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  • Cover scan of Gilles Deleuze's Philosophy Of Time

    Gilles Deleuze's Philosophy Of Time: A Critical Introduction And Guide
    James Williams - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title provides an overall interpretation of Deleuze's philosophy alongside a critical introduction to one of the most important unifying ideas in his work: the construction of new and important philosophies of time.
  • Cover scan of The Life And Times Of A Noetic Science

    Mind Over Matter: Noetic Science & The Question of Consciousness
    Michael Kerrigan - Paperback - Saraband
    Despite centuries of efforts, the human mind is largely uncharted territory, and thinkers in the field of noetics are now seeking to understand it in new and sometimes startling ways. This book sorts through the sometimes crazy-sounding claims and explores the subject from a refreshing, common-sense viewpoint.
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    Hume On Causation
    Helen Beebee - Paperback - Routledge
    'Hume on Causation' is dedicated to Hume's views on causation. It places Hume's interest in causation within the context of his theory of the mind and his theory of causal reasoning, arguing that Hume's conception of causation derives from his conception of the nature of the inference from causes to effects.
  • Cover scan of A Treatise Of Human Nature
    A Treatise Of Human Nature: Editorial Material v. 2
    David Hume - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    David and Mary Norton present the definitive scholarly edition of Hume's 'A Treatise of Human Nature', one of the greatest philosophical works ever written. This second volume contains their account of how the book was written and published.
  • Cover scan of A Treatise Of Human Nature
    A Treatise Of Human Nature: Texts v. 1
    David Hume - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    This first volume contains the critical text of David Hume's 'Treatise of Human Nature', followed by the short 'Abstract' and concluding with 'A Letter from a Gentleman to his Friend in Edinburgh'.
  • Cover scan of A Companion To Hume
    A Companion To Hume
    - Paperback - Wiley-Blackwell
    David Hume's revolutionary philosophies took an empirical approach to the study of human nature. This collection examines the paradoxes of Hume's thought and his legacy, covering the methods, themes, and consequences of his contributions to philosophy.
  • Cover scan of The World According To Vice
    The World According To Vice
    - Hardback - Canongate
    Since it was founded in Montreal in 1994, Vice magazine has brought its uniquely irreverent and informative brand of journalism to a worldwide audience. This book is a stake in the ground, a marker of where Vice has been and where it might be going to in coming years.
  • Cover scan of Learning To Live
    Learning To Live: A User's Manual
    Luc Ferry - Paperback - Canongate
    Luc Ferry shows how philosophy is essential to our everyday lives. Both a sparkling, accessible history of Western thought and a courageous dissection of how religion and philosophy have converged and clashed through the ages, this text aims to answer once and for all - what use is philosophy, anyway?
  • Cover scan of Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown: Selected Philosophical Writings
    - Paperback - Imprint Academic
    Thomas Brown was among the most prominent and widely read British philosophers of the first half of the 19th century. The selections in this volume illustrate Brown's original ideas about mental science, cause and effect, emotions and ethics. It offers an introduction situating Brown's career and writings in their historical context.
  • Cover scan of Adam Smith
    Adam Smith: A Moral Philosopher And His Political Economy
    Gavin Kennedy - Paperback - Palgrave Macmillan
    This title presents the authentic Adam Smith and explores his underlying approach and radical thinking, aiming to re-establish his original intentions.

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