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    The Lost Boy: The Definitive Story Of The Moors Murders And The Search For The Final Victim
    Duncan Staff - Paperback - Bantam
    In Lancashire, in the 1960s, four children were murdered by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, the body of one of their victims, Keith Barrett, has never been found. This book presents the story of some of the 20th-century's most notorious crimes. It explores various aspects of these murders and their long-felt aftermath.
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    The Cartel: The Inside Story Of Britain's Biggest Drugs Gang
    Graham Johnson - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    The Cartel is Britain's biggest drugs organisation - a shadowy network stretching from the banks of the Mersey to the marinas of Marbella, and from the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the trading floors of Canary Wharf. It is run by godfathers as rich as Branson but kept in line by a new generation of teenage killers. This is their story.
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    The Glasgow Curse: My Life In The Criminal Underworld
    William Lobban - Paperback - Birlinn
    This chilling and disturbing memoir tells the story of one of Glasgow's most notorious criminals, a man accused of many murders. Writing in his own words, William Lobban tells how he was born in Exeter Prison to a violent, schizophrenic mother and went on to start his own career in crime.
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    Crime And Community In Reformation Scotland: Negotiating Power In A Burgh Society
    Robert Falconer - Hardback - Pickering & Chatto
    Based on church and state records from the burgh of Aberdeen, this study explores the deeper social meaning behind petty crime during the Reformation. Falconer argues that an analysis of both criminal behaviour and law enforcement provides a unique view into the workings of an early modern urban Scottish community.
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    The Dark Heart Of Hollywood: Glamour, Guns And Gambling - Inside The Mafia's Global Empire
    Douglas Thompson - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    This book reveals the sinister true story of the Mafia in Hollywood: it strips away the veneer of the movie studios' American Dream. Crammed with legends, myths, murders, madness, mayhem, superstar tantrums, super-sexed starlets, power brokers and politics, it is an ambitious account of Hollywood's hidden history.
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    The Cocaine Diaries: A Venezuelan Prison Nightmare
    Paul Keany - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    When Paul Keany proceeded through Caracas airport in Venezuela with six kilos of cocaine hidden in his suitcase, he was expecting a holiday in the sun with a pay packet of 10,000 Euros: enough to pay off a bank loan and a few small debts. But Paul quickly realised he was in serious trouble.
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    The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story Of A Child Raised By Monkeys
    Marina Chapman - Hardback - Mainstream Publishing
    In 1954, a young girl was abducted and then abandoned in the Colombian rainforest. So begins the incredible story of Marina Chapman, who went on to spend five years in the jungle, her only family being a troop of capuchin monkeys. Using instinct to guide her, she copied everything they did and soon learned to fend for herself. At around ten years old, a feral Marina was returned to civilisation by hunters, who sold her to a brothel. Beaten daily and groomed to be a prostitute, she escaped and lived as a street kid. However, Marina's life as a wild child wasn't over - in some ways, it had only just begun.
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    Glasgow: The Real Mean City
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Glasgow formed Britain's first professional police force in the 19th century and men such as Superintendent James Smart fought to stem the crime that at times seemed to overwhelm the city. The police had an often thankless task and this book chronicles the century long struggle of the forces of law and order to bring peace to a troubled city.
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    The World's End: A Thirty-Year Quest For Justice
    Tom Wood - Paperback - Birlinn
    The authors presents an account of the murder of two young women, Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, who died in October 1977, and of the thirty year investigation that followed.
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    A Glasgow Gang Observed
    James Patrick - Paperback - Neil Wilson Publishing
    In the 1960's a 26-year-old schoolmaster at a Scottish reformatory (List D) School, under the alias of James Patrick, went undercover with the help of one of his pupils to study the often violent behaviour of the teenagers in a gang in Glasgow. This book became one of the first published observations of a Glasgow gang. This third edition features a new preface from the author.

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