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  • Cover scan of A Sailor In The Sahara

    A Sailor In The Sahara: The Life And Travels In Africa Of Hugh Clapperton, Commander RN
    Jamie Bruce-Lockhart - Hardback - I. B. Tauris
    Jamie Bruce Lockhart has retraced the footsteps of explorer Hugh Clapperton's footsteps and takes the reader through forest, desert and extremes of climate. In this biography the reader witnesses Clapperton's adventures, hopes, fears, misfortunes and his ultimately lonely fate.
  • Cover scan of A History Of The Native Woodlands Of Scotland, 1500-1920
    A History Of The Native Woodlands Of Scotland, 1500-1920
    T. C. Smout; Alan R. MacDonald; Fiona J. Watson - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    A history of Scottish woodlands, this illustrated volume explores the changing relationship between trees and people from the time of Scotland's first settlement, focusing on the period 1500 to 1920.
  • Cover scan of Shackleton's Boat Journey
    Shackleton's Boat Journey
    Frank Arthur Worsley - Paperback - Birlinn
    Frank A. Worsley was the Captain of the H.M.S. Endurance, the ship used by the legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton in his 1914-16 expedition to the Antarctic. This book tells the story of the ill-fated expedition.
  • Cover scan of Geography
    Ian Rae - Paperback - Leckie & Leckie
    Delivering targeted guidance, examples and skill-building exercises which help prepare students for the Higher exam, this text unlocks the secrets of assessment allowing students to hone key skills.
  • Cover scan of Caledonia's Last Stand
    Caledonia's Last Stand: In Search Of The Lost Scots Of Darien
    Nat Edwards - Paperback - Luath
    In 1698, a fleet landed on the isthmus of Darien to create a colony and launch a new Scottish trading empire. Eighteen months later, the colony had seen the loss of ten ships and cost the lives of over 2,000 people. Nat Edwards explores the real story behind the disastrous attempt at building a Scottish empire.
  • Cover scan of Applications Of 3D Measurement From Images
    Applications Of 3D Measurement From Images
    - Hbk. + CD - Whittles
    This text reveals, through a series of case studies, how modern digital photogrammetry is capable of providing dense and accurate spatial data to solve a wide range of contemporary measurement problems, and at a diverse range of scales.
  • Cover scan of Hugh Miller
    Hugh Miller: Stonemason, Geologist, Writer
    Michael A. Taylor - Paperback - NMS
    Hugh Miller was born in 1802 in Cromarty, Ross-shire. He started his working life as a stonemason's apprentice, he later became a social commentator and crusader. With the benefit of research for the 2002 conferences, this biography looks at the self-educated man, a figure of renown in the 19th century.
  • Cover scan of The Nation Survey'd
    The Nation Survey'd: Essays On Late Sixteenth-Century Scotland As Depicted By Timothy Pont
    - Paperback - John Donald
    Around 1583 Timothy Pont undertook the task of mapping Scotland. Many of his documents were destroyed in a fire, but at least 77 have survived. This collection provides an insight into the landscape and architecture of 16th-century Scotland.
  • Cover scan of No More Beyond
    No More Beyond: The Life Of Hubert Wilkins
    Simon Nasht - Hardback - Birlinn
    Hubert Wilkins is one of the unsung heroes of history. A war hero, photographer, reporter, prolific writer, spy, scientist, naturalist, ornithologist & aviator, South Australian-born Wilkins was the most remarkable explorer of the 20th century. This biography details his exploits.
  • Cover scan of The Making Of The Scottish Countryside
    The Making Of The Scottish Countryside
    Rosemary Gibson - Hardback - John Donald
    Making use of the extensive plans holdings of the National Archives of Scotland to illustrate the great change on the face of the country, this selection from the 100,000 plans shows the value of these sources for many aspects of Scotland's past and to display snapshots of the landscape through three centuries of change.

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