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  • Cover scan of John Maclean
    John Maclean: A Scottish Revolutionary Life
    Dave Sherry - Paperback - Bookmarks Publications
    In a year in which we commemorate the First World War and also debate the question of Scottish independence, John Maclean is a figure from working class history who can speak to us today. This concise biography highlights his power as an orator and organiser, and the tensions between revolutionary internationalism and Scottish nationalism in his activities.
  • Cover scan of Scotland Vs England

    Scotland Vs England: Whit Will They Dae Withoot Us?
    Ian Black - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    For 300 years, Scotland and England have stood together, united in glorious kinship. This text is full of angry jibes and gentle jokes between the Jocks and the Auld Enemy. It has been updated to cover the 2014 independence debate.
  • Cover scan of Central Glasgow Through Time
    Central Glasgow Through Time
    Etta Dunn - Paperback - Amberley
    This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which central Glasgow has changed and developed over the last century.
  • Cover scan of Glorious By My Sword

    Glorious By My Sword: The Army Of Montrose 1644-45 And The Military Revolution
    Charles Singleton - Paperback - Helion
    A young poet, leading a gallant band whose adventure ends in defeat, betrayal and execution, Montrose was a doomed King's general who dared to win, but lost everything. The author examines the troops and their operational doctrines and places the Scots Royalists within a greater European context. The book is enlivened by specially-commissioned colour uniform plates based on the latest research, showing how Montrose's troops really appeared on the battlefield.
  • Cover scan of Kings, Lords And Men In Scotland And Britain, 1300-1625
    Kings, Lords And Men In Scotland And Britain, 1300-1625: Essays In Honour Of Jenny Wormald
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Late medieval and early modern Scottish history has seen much recent work on 'kingship' and 'lordship', but the 15th and 16th centuries are usually studied separately. This collection brings them together in tribute to Jenny Wormald, one of the few scholars to bridge this divide.
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    Paisley Through Time
    Brian McGuire - Paperback - Amberley
    This selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which Paisley has changed and developed over the last century.
  • Cover scan of Robert The Bruce
    Robert The Bruce: King Of The Scots
    Michael A. Penman - Hardback - Yale University Press
    Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) was the famous unifier of Scotland and defeater of the English at Bannockburn - the legendary hero responsible for Scottish independence. Michael Penman retells the story of Robert's rise - his part in William Wallace's revolt against Edward I, his seizing of the Scottish throne after murdering his great rival John Comyn, his excommunication, and devastating battles against an enemy Scottish coalition - climaxing in his victory over Edward II's forces in June 1314. He then draws attention to the second part of the king's life after the victory that made his name.
  • Cover scan of The Scottish Highlands

    The Scottish Highlands: A Cultural History
    Andrew Beattie - Paperback - Signal Books
    The Scottish Highlands form the highest mountains in the British Isles, a broad arc of rocky peaks and deep glens stretching from the outskirts of Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen to the remote and storm-lashed Cape Wrath in Scotland's far northwest. Andrew Beattie explores the turbulent past and vibrant present of this landscape, where the legacy of events - from the first Celtic settlements to the Second World War and from the construction of military roads to mining for lead, slate and gold - have all left their mark.
  • Cover scan of The Scottish Nationality Test 2014/15
    The Scottish Nationality Test 2014/15: How Scottish Are You?
    Cameron McPhail - Paperback - B&W
    At a time when Scotland is once again considering life as an independent nation, this book is essential reading for any citizen or visitor with a sense of humour. So, how Scottish are you?
  • Cover scan of The Trials Of Lady Jane Douglas
    The Trials Of Lady Jane Douglas: The Scandal That Divided 18th Century Britain
    Karl Sabbagh - Hardback - Skyscraper
    This title looks at the mystery of Lady Jane Douglas, sister of the richest man in Scotland, did she give birth to twins in Paris in 1748, or did she buy them from French peasants?

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