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  • Cover scan of How They Fell
    How They Fell
    Annie Boutelle - Paperback - CavanKerry
    Through tender emotions and horrific events, this book's ironic point of view leads readers to re-imagine both historical and mythological events.
  • Cover scan of International Noir

    International Noir
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Following World War II, film noir became the dominant cinematic expression of Cold War angst, influencing new trends in European and Asian filmmaking. This book examines film noir's influence on the cinematic traditions of Britain, France, Scandinavia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and India. It suggests that the film noir style continues to appeal on such a global scale because no other cinematic form has merged style and genre to effect a vision of the disturbing consequences of modernity.
  • Cover scan of Knit Your Own Broons

    Knit Your Own Broons
    Jackie Holt - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    The Broons have been making readers laugh for decades, so what better way to celebrate Scotland's most-loved family than creating miniature woolly versions of your very own! With detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create Maw, Paw, Joe, Hen, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the Twins, the Bairn, and not forgetting Gran'paw, this book is perfect for knitters of all abilities and an ideal gift for fans of Scotland's favourite happy family.
  • Cover scan of Leipzig

    Fiona Rintoul - Paperback - Aurora Metro
    The year is 1985. East Germany is in the grip of communism. Magda, a brilliant but disillusioned young linguist, is desperate to flee. When a black market deal brings her into connect with Robert, a Scottish research student at Leipzig University, she sees a way to deflect attention from her increasingly wide escape plans. Robert falls in love with her and stumbles into a complex world of shifting half-truths - one that will undo them both. More than a decade later, Robert returns to post-communist Leipzig in search of answers. Can he track Magda down? And will the past give up its secrets?
  • Cover scan of My Desperate Love Diary By Kelly Ann
    My Desperate Love Diary By Kelly Ann
    Liz Rettig - Paperback - Corgi Children's
    Kelly Ann is 15 and desperately in love with G - the biggest idiot at the school. Although her best friends Liz and Stephanie can see how awful he is, Kelly Ann is blind to his shortcomings, leaving her free to navigate her way around teenage embarrassments such as sick-filled parties and awful love poetry.
  • Cover scan of N4 Computing Science

    N4 Computing Science
    Alan Williams - Paperback - BrightRED Publishing
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive full-colour guide designed to take students through each stage of their studies and achieve the best possible results in the new National 4 Computing Science qualification.
  • Cover scan of N5 Accounting

    N5 Accounting
    William Reynolds - Paperback - BrightRED Publishing
    An easy-to-use and comprehensive full-colour guide designed to take students through each stage of their studies and achieve the best possible results in the new National 5 accounting qualification.
  • Cover scan of National 5 Business Management

    National 5 Business Management
    - Paperback - Hodder Gibson
    Written by an experienced author and examiner, this book offers an innovative approach and layout in-line with CfE approaches to learning. It provides a wide range of classroom and homework activities.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image

    Oo An Feddirs
    Christie Williamson - Paperback - Luath Press
    A striking collection of over 70 poems, some of which have been published in magazines as diverse as 'New Shetlander', 'Poetry Scotland', 'Northwords Now', 'Gutter' and 'New Writing Scotland.'
  • Cover scan of Patrick Of Ireland
    Patrick Of Ireland: His Life And Impact
    Michael A. G. Haykin - Paperback - Christian Focus Publications
    This concise biography of Saint Patrick takes readers from his capture and enslavement in Ireland, his escape after six years in captivity, and eventual return after being ordained.

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