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  • Cover scan of One Of Your Own
    One Of Your Own: The Life And Death Of Myra Hindley
    Carol Ann Lee - Paperback - Mainstream
    On 15 November 2002, Myra Hindley died in prison, one of the rare women whose crimes were deemed so indefensible that 'life' really did mean 'life'. But who was the woman behind the headlines? This text draws on a wide range of resources, including Hindley's own unseen writings, hundreds of prison files, interviews and research.
  • Cover scan of Doctors Who Kill
    Doctors Who Kill: Profiles Of Lethal Medics
    Carol Anne Davis - Paperback - Allison & Busby
    In a comprehensive study of violent crimes perpetrated by health care professionals, Carol Anne Davis offers valuable insights into 34 case studies involving doctors and nurses who have crossed the line from healer to killer.
  • Cover scan of
    "Yellow Kid" Weil: The Autobiography Of America's Master Swindler
    J. R. Weil - Paperback - AK
    Bilked bankers, grifted gamblers, and swindled spinsters: welcome to the world of confidence men. You'll marvel at the elaborate schemes developed by The Yellow Kid and cry for the marks who lost it all to his ingenuity - $8,000,000 by some estimations.
  • Cover scan of The Savage City
    The Savage City: Race, Murder And A Generation On The Edge
    T. J. English - Paperback - Mainstream
    In the early 1960s, the 'Mad Men' era, a mood of uncertainty and menace gripped New York City. At the centre of the unrest was a poisonous divide between two camps in the city: the deeply corrupt, cynical and racist police of the era and the African American community, buffeted by economic distress and the spread of narcotics.
  • Cover scan of The Underworld Captain
    The Soldier's Secret: From Gangland Goodfella To Army Officer
    Alexander Shannon - Paperback - Mainstream
    In this book, army captain Alex Shannon reveals how he escaped his shady gangland past to enjoy a glittering career in the army, only to find himself back in the thick of criminal activity. He reveals how he managed to combine his successful army career with dangerous gangland dealings for so long and how he finally broke free.
  • Cover scan of Blood In The Glens
    Blood In The Glens: True Crime From The Scottish Highlands
    Jean McLennan - Paperback - Black & White
    Murders and unexplained deaths happen wherever there are people and, despite its sparse population, the Highlands have had more than their fair share. Jean McLennan, an honorary Sheriff from Wick, investigates some of the most chilling crimes committed in the north over the last 60 years.
  • Cover scan of The Appin Murder
    The Appin Murder: The Killing Of The Red Fox
    Seamus Carney - Paperback - Birlinn
    The Appin murder remains one of Scotland's most famous unsolved murders, and was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Kidnapped' and 'Catriona'. This text examines the events surrounding the murder and its aftermath.
  • Cover scan of The Monster Butler
    The Monster Butler: Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer
    A. M. Nicol - Paperback - Black & White
    Archibald Hall was one of Scotland's most enigmatic criminals. A man of multiple personas, Hall was more widely known as Roy Fontaine, the Monster Butler who murdered 5 people, including his own brother. This book tells Hall's story and reveals new insights into his crimes and motivations.
  • Cover scan of The Killer Within
    The Killer Within: In The Company Of Monsters
    Philip Carlo - Paperback - Mainstream
    When true crime writer Philip Carlo learnt he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a terminal illness that causes all of the muscles in the body to atrophy over time, Carlo himself began to prepare for his own end. In 'The Killer Within', Carlo documents his difficult experiences with ALS.
  • Cover scan of Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano: Mafia Murderer And Secret Agent
    Timothy Newark - Paperback - Mainstream
    For the first 25 years of his criminal career, Charles 'Lucky' Luciano was a vicious mobster, king of the New York underworld. For the next 25 years of his life, Luciano was a legend, but a fake master criminal without real power, his evil reputation manipulated and maintained by the government agents who had put him behind bars.

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