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  • Cover scan of Devolution And Identity
    Devolution And Identity
    - Hardback - Ashgate
    Contributions include: 'Identity Categories in Use: Britishness, Devolution, and the Ulster Scots Identity in Northern Ireland', 'Art, Wales, Narrative and Devolution', 'Endangering Devolution' and 'Marketing Identities in Devolved Regions: The Role of Global Corporate Culture in Scotland and Wallonia'.
  • Cover scan of The Impartial Spectator
    The Impartial Spectator: Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy
    D. D. Raphael - Hardback - Clarendon
    The author examines the moral philosophy of Adam Smith, best known for his famous work on economics, 'The Wealth of Nations', and shows that his thought still has much to offer philosophers today. He gives particular attention to Smith's original theory of conscience, with its emphasis on the role of 'sympathy'.
  • Cover scan of Thomas Reid's Theory Of Perception
    Thomas Reid's Theory Of Perception
    Ryan Nichols - Hardback - Clarendon
    Offering an interpretation of the 18th century Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid's theory of perception, this work develops Reid's unheralded argument against a representational theory of thought, which the author applies to his discussion of the intentionality of perceptual states and Reid's appeal to 'signs'.
  • Cover scan of The Great Infidel
    The Great Infidel: A Life Of David Hume
    Roderick Graham - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is story of the life of David Hume, one of Scotland's greatest men. Using original sources, the text tells of Hume's disappointment with the reception of his 'Treatise of Human Nature', although it is now seen as a pivotal work in European thinking, and follow his adventures during a farcical invasion of France.
  • Cover scan of Sky And Psyche
    Sky And Psyche: The Relationship Between Cosmos And Consciousness
    - Paperback - Floris
    Exploring the relationship between the human soul and the stars, which has been central to Western thought and other cultures for thousands of years, this book examines ideas, beliefs and practices which meet at the boundary of psychology and cosmology, the universe and human imagination.
  • Cover scan of A Dissertation On The Passions
    A Dissertation On The Passions
    David Hume - Hardback - Clarendon
    This edition features two famous works by David Hume. In 'A Dissertation on the Passions', Hume sets out his original view of the nature and central role of passion and emotion. 'The Natural History of Religion' is a landmark work in the study of religion as a natural phenomenon.
  • Cover scan of The New Hume Debate
    The New Hume Debate
    - Paperback - Routledge
    For decades, scholars thought Hume was a sceptic. This view has been thrown into question by arguments that show Hume to be a sceptical realist. This book discusses the debate and includes essays by philosophers and Hume scholars.
  • Cover scan of Deleuze And The Contemporary World
    Deleuze And The Contemporary World
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    The 12 new essays in this volume use a contemporary context to think through and with Deleuze. Engaging the here and now, the contributors use the Deleuzian theoretical apparatus to think about issues such as military activity in the Middle East, refugees, terrorism, information and communication, and the State.
  • Cover scan of The Myth Of Evil
    The Myth Of Evil
    Phillip Cole - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    'The Myth of Evil' explores a contradiction: the belief that human beings cannot commit acts of pure evil and the evidence that pure evil truly is a human capacity. This contradiction is clearest in the extreme acts of war criminals, terrorists, serial murderers and children who kill.
  • Cover scan of Philosophy Of Mind A-Z
    Philosophy Of Mind A-Z
    Marina Rakova - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    'Philosophy of Mind A-Z' contains entries on historical and contemporary key figures, explaining the importance of the longstanding debates and how the contemporary field has been shaped.

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