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  • Cover scan of The Crime Factory
    The Crime Factory: The Shocking True Story Of A Front-Line CID Detective
    Officer 'A' - Paperback - Mainstream
    Welcome to the Criminal Investigation Department, aka the Crime Factory. Where the cops take and sell drugs, where they fit up and harass criminals, drink-drive and abuse every aspect of their power, but also perform life-saving medical care in the street and find missing children, arrest thieves, muggers, rapists, dealers and murderers.
  • Cover scan of Evil Relations
    Evil Relations: The Man Who Bore Witness Against The Moors Murderers
    David Smith - Paperback - Mainstream
    In 'Evil Relations', interviews, archival research and, most significantly, David Smith's own vivid memoir are fused to create an unforgettable, often harrowing account of his life before, during and after the Moors Murders.
  • Cover scan of Celtic Soccer Crew
    Celtic Soccer Crew: What The Hell Do We Care?
    John O'Kane - Paperback - John Blake
    John O'Kane delivers a gripping tale of a life dedicated to football violence and gives an unparalleled insight into the reality of being a career hooligan.
  • Cover scan of Killer Doctors
    Killer Doctors: The Ultimate Betrayal Of Trust
    Kenneth J. Gibson - Paperback - Neil Wilson
    Despite the high regard in which they are held by society, doctors are driven by the same desires and needs as any other human beings. And they are also susceptible to those demons that make murderers of us. This is a macabre insight into a series of cases involving killer doctors from around the world.
  • Cover scan of Once Upon A Crime
    Once Upon A Crime: I Grew Up In Britain's Hardest City, Where The Only Way To Survive Was On Your Wits
    Jimmy Cryans - Paperback - John Blake
    This is the true story of Jimmy Cryans. It is a story of growing up in Glasgow's East End during the 50s and 60s and how he became involved in a life of crime. Jimmy speaks about the various characters he met and his dealings with some of Britain's major criminals. Jimmy's story also reveals his lifelong quest to find himself.
  • Cover scan of Gang Of One
    Gang Of One
    Gary Mulgrew - Hardback - Hodder & Stoughton
    Imagine you're a 35 year old, white, British, middle-class businessman sentenced to three years in Big Spring, one of America's most notorious prisons. You've been told that if get into any trouble, your sentence will be doubled. You've just said goodbye to your lawyer. You're on your own. You are a gang of one.
  • Cover scan of The Doctor Dissected
    The Doctor Dissected: A Cultural Autopsy Of The Burke And Hare Murders
    Caroline McCracken-Flesher - Hardback - Oxford University Press
    In 1828, Robert Knox was Edinburgh's charismatic anatomist - but eager medical students needed corpses to practice on, and Knox was supplied by the murderers Burke and Hare. 'The Doctor Dissected' shows how this local crime became a trauma that echoes down the years as fact and fiction and into modern media - particularly in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Stirling
    Lynne Wilson - Paperback - History
    From cases as famous as the execution of Andrew Hardie and John Baird for high treason in 1820, to little-known crimes such as that of 84 year old Allan Mair, hung for the murder of his 85 year old wife in 1843, this book sheds a new light on Stirling's criminal history.
  • Cover scan of Beyond All Evil
    Beyond All Evil
    June Thomson - Paperback - HarperElement
    June Thomson and Giselle Ross are inextricably linked by two unspeakable acts of evil. On the same day, a few miles apart, their estranged husbands slaughtered their children. The murders were not driven by rage, or committed in moments of madness. They were planned, and carried out with chilling precision.
  • Cover scan of Wildlife Crime
    Wildlife Crime: The Making Of An Investigations Officer
    Dave Dick - Paperback - Whittles
    Through the professional life of Dave Dick, the RSPB's Senior Scottish Investigation Officer between 1984 and 2006, the often murky world of wildlife crime is revealed. He examines the motives of both criminals and their pursuers in an attempt to show the truth of what has become a highly-charged and politicised topic.

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