Sam Wilding

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Jenny MacLeod's mother has died and her father is about their farm after mounting debts. The only way for her and her father to keep their home, set on the beautiful Hushwish Bay, is to sign up to a wind turbine project. When protesters invade their beach and her father has a heart attack, the well-to-do Murdochs take Jenny under their wing. She soon finds out, however, that Mr Murdoch has been keeping letters back from her and her father. Letters that could have saved their home without the need to build the wind farms there in the first place. Will Jenny have time to save everything she loves?

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04/12/2010 Saw this author at our school and read the book Windscape as a result. I loved it. It was face paced, exciting and it made me think about all sorts of stuff. Wind farms, Polish people in Scotland and some sad stuff too, like mums and dads not being there. My favourite character was Pavol. I hope there will be more stories with the same characters.

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ISBN: 9781907354120
Publisher: Olida
Publication Date:
01 November 2010
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 240 p.

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