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  • Cover scan of Northern Dancer
    Northern Dancer: The Legend And His Legacy
    Muriel Lennox - Paperback - Mainstream
    The story of Northern Dancer is the stuff of legend. He was a little horse, dismissed because of his size, but today his descendants dominate racing the world over. This account of the thoroughbred spirit also provides insight into the racing world.
  • Cover scan of The Pleader
    The Pleader: An Autobiography
    Len Murray - Hardback - Mainstream
    Len Murray, described by a High Court judge as the most respected pleader of his generation, practised as a solicitor in Glasgow for over 40 years. In this text he recounts many tales of the courts and the characters who inhabited them, whether they sat on the bench or stood in the dock.
  • Cover scan of In Search Of Willie Patterson
    In Search Of Willie Patterson: A Scottish Soldier In The Age Of Imperialism
    Fred Reid - Paperback - Cualann
    This title tells the story of Fred Reid's quest to understand the grandfather he never knew, a soldier who fought in the East African campaign during World War I. In telling it, he is frank about the great pains a blind man must take to overcome many barriers to research.
  • Cover scan of Lydia
    Lydia: Wife Of Hugh Miller Of Cromarty
    Elizabeth Sutherland - Paperback - Tuckwell
    The name and writing of Hugh Miller, born in Cromarty in 1802, have always been and still are well-known. But his wife, Lydia, born in Inverness in 1812, has remained undeservedly in obscurity. In this book, she is at last brought on stage. Elizabeth Sutherland recounts her life in full.
  • Cover scan of Being Scottish
    Being Scottish: Personal Reflections On Scottish Identity Today
    - Paperback - Polygon at Edinburgh
    This collection consists of 100 short reflections on the experience of being Scottish in the opening years of the 21st century.
  • Cover scan of Mary Queen Of Scots And The Casket Letters
    Mary Queen Of Scots And The Casket Letters
    A. E. MacRobert - Hardback - I. B. Tauris
    This study re-examines the story of the Casket Letters, allegedly written by Mary to her lover Bothwell. The author sets out to provide an accessible presentation of the letters, as well as look at the controversy, the latest historiography and the literature it has generated.
  • Cover scan of Billy
    Pamela Stephenson - Paperback - HarperCollinsEntertainment
    From welding to folk singing to comedy to writing to acting, Billy Connolly has proved his versatility and sheer determination. Here, his wife Pamela gives the reader an insider's view of the life of the Big Yin.
  • Cover scan of I Remember
    I Remember: Memories Of Raasay
    John Nicolson - Paperback - Birlinn
    John Nicolson's memoirs cover his early life on Raasay, one of the least-known jewels of the Hebrides, up to when he left in 1941. It offers the story of the island and its people during the war years and provides a glimpse of a lost way of life.
  • Cover scan of A Wee Guide To Flora MacDonald
    A Wee Guide To Flora MacDonald
    David MacDonald - Paperback - Goblinshead
    This work tells of the life and times of Flora MacDonald, including her adventures with Bonnie Prince Charlie, immigration to North Carolina, and her eventual return to Skye.
  • Cover scan of Sea Room
    Sea Room: An Island Life
    Adam Nicolson - Paperback - HarperCollins
    Adam Nicolson's father had answered a newspaper advertisement in the 1930s: Uninhabited islands for sale. Outer Hebrides. 600 acres. Adam Nicolson inherited the islands when he was 21, and in this book he tells the story of his own experiences there.

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