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  • Cover scan of Scottish Life And Society
    Scottish Life And Society: A Compendium Of Scottish Ethnology
    - Hardback - Tuckwell
    This volume brings together a team of contributors, who were each asked to prepare their chapter with a particular slant, so that Scottish education at all levels could be related to change.
  • Cover scan of Mining From Kirkintilloch To Clackmannan & Stirling To Slamannan
    Mining From Kirkintilloch To Clackmannan & Stirling To Slamannan
    Guthrie Hutton - Paperback - Stenlake
    In many ways, mining is Scotland's ghost industry, since many of its former settlements have vanished. This book spans the old counties of Clackmannanshire, Stirlingshire and East Dunbartonshire, with photographs of former miners and long-lost pits.
  • Cover scan of Old Elgin
    Old Elgin
    Iain Sinclair - Paperback - Stenlake
    Besides the expected views of the town, the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, are the Oakwood Rustic Motel (possibly the first in Scotland), trains struggling through the floods of 1915 and views of Bishopsmill and New Elgin.
  • Cover scan of Scotland
    Scotland: A Concise History
    Fitzroy Maclean - Paperback - Thames & Hudson
    Fitzroy Maclean's classic work has been updated with a new chapter by Magnus Linklater, examining how Scottish identity is faring in the wake of the first Scottish Parliament for nearly 300 years.
  • Cover scan of Old Prestwick
    Old Prestwick
    Ken Andrew - Paperback - Stenlake
    Best known for its Open golf course and its seaside delights, both of which are included, this book also features great Edwardian photographs of trams in Main Street, a picture of Glenburn Colliery, Prestwick Aerodrome and the United States Air Force Base.
  • Cover scan of Old East Lothian Villages

    Old East Lothian Villages
    David Anderson - Paperback - Stenlake
    This book covers a huge area of East Lothian with photographs of the following villages - Burnfoot, Stenton, Cockenzie, Port Seton, Oldhamstocks, Innerwick, Spott, Garvald, Nuraw, Gifford, Ormiston, Aberlady, Gullane, Dirleton, Whitekirk, Tyninghame, West Barns, Belhaven, Broxburn, Thorntonloch and Dunbar.
  • Cover scan of Wheels Around Edinburgh
    Wheels Around Edinburgh
    Alan W. Brotchie - Paperback - Stenlake
    This volume contains a varied collection of photographs featuring all sorts of wheeled transport including buses, trams, trains, lorries, bicycles and motorbikes. Mostly focusing on transport, the images also show locations across Edinburgh as they used to be.
  • Cover scan of Elizabeth
    Elizabeth: Behind Palace Doors
    Nicholas Davies - Paperback - Mainstream
    This volume examines the lives of the Queen, Prince Philip and their children and reveals the family's disturbing history of adultery, jealousy and mental cruelty. It examines the mood and the ambitions of the Queen at the start of the new millennium.
  • Cover scan of The Emperor's New Kilt
    The Emperor's New Kilt: The Two Secret Histories Of Scotland
    Jan-Andrew Henderson - Paperback - Mainstream
    This text reveals Scotland's two secret histories: the things Scots are famous for and shouldn't be, and the things they are not famous for but should be.
  • Cover scan of From Lochnaw To Manitoulin
    From Lochnaw To Manitoulin: A Highland Soldier's Tour Through Upper Canada
    - Paperback - Natural Heritage Books
    This is the journal of Lieutenant Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, who served with the 93rd Highland Regiment from 1835-1842. His correspondence with his family in Scotland provide a wealth of information about military life at that time.

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