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  • Cover scan of Big Jock
    Big Jock: The Real Jock Wallace
    David Leggat - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Jock Wallace wasn't just one of Scotland's outstanding football managers - he was a legend. A larger-than-life character, a giant of a man and a real-life hero, Wallace lived an extraordinary life. Though only an average goalkeeper who never made it as a player, he lived the football dream when he went on to manage Rangers twice, winning a whole host of trophies, including two Trebles in three seasons in the mid-seventies. But the road to the top was a tough one for big Jock, including a spell as a jungle fighter with the King's Own Scottish Borderers in war-torn Malaya, and in his fifties he was struck down by Parkinson's disease. In the end, the strain proved too much even for Wallace and he died of a heart attack aged only sixty-two. In this biography, David Leggat, one of the few journalists who was close to Big Jock, tells his incredible story.
  • Cover scan of A Book Of Death And Fish
    A Book Of Death And Fish
    Ian Stephen - Hardback - Saraband
    Peter MacAulay sits down to write his will. The process sets in motion a compulsive series of reflections: a history of his own lifetime and a subjective account of how key events in the post-war world filter through to his home, Stornoway. He reveals his passions for history, engines and fish, and witnesses changing times - and things that don't change - in the Hebrides.
  • Cover scan of Byron

    Byron: Life And Legend
    Fiona MacCarthy - Paperback - John Murray
    For this biography of Byron, Fiona MacCarthy has had exclusive access to the full John Murray Byron archive. She brings a fresh eye to Byron's childhood in Scotland, his embattled relations with his mother, and the effect on him of his deformed foot.
  • Cover scan of Christmas At Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop

    Christmas At Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop
    Jenny Colgan - Paperback - Sphere
    Rosie Hopkins is looking forward to Christmas in the little Derbyshire village of Lipton, buried under a thick blanket of snow. Her sweetshop is festooned with striped candy canes, large tempting piles of Turkish Delight, crinkling selection boxes and happy, sticky children. She's going to be spending it with her boyfriend, Stephen, and her family, flying in from Australia. She can't wait. But when a tragedy strikes at the heart of their little community, all of Rosie's plans for the future seem to be blown apart. Can she build a life in Lipton? And is what's best for the sweetshop also what's best for Rosie?
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Geography Of You And Me
    Jennifer E. Smith - Paperback - Headline
    For fans of John Green, Stephanie Perkins, and Sarah Ockler, this is a story for anyone who's ever longed to meet someone special, for anyone who's searched for home and found it where they least expected it. Owen lives in the basement. Lucy lives on the 24th floor. But when the power goes out in the midst of a New York heatwave, they find themselves together for the first time: stuck in a lift between the 10th and 11th floors. As they await help, they start talking. The brief time they spend together leaves a mark. And as their lives take them to Edinburgh and San Francisco, to Prague and to Portland they can't shake the memory of the time they shared. Postcards cross the globe when they themselves can't, as Owen and Lucy experience the joy - and pain - of first love.
  • Cover scan of The Legacy Of Elizabeth Pringle

    The Legacy Of Elizabeth Pringle
    Kirsty Wark - Paperback - Two Roads
    Seemingly on a whim, 95-year-old Elizabeth Pringle bequeaths Homelea, her beloved house on Arran, to a woman she has never met. As a young woman comes take up Homelea she slowly unlocks the mysteries and heartbreaking secrets of Elizabeth Pringle's true legacy, in a multi-generational story of love and belonging.
  • Cover scan of Macbeth

    Anna Claybourne - Hardback - Wayland
    A power-hungry general, his crazed wife, three interfering witches and some terrifying ghosts. Discover the gripping story of Macbeth ; one of the world's most famous tragedies. The age-appropriate text in this book introduces readers to the play by re-telling the story in modern English, making it an ideal introduction to Shakespeare for children of 9 and above.
  • Cover scan of Scotland - The Best 100 Places

    Scotland - The Best 100 Places: Extraordinary Places And Where Best To Walk, Eat And Sleep
    Peter Irvine - Hardback - Collins
    Peter Irvine has selected 100 of his favourite places for this photographic book celebrating Scotland at its most beautiful. Images have been selected from some of Scotland's best photographers, capturing the stunning scenery and landscape of the country.
  • Cover scan of Tartan Tragedy

    Tartan Tragedy
    Antonia Fraser - Paperback - Phoenix
    The body of a young man has been found floating in a pool on a remote island in the Scottish Highlands. It just happens to be the island that TV reporter Jemima Shore has rented for a holiday - a holiday that is rapidly falling apart.
  • Cover scan of Veil Of Time

    Veil Of Time
    Claire McDougall - Paperback - Simon & Schuster
    A compelling, romantic tale of two Scotlands - one modern, one ancient - and the woman who parts the magical veil of time between them.

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