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  • Cover scan of Sia Dealbhan-Cluiche
    Sia Dealbhan-Cluiche - Alasdair Caimbeul - Paperback
    A collection of six new plays by a popular and well-established Gaelic author. A wide variety of situations and characters are brought to life by Campbell's perceptive and enjoyable writing.
  • Cover scan of Steall à Iomadh Lòn
    Steall à Iomadh Lòn - Seonaidh Ailig Mac a' Phearsain - Paperback
    A fascinating and compelling memoir by a man who has spent a significant part of his life involved in Gaelic development, both in his native Scotland and in Canada, where he now lives. He has been a broadcaster, essayist, educationalist and poet, not to mention head of PR at a Canadian nuclear power plant.
  • Cover scan of Suthainn Sìor
    Suthainn Sìor - Norma NicLeòid - Paperback
    The final book in MacLeod's trilogy, which started with Dìleas Donn and continued with Taingeil Toilichte. We see how the family's lives are progressing as they continue to deal with love, faith, sadness, hope and uncertainty.
  • Cover scan of An Druim Bho Thuath
    An Druim Bho Thuath - Tormod Caimbeul - Paperback
    Campbell's third novel, written in his unique and entertaining style. Set in Lewis, it relates a fast-paced and thrilling chain of events where nothing is quite as it seems.
  • Cover scan of San Dùthaich Ùir
    San Dùthaich Ùir - Alison Lang - Paperback
    Anna looks up to both her mother and her Aunt Marguerite who live such different lives. Her mother's is one of work and duty whereas Marguerite's ways are quite different. Anna eventually makes her way to university and the beginnings of yet another kind of life.
  • Cover scan of Air a Thòir
    Air A Thòir - Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir - Paperback
    If you wanted to stalk a complete stranger in secret, how would you do it? Award-winning writer Martin MacIntyre is at his insightful, thought-provoking best as he draws us into a world both familiar and menacing, where his main characters play out their lives amid a vibrant supporting casr in a succession of vivid situations.
  • Cover scan of Fo Sgail A' Swastika
    Fo Sgail A' Swastika - Dòmhnall Iain MacDhòmhnaill - Pbk. + CD
    This is the story of one man's experiences of World War Two after being forced to surrender to the Germans.
  • Cover scan of Sùlaisgeir
    Sùlaisgeir: The Photographs Of James MacGeoch - James MacGeoch - Pbk. + CD
    In the 1950s James MacGeoch stayed several times on the gannet colony of Sùlaisgeir with the men of Ness in Lewis. His black and white photographs are an historic portfolio of these times.
  • Cover scan of Tarmod
    Tarmod: Cruinneachadh Dhèn Bhàrdachd Aig - Tarmod MacLeòid - Paperback
    Norman MacLeod provides the reader with a varied choice of local compositions ranging in theme from descriptions of local events to the beauties of nature.
  • Cover scan of Obair Gun Duais? A Thankless Task?
    Obair Gun Duais? / A Thankless Task?: Alexander Carmichael As A Collector Of Gaelic Bird Names - Tristan Ap Rheinallt - Paperback
    A history of Gaelic bird names written in Gaelic and English.
There were 40 books found.
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