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    Greens Solicitors Professional Handbook 2014/2015
    - Paperback - W. Green
    Written for lawyers working within the Scottish legal system, this handbook covers all areas of the law including malpractice and legal ethics.
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    Haunted Kirkcaldy
    Gregor Stewart - Paperback - The History Press
    Compiled by paranormal investigator Gregor Stewart, this book contains a chilling range of spooky tales from around Kirkcaldy. From haunted public houses, which have left both customers and staff terrified, to the ruins of ancient Ravenscraig Castle, which still attract a mysterious visitor many years after their death, this collection of ghostly goings-on, phantom footsteps and playful poltergeists is sure to appeal to everyone interested in the paranormal and the history of Fife's largest town.
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    Inheritance Tax In Scotland, 2014/15
    Fiona McDonald - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    This guide takes full account of the peculiarities of inheritance tax in Scottish law. The authors make full use of illustrations and worked examples to assist the practitioner and accountant in this detailed and complicated area of practice.
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    In The Company Of Nurses: The History Of The British Army Nursing Service In The Great War
    Yvonne McEwen - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Constructed from unpublished official and unofficial documents, letters and diaries of the time, this important volume tells the much-neglected story of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) during the First World War. A vital contribution to the historiography of British military care-giving throughout this period and to the history of the Great War more generally, it is further supported by the unpublished war diary of the matron-in-chief for France and Flanders.
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    Introducing Criticism In The 21st Century
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    'Introducing Criticism in the 21st Century' provides a wide-ranging guide to current directions in literary criticism. The book develops out of continental thinking and insights from poststructuralism, feminism, deconstruction and psychoanalysis and introduces new modes of 'hybrid' criticism which are emerging at the beginning of the 21st century.
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    Introduction To Japanese Horror Film
    Colette Balmain - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    In this second edition, Colette Balmain updates the historical and cultural overview of the popular genre of Japanese horror.
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    Modernism And Magic: Experiments With Spiritualism, Theosophy And The Occult
    Leigh Wilson - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
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    My Now Or Never Diary
    Liz Rettig - Paperback - Corgi Children's
    Kelly Ann has only just come to her senses and realised that G - the boy she's fancied all year - is a total nerd, and Chris - the boy next door who's been in love with her all year - is the one for her. But does that mean she'll live happily ever after with Chris, discovering the joys of sex and advising her mates in the ways of true love?
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    Programming For Beginners
    Karen Petrie - Paperback - Dundee University Press
    Karen Petrie explains computer programming for beginners.
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    Roomscape: Women Writers In The British Museum From George Eliot To Virginia Woolf
    Susan David Bernstein - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Drawing on archival materials around this national library reading room, 'Roomscape' integrates documentary, theoretical, historical, and literary sources to examine the significance of this public interior space for women writers and their treatment of reading and writing spaces in literary texts. This study challenges an assessment of the reading room of the British Museum as a bastion of class and gender privilege, an image firmly established by Virginia Woolf's 'A Room of One's Own' and the legions of feminist scholarship that upholds this spatial conceit.

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