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  • Cover scan of Old Dalry In Edinburgh
    Old Dalry In Edinburgh
    Malcolm Cant - Paperback - Stenlake
    The photographs in this title illustrate all aspects of life in this part of Edinburgh. There are images of the North British Rubber Company's works, Mather's engineering works and the Caledonian distillery, as well as of trams and cable-cars.
  • Cover scan of Old Dunoon And Cowal
    Old Dunoon And Cowal
    John Macleay - Paperback - Stenlake
    For years the haunt of holidaying Glaswegians, this book captures Dunoon and the Cowal peninsula in the days when tourists were delivered by steamers and when a paddle in the sea and a promenade along the pier were all the ingredients necessary for a great Fair holiday.
  • Cover scan of Old Edinburgh
    Old Edinburgh: Views From Above
    John A. Jones - Paperback - Stenlake
    This collection of photographs, dating from 1930, are among the earliest aerial views of the city ever taken. Each image is accompanied by a description giving facts and figures, and creating a portrait of the city as it was when the heaviest traffic on the road was the tram.
  • Cover scan of Old West Linton
    Old West Linton: With Carlops, Lamancha, Romanno Bridge, Mountain Cross, Blyth Bridge, Kirkurd And Dolphinton
    T. C. Atkinson - Paperback - Stenlake
    Dating from the days when West Linton had a railway station, these sixty photographs represent the village when it was just beginning to attract new settlers from Edinburgh and when a trip down the main street by a wealthy local in his new car could still bring out the crowds.
  • Cover scan of A Change Is Gonna Come
    A Change Is Gonna Come: Music, Race & The Soul Of America
    Craig Werner - Paperback - Canongate
    'A Change is Gonna Come' tells the story of more than 40 years of black music. From Ray Charles to Ice Cube, it draws lively character sketches of all the major musicians, filling in the background historical events.
  • Cover scan of Culloden Moor 1746
    Culloden Moor 1746: The Death Of The Jacobite Cause
    Stuart Reid - Paperback - Osprey
    This is a study of the final demise of the Jacobite cause on Culloden Moor in 1746. It shows that the British had a very pro-active role in the battle, not merely staving off defeat, but seizing victory with a series of counterattacks.
  • Cover scan of In Search Of Willie Patterson
    In Search Of Willie Patterson: A Scottish Soldier In The Age Of Imperialism
    Fred Reid - Paperback - Cualann
    This title tells the story of Fred Reid's quest to understand the grandfather he never knew, a soldier who fought in the East African campaign during World War I. In telling it, he is frank about the great pains a blind man must take to overcome many barriers to research.
  • Cover scan of Not Of This World
    Not Of This World: Creatures Of The Supernatural In Scotland
    Maurice Fleming - Paperback - Mercat
    Maurice Fleming describes the uncanny and often grotesque creatures that once haunted the Scottish landscape. They were under the ground, in the woods, in lochs and streams, even found at home.
  • Cover scan of A Passion For Scotland

    A Passion For Scotland
    David R. Ross - Paperback - Luath
    The Scotland of the past and the Scotland of the future. That is the essence of 'A Passion for Scotland', and its author David Ross takes the reader on a passionate journey through the story of the country.
  • Cover scan of Watt's Perfect Engine
    Watt's Perfect Engine: Steam And The Age Of Invention
    Ben Marsden - Hardback - Icon
    James Watt has become a symbol of noble heroism, taking his place as a Great Briton. Ben Marsden here recounts a fascinating story of scientific and social upheaval in an age of radical change.

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