True Crime

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  • Cover scan of The UN's Lone Ranger
    The UN's Lone Ranger: Combating International Wildlife Crime
    John M. Sellar - Paperback - Whittles Publishing
    John M. Sellar provides an overview and insight into the organised and sophisticated nature of international wildlife crime and its impact upon species and society. He explains why several of the world's most iconic species may soon become extinct because of crime, why the current response is inadequate and why it should not be too difficult to alter the prognosis. He also examines why natural resource exploitation has become one of the world's most significant organized crime activities.
  • Cover scan of Underground
    Suelette Dreyfus - Paperback - Canongate
    Tracing an international ring of computer hackers which spanned three continents and nearly a decade of computer crime, this title weaves a gripping tale against a backdrop of cutting edge technology.
  • Cover scan of The Underworld Captain
    The Soldier's Secret: From Gangland Goodfella To Army Officer
    Alexander Shannon - Paperback - Mainstream
    In this book, army captain Alex Shannon reveals how he escaped his shady gangland past to enjoy a glittering career in the army, only to find himself back in the thick of criminal activity. He reveals how he managed to combine his successful army career with dangerous gangland dealings for so long and how he finally broke free.
  • Cover scan of Urban Smuggler
    Urban Smuggler
    Andrew Pritchard - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Urban Smuggler' chronicles the rollicking life story of one of the most prolific smugglers of our time. Andrew Pritchard reveals just how easy it can be to import shiploads of contraband into the UK and exposes the corruption within the law-enforcement agencies tasked to tackle this kind of crime.

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