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  • Cover scan of John Napier
    John Napier: Logarithm John
    Lynne Gladstone-Millar - Paperback - NMS
    As the inventor of logarithms, John Napier made one of the greatest advances in the history of mathematics, and his development of an ingenious calculating tool is described here.
  • Cover scan of Mrs Robinson's Disgrace
    Mrs Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary Of A Victorian Lady
    Kate Summerscale - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    A story of romance and fidelity, insanity, fantasy and the boundaries of privacy in a society clinging to rigid ideas about marriage and female sexuality, 'Mrs Robinson's Disgrace' brings vividly to life a complex, frustrated Victorian wife, longing for passion and learning, companionship and love.
  • Cover scan of William Wallace
    William Wallace
    Andrew Fisher - Paperback - Birlinn
    Providing a factual biography of the Scottish hero William Wallace, this book contains a strong narrative, and discusses the motives of the legendary character in a manner which uncovers many previously hidden points.
  • Cover scan of The House On The Chine
    The House On The Chine
    Sian MacKay - Paperback - Sancho Press
    It is 1885, a tempestuous year in the writing life of Robert Louis Stevenson. Why did he settle in a Bournemouth villa called 'Skerryvore'? And what went on behind the facade to induce the Scottish writer to set aside 'Kidnapped' and create his chilling psychological thriller 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'?
  • Cover scan of Storming The Falklands
    Storming The Falklands: My War And After
    Tony Banks - Paperback - Abacus
    Tony Banks and his comrades were plunged into a war of night attacks and vicious close-quarters combat as they sought to liberate the Falkland Islands. In 'Storming the Falklands', Tony gives his vivid and harrowing first-hand account of the bloodiest conflict British troops had faced in years.
  • Cover scan of The Life Of Sir Walter Scott
    The Life Of Sir Walter Scott
    John Macrone - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    John Macrone, who wrote this life of Scott in 1832-3, was admirably suited to the task; for, while he had never met Scott, his friends and associates included Cunningham, Galt and Hogg, who wrote his 'Anecdotes of Scott' for publication in Macrone's book. Nothing more was heard of the project until the recent discovery of an autograph manuscript, here edited and published for the first time.
  • Cover scan of Livingstone
    Tim Jeal - Paperback - Yale University Press
    David Livingstone is revered as one of the world's greatest explorers and missionaries and as the first European to cross Africa. This biography reveals the man behind the myth, one capable of ruthless cruelty as well as self-sacrifice.
  • Cover scan of Stolen
    Stolen: Escape From Syria
    Louise Monaghan - Paperback - Mainstream
    In the middle of one of the worst civil wars in Syria's history Louise Monaghan risked her own life crossing a heavily guarded border to save her six-year-old daughter from the father who had snatched her from her home in Cyprus.
  • Cover scan of David Livingstone
    David Livingstone
    - Paperback - NMS
    David Livingstone rose from being a factory boy to become an African explorer and a hero of the Victorian age. This volume of essays, rich in new scholarship, ties in with an exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland which commemorates the 200th anniversary of his birth.
  • Cover scan of David Livingstone
    David Livingstone: A New Assessment Of His Life And Impact
    Stephen Tomkins - Paperback - Lion
    200 years after his birth, this book assesses David Livingstone's life, impact and legacy.

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