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  • Cover scan of Rock Lighthouses Of Britain

    Rock Lighthouses Of Britain
    Christopher P. Nicholson - Paperback - Whittles
    In this book Chris Nicholson traces the construction and history of a number of rock lighthouses and the dramatic and often heroic happenings associated with them.
  • Cover scan of The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314
    The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314
    Leonard James - Paperback - Bretwalda
    A guidebook to the historic Battle of Bannockburn, the great triumph by Robert Bruce over Edward II of England that won independence for Scotland. The book is being released to mark the 700th anniversary of the battle and to coincide with the Scottish referendum on independence.
  • Cover scan of Sheriffmuir 1715
    Sheriffmuir 1715
    Stuart Reid - Hardback - Frontline Books
    'Sheriffmuir 1715' is the military history of a doomed Jacobite rising in Scotland, which enjoyed far more public support and arguably far more chance of success than Bonnie Prince Charlie's attempt 30 years later. Unlike the '45, the uprising which culminated in the brutal battle of Sheriffmuir was very much a Scottish affair, fought without either French troops or assistance, and unashamedly aimed at reversing the hated Union with England and re-asserting Scotland's independence. However, in this study, a completely fresh look is taken at the campaign, while the battle is reassessed in the light of a thorough knowledge of the ground and the armies which fought there.
  • Cover scan of Thistle Versus Rose
    Thistle Versus Rose: Scotland, England And 700 Years Of Love, Hatred And Indifference
    - Paperback - Sceptre
    A hilarious miscellany of Anglo-Scots rivalry celebrating 700 years of love, hatred and indifference - published to mark the Scottish Independence referendum.
  • Cover scan of Self-Help
    Samuel Smiles - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    A best-seller immediately after its publication in 1859, 'Self-Help' propelled its author to fame and became one of Victorian Britain's most important statements on the allied virtues of hard work, thrift and perseverance.
  • Cover scan of Forensics
    Forensics: An Anatomy Of Crime
    Val McDermid - Paperback - Profile Books
    The dead talk. To the right listener, they tell us all about themselves. Through forensic medicine, a corpse, the scene of a crime or a single hair can reveal the secrets that hold the truth and allow justice to be done. But how much do we really understand about forensics? Crime author Val McDermid draws on the vast archives of Wellcome Collection and interviews with top-level professionals in all areas of forensic science to answer this question.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow's East End

    Glasgow's East End: A Social History
    Nuala Naughton - Hardback - Mainstream Publishing
    Of the four corners of Glasgow, the East End is the richest source of stories that reach back far into the annals of time. What began as a small patch of land owned by the ancient clergy has evolved through the ages, providing historians with a veritable treasure trove of colourful tales and interesting characters. This comprehensive anthology brings together the histories of the collective of districts that have developed over centuries and which give the East End of Glasgow its unique personality: the Gallowgate, Bridgeton, Calton, Parkhead, Shettleston, Tollcross and more. Many of the fading memories of latter years are kept alive in this oral history of Glasgow's East Enders, who have generously contributed their own anecdotes about life in an area that is poor in status yet rich in character.
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    Best Of Scotland
    John Macleod - Hardback - Birlinn
    From bagpipes, haggis, whisky and the midge to The Falkirk Wheel, John Knox, Loch Lomond and Dolly the Sheep, this book is a fascinating celebration of Scotland that will appeal to visitors and locals alike.
  • Cover scan of Picts, Gaels And Scots
    Picts, Gaels And Scots: Early Historic Scotland
    Sally M. Foster - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is a comprehensive overview which brings to life the ancestors of the modern Scottish people. It examines the origins of the Picts and the Gaels, and how they became Scots and looks at society including the role of kingship, industry and religion.
  • Cover scan of Fife's Last Days Of Colliery Steam
    Fife's Last Days Of Colliery Steam
    G. T. Heavyside - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    In 1947 almost six million tons of coal were produced by the 32 pits in Fife and almost 20,000 worked in the industry in the Kingdom. Integral to the effort were 57 steam locomotives, many of which are seen at work in this selection of photos from the 1960s and 1970s. The text is rich and detailed and contains special sections on the Fife Coal Company and the Wemyss Private Railway.

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