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  • Cover scan of Stirlingshire's Mining Disasters
    Stirlingshire's Mining Disasters
    Matt O'Neill - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    This is the second volume in the late Matt O' Neill's history of Scotland's mining disasters. There are chapters on the disaters at Barrwood Colliery, Redding Colliery and Dumbreck Colliery as well as appendices on mining accidents in Stirlingshire, an index of victims, a bibliography and a glossary of mining terms.
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    The Literature Of Shetland
    Mark Ryan Smith - Paperback - The Shetland Times
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    Mirds O Wirds: A Shetland Dialect Word Book
    - Paperback - The Shetland Times
  • Cover scan of Bannockburn
    Bannockburn: The Battle For A Nation
    Alistair Moffat - Hardback - Birlinn
    Best-selling author Alistair Moffat offers fresh insights into one of the most famous battles in history. As 8000 Scottish solders, most of them spearmen, faced 18,000 English infantrymen, archers and mounted knights on the morning of Sunday 23 June 1314, many would have thought that the result waS a foregone conclusion. But after two days' fighting, the English were routed. Edward II fled to Dunbar and took ship for home, and only one English unit escaped from Scotland intact. The emphatic defeat of the much larger English force was the moment that enabled Scotland to remain independent and pursue a different destiny. This book follows the events of those two days that changed history.
  • Cover scan of Bannockburn
    Bannockburn: Scotland's Greatest Victory
    Peter Reese - Paperback - Canongate
    This volume takes a foray into Scottish history, looking at the Battle of Bannockburn, at which Robert the Bruce's army vanquished Edward I. It begins with the military clashes during the initial stages of the Wars of Independence.
  • Cover scan of Hidden St Andrews
    Hidden St Andrews: History On Your Doorstep And Under Your Feet
    Susan McMullan - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    'Hidden St Andrews' takes the reader on a journey through St Andrews like no other, revealing the forgotten and abandoned past that lies on our doorstep and under our feet, bringing to life St Andrews' unique charm and personality.
  • Cover scan of Robert The Bruce
    Robert The Bruce: King Of Scots
    Ronald McNair Scott - Paperback - Canongate
    Robert the Bruce is one of the great heroic figures of history. Scott uses the accounts of contemporary chroniclers, particularly those of John Barbour, to reconstruct the story of this remarkable medieval king.
  • Cover scan of From Huts To High Rises
    From Huts To High Rises: The History Of Housing In Kent
    J. P. Hollingsworth - Paperback - Stenlake Publishing
    'From Huts to High Rises' covers the history of housing in Kent from the Bronze Age to the present day. Covering everything from mud huts to mansions, the author describes the building methods and materials used through the ages.
  • Cover scan of Hidden Aberdeenshire
    Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Coast
    Fiona-Jane Brown - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    Following on from the bestselling 'Hidden Aberdeen', Fiona-Jane Brown now presents 'Hidden Aberdeenshire: The Coast', exploring the rich history and the most fascinating, quirky stories from the windswept lands beside the North Sea.
  • Cover scan of Blood On The Thistle
    Blood On The Thistle: The Heartbreaking Story Of The Cranston Family And Their Remarkable Sacrifice In The Great War
    Stuart Pearson - Hardback - John Blake
    'Blood on the Thistle' is the examination of the life and times of a remarkable Scottish family, the Cranstons of Haddington, East Lothian. It focuses on a period from about 1880, when the young, hard-working parents, Alec and Lizzy Cranston, arrived in Haddington, through to 1920, when the family they had produced had been torn apart by the effects of the Great War and broke up as its surviving members pursued seperate lives around the globe.

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