defined, fought over, and developed their own independent Scandinavian language, differentiating it from Danish and Swedish, through language planning. The almost two centuries of Norwegian language planning and conflict encompassed an extraordinary sociolinguistic experiment which led to decades of intense linguistic struggle and which has had no parallel anywhere else in the world. This book-length case study provides students and scholars in sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language planning and language policy with a richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development.
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    Legend Of The Dead Men's Gold
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Trip Kincaid had always been fascinated by the legend of the dead men's gold: it was said that the last member of the Helliton gang had cursed the stash, claiming that if he couldn't have it, nobody would. So, with the gold still unclaimed, and the bones of a hundred men scattered around it, Trip Kincaid's disappearance is cause for alarm.
  • Cover scan of Mothers Of The Disappeared
    Mothers Of The Disappeared
    Russel D. McLean - Hardback - Severn House
    Suspended from the Association of British Investigators and facing an enquiry into his alleged misconduct over four years previously, J. McNee's career hangs in the balance. The last thing he needs is new business. But when the mother of a murdered child asks him to re-open a case he helped close during his time in the police, McNee can't refuse.
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    James Irvine - Paperback - Laverock's Nest
    Stephen Whyte's solemn nature and delicate sensibility alienate him from what he sees as the malaise of the crude sensibility and coarse, frivolous life of his community. His search for a means to remedy that malaise - and thereby end his isolation and take a place in the community appropriate to his higher sensibility - leads him inexorably to a course of action that risks his entire future and wellbeing.
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    My Name Is ...
    Sudha Bhuchar - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    When Gaby disappears from her Scottish home, it is assumed that her Pakistani father, Farhan, has kidnapped her. The spiralling headlines are only momentarily silenced when it emerges that Gaby may have fled of her own accord, choosing to spend her life in Pakistan. To the distress of her Scottish mother, Suzy, Gaby declares, 'My name is Ghazala', turning her back on 'Gaby' and, seemingly, the West. This moving verbatim play reveals a cross-cultural love story that began in late-seventies Glasgow, a world away from the frantic 'tug of love' well documented in the world's press.

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