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  • Cover scan of Up Sauchie Doon Buckie
    Up Sauchie Doon Buckie: An Alang Argyle
    Andrew Stuart - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This is a revised edition of the late Andrew Stuart's classic Glasgow city centre book about the city's three most famous streets. The sequence of images in the book takes the form of a route starting with the damage inflicted on Charing Cross by the M8 motorway then going along Sauchiehall Street, down Buchanan Street and along the length of Argyle Street as far as the Trongate and the bottom of High Street. All these are accompanied by the author's text which he honed with anecdotes tried and tested in his many talks around Glasgow. The text has been revised to take account of changes that have taken place since the book was originally published in the early 1990s.
  • Cover scan of Flying In Pre-War Skies
    Flying In Pre-War Skies: Private Club Aviation 1920-1939
    Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    The title essentially describes the content of the book. As usual Ord-Hume has written a massive introduction in his usual humourous but informative style, followed by a great mass of photographs with long and detailed captions.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow's East End In The 70s
    Glasgow's East End In The 70s: From Gallowgate And London Road To Parkhead And Camlachie
    Peter Mortimer - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This is a collaboration between Glaswegian Peter Mortimer who has written the text and photographer Duncan McCallum who took these wonderful but grim photos of a grimy, resigned, and depressing 1970s Glasgow. As the subtitle suggests the book goes out east along London Road, Gallowgate, and Duke Street as far as Parkhead and Camlachie showing much in-between these points.
  • Cover scan of Edinburgh Housemails Taxation Book, 1634-1636
    Edinburgh Housemails Taxation Book, 1634-1636
    - Hardback - Scottish History Society
    This is a printed edition of an inventory of Edinburgh's properties, offering a fascinating snapshot of the fabric of a seventeenth-century European capital city.
  • Cover scan of Experiencing War As The 'Enemy Other'
    Experiencing War As The 'Enemy Other': Italian Scottish Experience In World War II
    Wendy Ugolini - Paperback - Manchester University Press
    An original and engaging study which examines the impact of World War Two on the Italian community in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Scotland In The Age Of Two Revolutions
    Scotland In The Age Of Two Revolutions
    - Hardback - The Boydell Press
    The 17th century was one of the most dramatic periods in Scotland's history, with two political revolutions, intense religious strife culminating in the beginnings of toleration, and the modernisation of the state and its infrastructure. This book provides a fresh perspective on the most important events and developments of the period.
  • Cover scan of Old Berwick
    Old Berwick
    John Griffiths - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This illustrated history of Berwick and environs features many unusual images of a town that has been much photographed in the past and is companion to the author's already published Old Spittal and Tweedmouth. About a quarter of the book is devoted to the landward settlements of Paxton, Horncliffe and Foulden and there are scenes outwith the town such as New Mills on the Whiteadder and fording boxes on the Tweed.
  • Cover scan of Old Burghead, Cummingston And Hopeman
    Old Burghead, Cummingston And Hopeman
    Douglas Lockhart - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    Burghead, Cummingston and Hopeman were planned settlements funded and built by local landowners to stimulate economic activity and thus increase the value of their estates. Fishing was the principal industry so harbour and maritime photographs form a large part of this book. Besides these there are photographs of the streets and social history like Baden-Powell's visit in 1915 and army camps of Seaforths and Gordons. The author ties this all together with very informative captions.
  • Cover scan of Old Lurgan
    Old Lurgan: With Waringstown And Moira
    Rose Jane Leslie - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This illustrated history has about 60 photos of these County Armagh settlements, the biggest of which is Lurgan, which had its origins in the 1610 Plantation of Ulster. From small beginnings Lurgan grew substantially with the development of the linen industry in the 19th century and the townscapes shown in the book reflect the architecture of the late Georgian and Victorian period. The book also includes the smaller settlements of Magheralin, Moira, Dollingstown, Maghera and Waringstown.
  • Cover scan of Old Seahouses
    Old Seahouses
    Katrina Porteous - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This book mainly covers the period 1900 to 1950 when the fishing industry was thriving and Seahouses was a working town. The sea, fisher life and fisher folk as well as the harbour and the lifeboat therefore dominate this book although it also includes old images of the town's streets almost devoid of life, unlike today when Seahouses teems with tourists.

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