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  • Cover scan of The Marrying Of Chani Kaufman
    The Marrying Of Chani Kaufmann
    Eve Harris - Paperback - SandstonePress
    19-year-old Chani lives in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community of North West London. She has never had physical contact with a man, but is bound to marry a stranger. The rabbi's wife teaches her what it means to be a Jewish wife, but Rivka has her own questions to answer. Soon, buried secrets, fear and sexual desire bubble to the surface in a story of liberation and choice.
  • Cover scan of My Resignation
    My Resignation
    James Hall - Paperback - Austin & Macauley
    The unnamed protagonist of 'My Resignation' is a former senior manager in a government-run organisation. On retirement he sets out on a new career of voluntary and charity commitments, but quickly becomes upset at some changes being made to his old firm. This led to frequent letter-writing to MP's and government officials - with little real success. Driven to despair, he decides to stand for the new Scottish parliament, where he feels that he might be able to pursue his grievances better. He narrowly fails to win a seat, but his campaign attracts the attention of a rich, titled and influential individual, who offers him support in the next Westminster election, not too far away. The deal, as well as personal support, offers him some supporting candidates, and their surprising success allows him to form a new Party, the Federal UK Alliance.
  • Cover scan of Midnight's Captive
    Midnight's Captive
    Donna Grant - Paperback - St. Martin's Paperbacks
    Laura Black knows her boss is a man of many secrets - hauntedby some unknowable force, driven by some unspeakable destiny - and yet it makes her crave the devilishly handsome, charming Charon all the more. When she uncovers a betrayal that will send her into a world of magic, she turns to the only one she trusts: Charon. Even when she's in jeopardy of losing her heart.
  • Cover scan of The Missing Shade Of Blue
    The Missing Shade Of Blue
    Jennie Erdal - Paperback - Abacus
    When translator Edgar Logan arrives from his home in Paris to work in Edinburgh he anticipates a period of enlightenment and calm. But with a chance meeting with the philosopher Harry Sanderson and his captivating artist wife, Edgar's meticulously circumscribed life is suddenly propelled into drama and crisis.
  • Cover scan of My Year Of Meats
    My Year Of Meat
    Ruth L. Ozeki - Paperback - Canongate
    'My Year of Meats' tells the story of a parallel year in the lives of two women at opposite ends of the Earth, who are brought together in a strange convergence of global politics, meat, television and personal crisis.
  • Cover scan of Mo Said She Was Quirky
    Mo Said She Was Quirky
    James Kelman - Paperback - Penguin Books
    James Kelman tells the story of Helen - a sister, a mother, a daughter - a very ordinary young woman. Her boyfriend said she was quirky but it was more than that. Some things were important. You had to fight for them. Only Helen wasn't as strong as people thought.
  • Cover scan of Midnight's Kiss
    Midnight's Kiss
    Donna Grant - Paperback - St. Martin's
    Dr. Ronnie Reid knows how distracting a man can be on an archaeological dig. She has felt the power of instant attraction before, and the sting of on-site affairs. But she's never met a man like Arran MacCarrick. A man who could take her on the kind of adventure that would leave her begging for more.
  • Cover scan of Mule Train
    Mule Train
    Huw Francis - Paperback - Mule Train
    Four lives come together in the remote and spectacular mountains bordering Afghanistan and explode in a deadly cocktail of treachery, betrayal and violence. Written with a deep love of Pakistan and Pakistani people, 'Mule Train' will take you through Karachi to the Shandur Pass in a fast-moving adventure.
  • Cover scan of Music From Home
    Music From Home
    Geraldine O'Neill - Paperback - Poolbeg
    Maria Conti leads a full, vibrant life in 1960s Manchester, spending her time at her widowed father's Italian restaurant. But when Leo is tragically killed, Maria finds herself in the middle of a war between her Italian and her Irish relatives.
  • Cover scan of Me And You
    Me And You
    Niccolò€ Ammaniti - Paperback - Canongate
    Lorenzo Cuni is a 14-year-old loner. His wealthy parents think he is away on a school skiing trip, but in fact he has stowed away in a forgotten cellar. For a week he plans to live in perfect isolation, keeping the adult world at bay. Then a visit from his estranged half-sister, Olivia, changes everything.

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