Reviews of 'Weights and Measures'

"Many readers will know of Robin Connor’s standard work, The Weights and Measures of England… Now Connor and Allen Simpson have produced a substantial volume covering all aspects of Scottish metrology, as well as its links with other European countries, and England in particular. The task was a formidable one, and the result was worth waiting for. In summary, this is a seminal work that will remain the standard reference for a very long time… To conclude on a practical note: the book is designed and produced, and the price is quite modest for a work of this size."

Norman Biggs, Equilibrium Issue 3 2005 (Quarterly Magazine of the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors)

""This is a big book – 842 pages of meticulously researched detail accompanied by wonderful illustrations… If the expression ‘labour of love’ has any meaning, it surely applies to this work… There is much to admire, from the analysis on the interaction of the marketplace and legislation to the influence of trade with England and Europe… this book will be of interest to a wide audience, in particular to economic historians interested in the role of weights and measures in commerce and historians of technology and science concerned with the role of measurement and the rise in the values of precision."

William J. Ashworth, Technology and Culture (USA)

"Although it would take many hours for anyone to fully digest the contents of the book, it really is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in learning, not just about the history of weights and measures, but the intriguing trading patterns…"

Neil Edwards, TS Today (Trading Standards journal)

"It is rare to be able to say of any book that it will have to be consulted by anyone and everyone who concerns themselves with any subject, but undoubtedly can be said of Weights and Measures in Scotland… Robin Connor and Allen Simpson have performed a magnificent and lasting service to scholarship with this volume."

Professor Michael Lynch (University of Edinburgh) at the book launch

"... no other book has had such a profound influence on the understanding of our metrological history, or on our appreciation of the effects on measurements on daily lives … It is an immensely useful book and I recommend it with the highest confidence possible. It is superb."

Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society No 91

"... This closely argued and densely written volume requires slow, careful reading – a fact the authors and their excellent editor have clearly appreciated... This is indeed 'good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over'."

Journal of the History of Collections Vol 18 No 2

"This book won the 2005 Scottish Research Book of the Year awarded by the Saltire Society/National Library of Scotland. It is easy to see why. ... This book is extremely well produced and illustrated. It is also an outstanding piece of original scholarship. It will be of great value to the study of metrology in Scotland and abroad, has clear implications for other areas of historical research and contains much which will be of interest for the general reader."

Scottish Historical Review

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    Weights And Measures In Scotland: A European Perspective - R. D. Connor; A. D. C. Simpson - Hardback
    Winner of the 2005 Saltire Society/National Library of Scotland Research Book of the Year Award. After looking at contemporary legislation and examining the physical evidence of surviving artefacts, the authors have come to some surprising conclusions.