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  • Cover scan of The Wisdom Of Woodstock
    The Wisdom Of Woodstock: A Peanuts Guide To Life
    Charles M. Schulz - Hardback - Canongate
    From his perch on top of Snoopy's doghouse, Woodstock spends his days trying (and failing) to fly, falling in love with worms and striving to be an exemplary secretary to Snoopy.
  • Cover scan of The Gentleman Rogue
    The Gentleman Rogue
    Margaret McPhee - Paperback - Mills & Boon
  • Cover scan of Exposed At The Back

    Exposed At The Back
    Arild Stavrum - Hardback - Freight
    Norway's most powerful football agent, the charismatic and ruthless Arild Golden, is found brutally murdered. Rumours circulate about infidelity and secret deals, about billions that cannot be traced and stories about talented African footballers who are dumped without papers when they fail to make the grade in the professional game. The lawyer Steinar Brunsvik, a former player for Ajax and the Norwegian national team, is asked to represent murder suspect Taribo Shorunmo. Shorunmo is a former footballer living in Norway without a visa. Brunsvik discovers that his own football career has a connection to Golden's murder and realises he caught in the middle of a dirty game that could prove fatal.
  • Cover scan of Gemstone Healing
    Gemstone Healing: How To Choose And Use The Right Crystal And Healing Technique
    Michael Gienger - Paperback - Earthdancer
    Worn as jewellery, in cosmetics, as gemstone water, placed under your pillow to work as you sleep, used as part of your meditation or in a massage, the gemstones promote strength and wellbeing. Crystal healing expert Michael Gienger explains how healing stones can exert their beneficial and healthy effects on the body, mind and soul.
  • Cover scan of Instrumental

    James Rhodes - Hardback - Canongate
    Told through a searingly honest narrative, James Rhodes recalls the physical and sexual abuse he suffered as a child, his ensuing struggle with drugs and alcohol, and the nervous breakdown that led him to spending months in a locked ward. But there is a bright, broad beam of light piercing through the darkness, and it is James' passion for classical music - a passion that enabled him to get through his tumultuous upbringing, to resign from his mind-numbing job, and to become a renowned concert pianist. It is an extraordinary achievement that, after years of self-harming, suicide attempts and lots of therapy, James has got to where he is now thanks to sheer determination, countless hours of piano practice and a chance encounter with a stranger: fragile, scarred, but performing sold-out concerts around the world and establishing himself as a presenter and commentator.
  • Cover scan of Rhythm Alchemy
    Rhythm Alchemy: In Search Of The Philospher's Stone
    Martin Ivanov - Pbk. + CD - Findhorn
    This volume is full of insights from ancient times and from our deepest self. The book synthesizes the ancient knowledge of numbers, the heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing, and our personal situation within the bigger, universal vibrations, as well as our interactions with people and nature around us. It offers knowledge about ourselves and the unique harmony between the human being, his or her inner world, his or her rhythm and the surrounding reality. The book is accompanied by a free practice audio CD.
  • Cover scan of Rock Lighthouses Of Britain

    Rock Lighthouses Of Britain
    Christopher P. Nicholson - Paperback - Whittles
    In this book Chris Nicholson traces the construction and history of a number of rock lighthouses and the dramatic and often heroic happenings associated with them.
  • Cover scan of The Twelve Signs O' Christmas

    The Twelve Signs O' Christmas: A Poem For Christmas
    David Donaldson - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    This is a Christmas greeting from the Broons of No. 10 Glebe Street.
  • Cover scan of The Angel Court Mystery

    The Angel Court Mystery
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    When Commander Thomas Pitt is ordered to protect a young woman visiting London from Spain, he cannot see why this is a job for Special Branch. When she disappears in the dead of night from Angel Court, however, he is faced with a dangerous mystery. Sofia preached new, and some say blasphemous, religious ideals, and her life had been threatened. But Pitt senses there is some deeper and more dangerous reason for her kidnap - if that is what it is. Three men are caught up in the hunt for Sofia - her cousin, a banker for the Church of England, a popular and charismatic politician, and a journalist who seems determined to goad Pitt to the truth. Each seem to be hiding something, and as the search for answers stretches from London to Spain, Pitt knows that time is running out, and the nation's security could be at stake.
  • Cover scan of The Best Of Both Worlds

    The Best Of Both Worlds: The Autobiography Of The World's Greatest Living Medium
    Gordon Smith - Paperback - Coronet
    Gordon Smith is a world renowned medium, who travels the world offering his abilities to thousands of people in need. Gordon never charges for his spiritual readings, instead keeping a steady income from his barber shop in Glasgow, his home city. This is his story.

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