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  • Cover scan of A Quite Remarkable Man
    A Quite Remarkable Man: The Life Of Patrick Brydone And His Family (1736-1818)
    John Evans - Hardback - Amberley
    A Scot from the Borders, Patrick Brydone made his name when his book, a tour of Sicily and Malta in 1770, became a bestseller throughout the world. A tutor to the sons of the gentry, and a man who today would be called a polymath, Brydone ventured some 10,000 miles across Central and Eastern Europe as far as St Petersburg. When he returned he was invited to take charge of the education and training of the prime minister's sons, a service Lord North well rewarded. Here is the first biography of this remarkable figure.
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    The Quest For Sherlock Holmes: A Biographical Study Of Arthur Conan Doyle
    Owen Dudley Edwards - Hardback - Mainstream
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    Just Daft: The Chic Murray Story
    Robbie Grigor - Paperback - Birlinn
    Alternative humour had not been heard of when Chic Murray, a comic Colossus, bestrode the stage. His style was utterly original. 'Just Daft' is the story of one of Scotland's greatest comedians, from his birth in Greenock in 1919, charting his rise through his amateur beginnings in the 1930s.
  • Cover scan of Queen Victoria's Skull
    Queen Victoria's Skull
    David Stack - Hardback - Hambledon Continuum
    'Queen Victoria's Skull' explores the life and thinking of the Edinburgh phrenologist George Combe. By tracing the development of Combe's intellectual interests it provides a prism through which to view Victorian culture, science and politics, covering themes of class, religion, sex, crime, art and the theatre.
  • Cover scan of Queen Among The Heather
    Queen Of The Heather: The Life Of Belle Stewart
    Sheila Stewart - Paperback - Birlinn
    In 'Queen Among the Heather' Sheila Stewart tells the moving story of her mother's life and career. This biography is an insightful and personal tribute to one of Scotland's most renowned folk singers, as well as to the rich culture of the travelling people.
  • Cover scan of The Quest For Robert Louis Stevenson
    The Quest For Robert Louis Stevenson
    John Cairney - Paperback - Luath
    This guide follows a trail of places associated with Robert Louis Stevenson. John Cairney, perhaps best known for writing and starring in The Robert Burns Story, is one of the few people to have visited all the places on the RLS trail.

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