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  • Cover scan of We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
    We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
    James Meek - Hardback - Canongate
    With all the explosive drama of 'The People's Act of Love', James Meek's novel spans continents and cultures. It is a timeless tale of folly and the pursuit of love, set against the incendiary politics of our time.
  • Cover scan of When To Walk
    When To Walk
    Rebecca Gowers - Paperback - Canongate
    City living's not all it's cracked up to be. Not when you're stuck at home writing articles on foreign travel and the furthest trip you've made in months is to the shop down the street. Then your no-good husband interrupts your research to declare your marriage is dead.
  • Cover scan of The Wasp Factory
    The Wasp Factory
    Iain Banks - Compact Disc - Hachette Audio
    Frank, no ordinary 16-year-old, lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village. His elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital. When news comes of Eric's escape, Frank has to prepare the ground for his brother's inevitable return.
  • Cover scan of The Well-Tempered Clavier
    The Well-Tempered Clavier: Based On A True Story
    William Coles - Paperback - Legend
    Set at Eton College against the backdrop of the Falklands War, this novel tells the story of a torrid, intensely-emotional love affair which develops between schoolboy Kim and his 23-year-old female piano teacher.
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    The White Cliffs
    Suhayl Saadi - Paperback - BBC Audiobooks
    Far out to sea Adam & Lily can see a dark shape that moves. It looks like an island but no-one seems to know what it is. When they reach the island it's not black but white. White cliffs rise above them, beneath the sea, lie the ghosts of the past.
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    Janet Paisley - Paperback - BBC Audiobooks
    Jas overhears his wife in bed with an Italian. His plan to retire early & spend their winters in Italy is out the window. He tries to confront Linda but it all goes wrong. Is she toying with him? She's toying with lots of other things!
  • Cover scan of West Coast
    West Coast
    Kate Muir - Hardback - Headline Review
    A celebrated Brit Art photographer in Noughties' London finds himself going over his childhood in a tenement with his resentful mother after his fisherman father drowns. Follow him from scabby-kneed schoolboy to ambitious artist, from a squat to a mansion, from rent boys to an aristocratic marriage.
  • Cover scan of Writing In The Sand
    Writing In The Sand
    Angus MacKay Dunn - Paperback - Luath
    At the farthest end of the Dark Island, to the north of Inverness, lies the village of Cromness, where the normal round of domino matches, meetings of the Ladies' Guild and twice-daily netting of salmon continues as it always has done. But all is not well.
  • Cover scan of White Man Falling
    White Man Falling
    Mike Stocks - Paperback - Alma
    Police sub-inspector R.M. Swaminathan has lost his job after suffering a stroke. He can no longer talk properly or command the respect of his community. But as strange incidents occur, Swami's hometown starts to believe he is walking with God.
  • Cover scan of The Worms Can Carry Me To Heaven
    The Worms Can Carry Me To Heaven
    Alan Warner - Paperback - Vintage
    Manolo Follano, a 40-year-old Spanish roué, has built a comfortable life for himself in his hometown by the sea. For a playboy like Manolo to be told by his doctor that he is HIV positive is, it would seem, the end of everything. However, this devastating news is only the beginning.

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