Whisky In The Jar

Alexander Tait

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Whisky in the Jar is an historical novel based on the illicit whisky distilling and smuggling activities that occurred around the eighteenth century on Loch Lomondside. Duncan Robertson is an heroic figure who finds himself ensnared in the conflict between the Highland people and the British military a generation after Culloden. It is also the story of the man who writes the novel. A man fighting his own battle against the mental oppression of agoraphobia, alcohol dependency and the threat of job loss. Where Duncan Robertson's weapons are the broadsword and the pistol, the author uses rock 'n' roll and eastern mysticism. These themes are as vibrantly interwoven as any Highland tartan, with richly colourful characters, romance, suspense and dry Scots humour.

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ISBN: 9780955878947
Publisher: Olida
Publication Date:
12 September 2008
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 244 p.

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