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  • Cover scan of Empire Of Crime
    Empire Of Crime: Organised Crime In The British Empire
    Timothy Newark - Paperback - Mainstream
    In 1908, British reformers banned the export of Indian opium to China. As a result, the world price of opium soared and a century of lucrative drug smuggling began. Criminal producers in other countries exploited the prohibition and gang wars broke out. This book introduces the reader to a collection of heroes and villains.
  • Cover scan of True Storey
    True Storey: My Life And Crimes As A Football Hatchet Man
    Peter Storey - Paperback - Mainstream
    This is the autobiography of notorious 1970s football legend Peter Storey, dubbed 'the bastard's bastard', who had a reputation for ultra-violence on the pitch and a capacity to find even greater trouble off it, a fact borne out by a string of criminal convictions and jail sentences over the years.
  • Cover scan of Gentle Johnny Ramensky
    Gentle Johnny Ramensky: The Extraordinary True Story Of The Safe Blower Who Became A War Hero
    Robert Jeffrey - Paperback - Black & White
    This is the tale of a boy reared in the poverty of the Gorbals who became one of the world's most extraordinary safe blowers, spending more than 40 years in jail. But when World War II broke out, Ramensky joined the elite Commandos and his story became legend.
  • Cover scan of Trouble In Mind
    Trouble In Mind: An Autobiography
    Bernard O'Mahoney - Paperback - Mainstream
    Growing up in Dunstable, O'Mahoney bore the brunt of his father's psychotic violence. After a spell in the army, he served two prison sentences for wounding, before moving to Basildon and forming the Essex Boys firm, one of the most successful and violent criminal gangs in British history.
  • Cover scan of The Wicked Mr Hall
    The Wicked Mr Hall: The Memoirs Of The Butler Who Loved To Kill
    Roy Archibald Hall - Hardback - John Blake
    These are the memoirs of thief and serial killer Roy Archibald Hall who, whilst working as a butler, murdered a former lover, his employers and his half brother.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow's Godfather
    Glasgow's Godfather: The Astonishing Inside Story Of Walter Norval, The City's First Crime Boss
    Robert Jeffrey - Paperback - Black & White
    Walter Norval was a man marked by destiny to be a career criminal in one of Britain's hardest cities. As a youngster he ran 'messages' for the toughest gangsters in the city and stood guard over the pots of cash in illegal gambling schools. This title tells his story.
  • Cover scan of Witness
    Witness: The Story Of David Smith, Chief Prosecution Witness In The Moors Murders Case
    David Smith - Paperback - Mainstream
    On 7 October 1965, 17-year-old David Smith called Hyde police from a telephone box on Hattersley overspill estate in Manchester. The story that he had to tell of the brutal murder he had witnessed the previous evening set in motion the detection of Britain's most infamous serial killings: the Moors Murders.
  • Cover scan of Siberian Education
    Siberian Education
    Nicolai Lilin - Paperback - Canongate
    Set in a small and tight-knit community of honest criminals in a remote part of Russia, this is a tale of an extreme, exotic and violent boyhood. Told from the perspective of a boy gaining his education as a member of the Mafia-like Urkas in Transnistria, we get a glimpse inside the strict codes of honour of Siberia.
  • Cover scan of Fog On The Tyne
    Fog On The Tyne: The Story Of Britain's Bloodiest Gang War
    Bernard O'Mahoney - Paperback - Mainstream
    In 'Fog on the Tyne', best-selling true-crime author Bernard O'Mahoney will clear the fog that has engulfed the origins of Britain's bloodiest gangland war and reveal for the first time how and why it spiralled out of control, leaving many injured and others dead.
  • Cover scan of The Krays
    The Krays: A Violent Business
    Colin Fry - Paperback - Mainstream
    Ron and Reg Kray, the most notorious and vicious gangsters Britain has ever produced, used everything and everyone to get what they wanted. This book unravels the complex lives of the Kray brothers, the true extent of their crimes and the duplicitous dealings of Ron and Reg even from behind prison bars.

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