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  • Cover scan of Essays On Deleuze
    Essays On Deleuze
    Daniel Smith - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Combining his most important pieces along with two new essays, this book provides a definitive treatise on the works of Deleuze.
  • Cover scan of Félix Guattari In The Age Of Semiocapitalism
    Félix Guattari In The Age Of Semiocapitalism
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This volume explores why, and how, to read Guattari today.
  • Cover scan of Doing Philosophy
    Doing Philosophy
    Gerald Rochelle - Paperback - Dunedin Academic
    'Doing Philosophy' presents the basics of how to do philosophy - what philosophy is, how we can think, the nature of logic - in a straightforward, easy to understand style. The author's emphasis throughout is that philosophy is practical, fascinating and exciting.
  • Cover scan of Essays On Philosophical Subjects
    Essays On Philosophical Subjects
    Adam Smith - Paperback - Liberty Fund
  • Cover scan of The Theory Of Moral Sentiments
    The Theory Of Moral Sentiments
    Adam Smith - Paperback - Liberty Fund
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Spectres Of False Divinity: Hume's Moral Atheism
    Thomas Anand Holden - Paperback - Oxford University Press
    Thomas Holden presents a historical & critical interpretation of Hume's rejection of the existence of a deity with moral attributes. Hume's 'moral atheism' is a central plank both of his naturalistic agenda in metaphysics & his secularizing program in moral theory.
  • Cover scan of Symbols Of Eternity
    Symbols Of Eternity: Landmarks For A Soul Journey
    Malcolm Stewart - Paperback - Floris
    Symbols play an extraordinary role in human culture and belief around the world. This book explores the megaliths, the ancient stones of the Bible, the lingams on India and the Black Stone of Mecca. He goes on to consider questions of harmony and value in the Flower of Life, the Enneagram and the controversial area of the swastika.
  • Cover scan of The Tradition Of Scottish Philosophy
    The Tradition Of Scottish Philosophy: A New Perspective On The Enlightenment
    Alexander Broadie - Paperback - John Donald
    This study attempts to correct the bias in the history of Scottish thought by giving due attention to the earlier flowering of philosophy, as well as to the Enlightenment. Broadie looks at the evolution of philosophy from the beginning of the 15th century in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Walter's Wiggles
    Walter's Wiggles: The Random Thoughts Of A Random Fellow
    Walter M. Stephen - Paperback - Luath
    The reader is taken on a series of quests to locations near and far, obscure and tourist-trodden. The author uses the locations as a backdrop to his impressions of art, music, literature, wildlife, science, history and sport.
  • Cover scan of An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
    David Hume - Paperback - Broadview
    David Hume (1711-1776) is thought to be one of the greatest philosophers. In this text, Hume gives an accessible presentation of strikingly original and challenging views concerning human understanding.

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