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  • Cover scan of The Mount Stewart Murder
    The Mount Stewart Murder: A Re-Examination Of The UK's Oldest Unsolved Murder Case
    Chris Paton - Paperback - History
    A solution to a true-life murder mystery, providing anatomy of a murder which took place in Perthshire, Scotland in 1866. Just who was the killer at Mount Stewart Farm?
  • Cover scan of Blink
    Blink: A Journey Through Gangland Mayhem
    Ian MacDonald - Paperback - Mainstream
    Ian MacDonald slashed, fought and robbed his way to the top of the Scottish underworld ladder. His reputation earned him an offer as lieutenant of Scotland's most notorious criminal, Arthur Thompson, but MacDonald had other plans. This is his story.
  • Cover scan of The Cocaine Diaries
    The Cocaine Diaries: A Venezuelan Prison Nightmare
    Paul Keany - Paperback - Mainstream
    When Paul Keany proceeded through Caracas airport in Venezuela with six kilos of cocaine hidden in his suitcase, he was expecting a holiday in the sun with a pay packet of 10,000 Euros: enough to pay off a bank loan and a few small debts. But Paul quickly realised he was in serious trouble.
  • Cover scan of In For The Kill
    In For The Kill: A True Story Of Hunting Evil
    Christine Joanna Hart - Paperback - Mainstream
    Abandoned as a baby by her mother on the doorstep of a convent, then abused by her adoptive parents, Christine Hart's childhood was one of loneliness. Hart's methods of self-preservation meant she had no idea of her true self but it made her ideal for deep undercover work with, first, the British security services and then the press.
  • Cover scan of Manx Murders

    Manx Murders: 150 Years Of Island Madness, Mayhem And Manslaughter
    Keith Wilkinson - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Manx Murders' is a mysterious collection of murder cases committed on the island over the last 150 years, from the brutal murder of a spinster one dark night on a lonely track near Ramsey to an equally savage attack on a widow in her garden in the busy centre of Douglas.
  • Cover scan of Schapelle Corby
    Schapelle Corby: The Explosive True Story Of One Of The World's Most Famous Drug Busts
    Eamonn Duff - Paperback - Mainstream
    A reckless father, his dark past, a drug trafficker and the Gold Coast beauty school drop out who kept her mouth shut. This is the explosive untold story of Schapelle Corby and how she took the rap for her father's drug syndicate.
  • Cover scan of A Glasgow Gang Observed
    A Glasgow Gang Observed
    James Patrick - Paperback - Neil Wilson
    In the 1960's a 26-year-old schoolmaster at a Scottish reformatory (List D) School, under the alias of James Patrick, went undercover with the help of one of his pupils to study the often violent behaviour of the teenagers in a gang in Glasgow. This book became one of the first published observations of a Glasgow gang.
  • Cover scan of The Butler Did It
    The Butler Did It: My True And Terrifying Encounters With A Serial Killer
    Paul Pender - Paperback - Mainstream
    Roy Fontaine, the alias of Archie Hall, was infamous as a bisexual butler to Britain's aristocracy, & a rumoured lover of Lord Mountbatten. His modus operandi was to gain the confidence of his wealthy employers before taking their jewels and then their lives. Paul Pender reveals the secrets of Archie Hall's double life.
  • Cover scan of Caught In The Crossfire
    Caught In The Crossfire: Scotland's Deadliest Drugs War
    Russell Findlay - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is the explosive story of how the Daniel-Lyons feud engulfed a community and spread from the mean streets into the corridors of power.
  • Cover scan of A Sink Of Atrocity
    A Sink Of Atrocity: Crime Of 19th Century Dundee
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White
    In this work, Malcolm Archibald reveals the real 19th-century Dundee and the ordinary and extraordinary crimes that took place. As well as the usual domestic violence, fighting and robberies, Dundee was also beset with a catalogue of different crimes during the century.

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