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  • Cover scan of Brochs Of Scotland
    Brochs Of Scotland
    J. N. G. Ritchie - Paperback - Shire
    This volume examines some of the best ancient monuments in Britain - the iron age brochs of north & west Scotland. It sets the building of these fortifications into context & looks at some of the theories that have been proposed for their origins.
  • Cover scan of Blood Of Kings
    Blood Of Kings: The Stuarts, The Ruthvens And The 'Gowrie Conspiracy'
    J. D. Davies - Hardback - Ian Allan
    This is a story of murder, lust for power and revenge. It reveals startling evidence that links the 'Gowrie Conspiracy' of 1600 to an assassination that changed the course of European history, and considers the possibility that the bloodline of Mary Queen of Scots might have no legitimate right to the throne.
  • Cover scan of Banff Strike Wing At War
    Banff Strike Wing At War: A Unique Photographic History 1939-45
    Leslie Taylor - Hardback - Halsgrove
    This title is a photographic history of RAF Banff Strike Wing, 1944-1945, comprising 175 photographs, together with rare documents and other artefacts.
  • Cover scan of The British Confederate
    The British Confederate: Archibald Campbell, Marquess Of Argyll, C. 1607-1661
    Allan I. Macinnes - Hardback - John Donald
    Allan I. MacInnes reviews Argyll's formative influence in shaping British frontier policy during the period 1607-38 and his radical leadership of the Covenanting Movement in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Bonnie Prince Charlie
    Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Life
    Peter Piniński - Hardback - Amberley
    Prince Charles Edward's life is often focused on the 1745 Rising. But this new biography charts his early life and reveals the Polish origin of his astonishing dynamism and brittle psyche. Peter Pininski also vividly relates the story of the prince's only child and heir and three hidden grandchildren.
  • Cover scan of Blood On The Wave
    Blood On The Wave: Scottish Sea Battles
    John Sadler - Hardback - Birlinn
    John Sadler embarks on a pilgrimage around Scotland's rugged and stunning coastline to explore the fascinating history that has occurred in its waters. Examining an array of skirmishes from the Wars of Independence to the lurking threat of Second World War U-boats, he has created a unique portrait of the Scottish war at sea.
  • Cover scan of Bare-Arsed Banditti
    Bare-Arsed Banditti: The Men Of The '45
    Maggie Craig - Paperback - Mainstream
    Who were the men who fought with Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden? Maggie Craig tells the dramatic and moving stories of the men who were willing to risk everything for their vision of a better future for themselves, their families and Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Bygone Glasgow
    Bygone Glasgow
    Ian G. McM Stewart - Hardback - Ian Allan
    This colour album features all aspects of the beautiful city of Glasgow, looking back at days gone by and capturing many long lost scenes.
  • Cover scan of Banner In The West
    Banner In The West: A Spiritual History Of Lewis And Harris
    John Macleod - Paperback - Birlinn
    Today, Lewis and Harris is to many Britain's 'last stronghold of the pure Gospel'. A place still defined by heartfelt principle. In this account of island faith, award-winning journalist tells its story with pace, dry humour and profound humanity.
  • Cover scan of The Boy In A Trenchcoat
    The Boy In A Trenchcoat
    Frank Hurley - Paperback - MacDonald Media
    This autobiography tells a heart-warming story taking in the streets of post-war England and the hills and glens of Scotland. Frank Hurley tells of the hell of living in homeless hostels in the sprawling London Borough of Croydon and the unbridled happiness of running free in Highland hills and catching trout in burns and lochs.

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